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The Journals Index is the key to information contained in the minutes of meetings of the House of Commons during the 37th Parliament, 2nd Session.

To use the Index, select one of the alphabetical ranges below. Once you have located your subject entry, click on the page number in order to open that day's issue; you may either scroll through the text or open the pdf format of the publication to locate the appropriate page. Subject entries may also contain references to sessional paper numbers in brackets. You may also use the “Publication Search” tool for content published after January 2001.

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37th Parliament, 2nd Session   (September 30, 2002 - November 12, 2003)  Latest Session
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Heritage Lighthouse Protection Act (Bill S-7)--Keddy

    >>Senate passage, 1036
    >>1st r, 1098
    >>2nd r, 1154, division deferred, 1154, agreed to on division, 1197
    >>Canadian Heritage Standing Committee
    >>>Referral, 1197

Hession, Raymond see Firearms registry (Canadian FirearmsProgram)--Administrative procedures

Hezbollah terrorist group see Israel

Hinduism see Bangladesh

Historic sites and monuments see Fisgard Lighthouse National Historic Site ofCanada;Fort Anne National Historic Site of Canada;Fort Edward National Historic Site of Canada;Fort Rodd Hill National Historic Site of Canada;Grand-Pré National Historic Site of Canada;Gulf of Georgia Cannery National Historic Site of Canada;Gwaii Haanas National Park Reserve and Haida Heritage Site;Juno Beach Centre (World War II Memorial);L'Anse aux Meadows National Historic Site of Canada;Military memorial sites;Motherwell Homestead National Historic Site of Canada;Port-la-Joye--Fort Amherst National Historic Site of Canada;Port-Royal National Historic Site of Canada;Riel House National Historic Site of Canada;Scots Fort National Historic Site of Canada;St. Andrew's Rectory and St. Andrew's Anglican Church National Historic Sites of Canada;St. James National Historic Site of Canada;Tecumseh

Historic Sites and Monuments Board of Canada see Access to Information Act;Privacy Act


    >>Africa see Foreign Affairs and International Trade StandingCommittee--Reports, Eighth
    >>Strategy, funding see Health Standing Committee--Reports, Third

HIV/AIDS and the Humanitarian Catastrophe in sub-Saharan Africa see Foreign Affairs and International Trade Standing Committee--Reports, Eighth


    >>Junior hockey, income tax status of teams and players
    >>>>(Bailey), (372-1586), 799, gr, 1124 (8545-372-34-11)
    >>>>(Ritz), (372-2091), 1066, gr, 1145 (8545-372-34-12)
    >>>>(Skelton), (372-1595 and 372-1596), 799, gr, 1124 (8545-372-34-11);(372-2000), 1002, gr, 1145 (8545-372-34-12)
    >>>>(Sorenson), (372-1646), 853, gr, 1124 (8545-372-34-11)

Holidays/commemorative days

    >>>(Cullen), (371-0832 and 371-0833), gr, 55 (8545-372-8-01)
    >>See also Canadian Farm-Raised Deer and Elk Month;Champlain, Samuel de (1567-1635);Congenital heart disease;Holocaust Memorial Day (Yom Hashhoah);Impaired driving--Combatting;Jubilee Day;Merchant Navy Veterans Day;National Acadian Day;National Children's Memorial Day;National Day of Prayer;Terry Fox Day;Vimy Ridge battle (April 9, 1917)

Holocaust Memorial Day (Yom Hashhoah)

    >>Establishing see Holocaust Memorial Day Act (Bill C-459)

Holocaust Memorial Day Act (Bill C-459)--Marceau

    >>1st r, 1137
    >>Deemed read second time, referred to committee, reported, concurred in at report stage, and read a third time and passed, 1137
    >>Senate passage, with amdt., 1242
    >>>Concurrence, M., agreed to, by unanimous consent, 1237
    >>Royal Assent, 1261 (Chap. 24, S.C. 2003)

Home heating fuels

    >>Goods and Services Tax (GST)
    >>>>(Goldring), (372-1993), 999, gr, 1170 (8545-372-59-02)

Home invasion

    >>Young offenders, criminal offence designation see Youth Criminal Justice Act(amdt.)(Bill C-204)


    >>Government role, measures, expenditures, r.o. Q-11 (Clark), 195 (8555-372-11)
    >>See also Housing--Policy

Homeowners' Freedom From Double Taxation Act (Bill C-283)--Epp

Honouring the Pledge: Ensuring Quality Long-Term Care for Veterans see National Defence and Veterans Affairs Standing Committee--Reports, Third


    >>Slaughter, export of meat for human consumption
    >>>>(Bulte), (372-0258), 109, gr, 231 (8545-372-37-01)
    >>>>(McNally), (372-1062), 417, gr, 536 (8545-372-37-02)


    >>Private for profit, Canada Health and Social Transfer (CHST) deductionsee Federal-Provincial Fiscal Arrangements Act (amdt.--prevention of privatehospitals)(Bill C-344)
    >>See also Caraquet Hospital

House of Commons

    >>>December 13, 2002 to January 27, 2003, 311
    >>>February 28, 2003 to March 17, 2003, 494
    >>>April 3, 2003 to April 7, 2003, 621
    >>>April 11, 2003 to April 28, 2003, 695
    >>>May 16, 2003 to May 26, 2003, 795
    >>>May 29, 2003 to June 3, 2003, 829
    >>>June 13, 2003 to September 15, 2003, 938
    >>>October 10, 2003 to October 20, 2003, 1127
    >>>November 7, 2003 to November 17, 2003, 1263
    >>Administration, documents
    >>>Performance Report of the House of Commons Administration
    >>>>April 2001 to March 2002, tabled, 152 (8563-372-1)
    >>>>April 2002 to March 2003, tabled, 1123 (8563-372-90)
    >>>Report on Plans and Priorities for 2003-2004 of the House of Commons Administration, tabled, 692 (8520-372-91)
    >>Sittings of the House
    >>>Continue to sit after the ordinary hour of daily adjournment to consider motion "That the House take note of the international situation concerning Iraq", 3
    >>>Monday, December 2, 2002, continue to sit from 6:30 p.m. until 10:30 p.m. for the purpose of considering Government Business No. 9, 243
    >>>Lévis-et-Chutes-de-la-Chaudière (Dubé), 508
    >>>Ottawa Centre (Harb), 941
    >>>Perth--Middlesex constituency (Richardson), 62
    >>>Témiscamingue constituency (Brien), 495
    >>See also Proportional representation;Supreme Court of Canada--Appointments

House of Commons Calendar

    >>Year 2004, tabled, 1058 (8527-372-14)

House of Commons proceedings

    >>Broadcasting, official languages transmission, Quigley case, Bélanger intervention/legal fees see Official Languages Standing Committee--Reports, Sixth
    >>Committee business and reinstatement of government bills (Government Business No. 2A), M. (Boudria), 23, 27, 30, 33, agreed to on recorded division (Division No. 5), 34-5
    >>>Amdt. (Hill, G.), 24, negatived on recorded division (Division No. 4), 33-4
    >>>>M. under S.O. 57 (Boudria), agreed to on recorded division (Division No. 3), 29-30
    >>>>Notice, 29
    >>>Procedure, M. (MacKay), "That this House do now adjourn", 27, negatived on recorded division (Division No. 2), 27
    >>Committee business, reinstatement of government bills and re-establishing a special committee on the non-medical use of drugs (Government Business No. 2), treatment as stand-alone motion, debated and voted on separately, statement by Speaker, 23
    >>Electronic voting see Modernization and Improvement of the Procedures of theHouse of Commons Special Committee--Reports, Fifth
    >>Modernization and improvement
    >>>Proposals, House take note debate (Government Business No. 8)
    >>>>House shall consider a motion, M. (Boudria), 181, agreed to, 181
    >>>>M. (Boudria), 210, 215, 217
    >>>See also Modernization and Improvement of the Procedures of the House ofCommons Special Committee--Reports, Fourth
    >>Notice requirements see Procedure and House Affairs Standing Committee--Reports, Fifty-third
    >>Statements, brief statement by a representative of each party, followed by a reply by the Prime Minister, on April 8, 2003, M., agreed to, by unanimous consent, 659


    >>>>(Davies), (371-0775 to 371-0778), gr, 39 (8545-372-2-01); (372-0651), 243, gr, 302 (8545-372-2-02)
    >>Rights see Canadian Bill of Rights (amdt.--right to housing)(Bill C-376)
    >>See also Aboriginal housing;Mortgages;Property taxes

HST see Harmonized Sales Tax (HST)

Human genome see Genome Canada

Human Resources Development and the Status of Persons with Disabilities Standing Committee

    >>Estimates referred
    >>>2002-2003, Supplementary (A)
    >>>>Human Resources Development, 144
    >>>2002-2003, Supplementary (B)
    >>>>Human Resources Development, 472
    >>>2003-2004, Main
    >>>>Human Resources Development, 474
    >>>2003-2004, Supplementary (A)
    >>>>Human Resources Development, 1006
    >>Membership, 75-6, 180, 218, 336-7, 370, 374, 435, 861, 1017-8, 1146
    >>>First (Tax Fairness for Persons with Disabilities), 298 (8510-372-21)
    >>>>gr, 756 (8512-372-21)
    >>>Second, (Taking the Necessary Measures to Enhance the Integrity of the Social Insurance Number: A Review of the Action Plan), 492 (8510-372-42)
    >>>>gr, 928-9 (8512-372-42)
    >>>Third (Raising Adult Literacy Skills: The Need for a Pan-Canadian Response), 914 (8510-372-106)
    >>>>gr, 1243 (8512-372-106)
    >>>Fourth (Building a Brighter Future for Urban Aboriginal Children), 914(8510-372-107)
    >>>>Concurrence, M. (Desjarlais), 1102
    >>>>>Procedure, "That the House do now proceed to the Orders of the Day", M. (Regan), 1102, agreed to on recorded division (Division No. 236), 1102-3
    >>>>gr, 1243 (8512-372-107)
    >>>Fifth (Listening to Canadians: A First View of the Future of the Canada Pension Plan Disability Program), 914 (8510-372-108)
    >>>>gr, 1243 (8512-372-108)
    >>Reports from 1st Session, 37th Parliament
    >>>Eighth (Building on Success), (8510-371-187), gr, 189 (8512-372-187)
    >>>Ninth (Promoting Equality in the Federal Jurisdiction: Review of the Employment Equity Act), (8510-371-188), gr, 189 (8512-372-188)
    >>Reports permanently referred see Canada Millennium Scholarship Foundation;Canada Pension Plan (CPP);Canada Student Financial Assistance Act;Canadian Artists and Producers Professional Relations Tribunal;Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety;Canadian Human Rights Commission;Employment Equity Act;Employment Equity Act (Labour);Employment Insurance Monitoring and Assessment Report;Labour Adjustment Benefits Act;Official Languages in Federal Institutions;Order in Council appointments;Social security agreements
    >>See also Government grants and contributions--Prince George--Peace Riverconstituency

Human Resources Development Department

    >>Chilliwack, BC, office closure
    >>>>(Strahl), (372-2256), 1160
    >>Departmental Performance Report
    >>>2001-2002, tabled, 177 (8563-372-40)
    >>>2002-2003, tabled, 1205 (8563-372-129)
    >>Estimates, 2002-2003, Supplementary (A)
    >>>Referred to Human Resources Development and the Status of Persons with Disabilities Standing Committee, 144
    >>Estimates, 2002-2003, Supplementary (B)
    >>>Referred to Human Resources Development and the Status of Persons with Disabilities Standing Committee, 472
    >>>Vote 5b see Estimates, 2002-2003 Supplementary (B)
    >>Estimates, 2003-2004, Main
    >>>Referred to Human Resources Development and the Status of Persons with Disabilities Standing Committee, 474
    >>Estimates, 2003-2004, Supplementary (A)
    >>>Referred to Human Resources Development and the Status of Persons with Disabilities Standing Committee, 1006
    >>See also Access to Information Act;Estimates, 2003-2004, Main--Reports on Plans and Priorities;Kyoto Protocol (1997)--Ratification;Privacy Act;Social Insurance Number (SIN)

Human rights see Assistance dogs (seeing-eye, service, seizure response orseizure alert);Bangladesh;Bingzhang, Dr. Wang;Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms;Canadian Human Rights Commission;Child custody--Shared parenting;Chinese Canadians;Colombia;Drug and substance abuse--Employer required alcohol or drugs tests;Education--Right to education;Elderly persons--Abuse;Falun Gong;Hate propaganda;Health care--Patients' rights;Housing;Immigration--Komagata Maru incident;Iraq--Dictatorship;Literacy;Mohawk Institute;Nigeria;Ukrainian Canadians;Verbal abuse;Victims of crime

Hungary see Parliamentary delegations, reports;Social security agreements

Hunting and fishing

    >>Legal right see National Heritage Hunting and Fishing Act (Bill C-469)
    >>See also National Fish and Wildlife Commission;Waterfowl


IDRC see International Development Research Centre (IDRC)

IDS see Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS)

Illsley Bourbonnais executive search firm see Business Development Bank ofCanada

IMETs see Integrated Market Enforcement Teams (IMETs)


    >>>Citizenship and Immigration Department backlog, Auditor General Report(2003), April, Chapter 5 see Public Accounts Standing Committee--Reports,Twenty-fifth
    >>>Sylvain, Lornécia Jeune and Erilus, ministerial intervention, requesting,
    >>>>>(Gagnon, C.), (372-1284), 631, gr, 767 (8545-372-75-2)
    >>Federal-provincial agreements see Citizenship and Immigration StandingCommittee--Reports, Third
    >>Settlement services see Citizenship and Immigration Standing Committee--Reports, Fifth
    >>See also Chinese Canadians;Citizenship and Immigration Standing Committee--Reports from 1st Session, Fourth


    >>Komagata Maru incident, Indian passengers suffering, apology, demanding
    >>>>(Davies), (372-1139), 440, gr, 658 (8545-372-75-01)
    >>>>(Grewal), (372-0815), 304, gr, 352 (8545-372-62-01)
    >>Offices, theft of documents, Q-72 (Mark), deemed referred to Citizenship andImmigration Standing Committee, 316
    >>Relative of Canadian citizen, once-in-a-lifetime sponsorship see Immigrationand Refugee Protection Act (amdt.--spnsorship of relative)(Bill C-436)
    >>See also Official Languages Standing Committee--Reports, Seventh;Visitors to Canada

Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada

    >>Departmental Performance Report
    >>>2001-2002, tabled, 177 (8563-372-41)
    >>>2002-2003, tabled, 1205 (8563-372-130)
    >>See also Access to Information Act;Citizenship and Immigration Standing Committee--Reports, Second;Estimates, 2003-2004, Main--Citizenship and Immigration, Vote 10--Reports onPlans and Priorities;Privacy Act

Immigration and Refugee Protection Act

    >>Reports tabled and permanently referred to Citizenship and Immigration Standing Committee
    >>>2002 annual report, 137 (8560-372-800-01)
    >>>2003 annual report, 1207 (8560-372-800-02)

Immigration and Refugee Protection Act (amdt.)(Bill C-237)--Lunn

Immigration and Refugee Protection Act (amdt.)(Bill C-282)--Cadman

Immigration and Refugee Protection Act (amdt.--spnsorship of relative)(Bill C-436)--Davies

    >>1st r, 785
    >>2nd r, 1219, dropped to bottom of Order of Precedence list under S.O. 93, 1219

Immigration and Refugee Protection Regulations

    >>Regulations tabled and permanently referred to Citizenship and Immigration Standing Committee
    >>>September 2003 proposals, 1081 (8560-372-790-01)

Immigration as a Tool for the Development of Official Language Minority Communities see Official Languages Standing Committee--Reports, Seventh

Immigration loans see Citizenship and Immigration Standing Committee--Reports, Second

Impaired driving

    >>Blood alcohol level exceeding 0.05% see Criminal Code (amdt.--blood alcoholcontent)(Bill C-464)
    >>Breath, blood or urine samples or physical co-ordination test in accidentscausing death or serious injury see Criminal Code (amdt.)(Bill C-341);Criminal Code (amdt.--taking samples of bodily substances)(Bill C-277);Criminal Code (amdt.--impaired driving causing death or injury)(Bill C-289)
    >>Breath or blood samples, investigation and prosecution see Criminal Code(amdt.--proceedings under section 258)(Bill C-452)
    >>Combatting, National day, December 1 designated see National Day AgainstImpaired Driving Act (Bill C-396)
    >>Penalties see Criminal Code (amdt.--impaired driving)(Bill C-274)

Implementation Committee on the Gwich'in Comprehensive Land Claim Agreement

    >>2001-2002 annual report, tabled, 902 (8525-372-26)

Implementation Committee on the Sahtu Dene and Metis Comprehensive Land Claim Agreement

    >>2001-2002 annual report, tabled, 902 (8525-372-28)


    >>Canada Customs and Revenue Agency (CCRA) enforcement, Auditor General Report (2001), Chp. 8 see Public Accounts Standing Committee--Reports, Seventh
    >>Goods supplied outside Canada to Canadian customer, Goods and Services Tax(GST)/Harmonized Sales Tax (HST), Ways and Means No. 8, notice, tabled, 1090(8570-372-12)
    >>See also Gun control;Radiocommunication equipment;Steel Import Permit Information

Improving Expenditure Management and Accountability see Budget2003 (February 18, 2003)--Documents

Income tax

    >>Administrative provisions, harmonization, Ways and Means No. 3, notice,tabled, 431 (8570-372-2)
    >>Double taxation and fiscal evasion see Canada-United Kingdom and NorthernIreland Tax Convention
    >>Non-residents' compliance, Canada Customs and Revenue Agency (CCRA) rules and procedures, Auditor General Report (2001), Chp. 7 see Public AccountsStanding Committee--Reports from 1st Session, Twenty-third
    >>>(372-1159), (Bélair), 452, gr, 536 (8545-372-34-05); (372-1219), 533, gr, 728 (8545-372-34-07)
    >>Tax equity, tax convention with Barbados, termination/tax havens elimination, M. on supply (Paquette), 994-5, division deferred, 995, negatived on recorded divsiion (Division No. 219), 1028-9
    >>See also Adoption;Amateur sport;Artists;Automobile expenses;Broadcasting--Video programming;Business expenses;Caregivers;Child care;Community service groups;Conscientious objection;Elected officials;Emergency volunteers;Food banks--Donations;Foreign investment entities;Forestry workers;Funerals--Expenses;Health clubs;Herbal remedies;Hockey;Non-resident trusts;Political parties--Donations;Property taxes;Public transit;Senior citizens;Social security payments (United States);Tools;Volunteers