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42nd Parliament, 1st Session
(December 3, 2015 - Present)

Statutory Review of the Copyright Act

Last meeting: Friday, May 11, 2018


Since 2012, the Copyright Act provides that, every five years, a committee of Parliament shall be designated or established to conduct a review of this Act.

On 13 December 2017, the House of Commons referred the statutory review to the Standing Committee on Industry, Science and Technology.

The Committee has started to hear from witnesses and is currently receiving briefs in relation to the review of the Copyright Act.

From May 7 to 11, the Committee will travel across Canada and conduct meetings in Halifax, Montreal, Toronto, Winnipeg and Vancouver.

General information about copyright law can be found on the Canadian Intellectual Property Office’s website.

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That the Standing Committee on Industry, Science and Technology be the committee designated for the purposes of section 92 of the Copyright Act


Televised In Camera Cancelled Modified Outside of Parliament Hill