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INDU Committee News Release

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Standing Committee on Industry, Science and Technology
House of Commons / Chambre des communes
Comité permanent de l'industrie, des sciences et de la technologie

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Ottawa, June 18, 2019 -

In December 2017, the House of Commons designated its Standing Committee on Industry, Science and Technology (INDU) to conduct the statutory review of the Copyright Act (the Act).

On 3 June 2019, INDU presented the report on the Statutory Review of the Copyright Act to the House of Commons.

Since INDU presented this report, some stakeholders who participated in INDU’s proceedings have expressed regret that the committee did not consider a report from the Standing Committee on Canadian Heritage (CHPC) as part of the review of the Act.

In March 2018, INDU invited CHPC to contribute to the review by conducting a study on remuneration models for artists and creative industries, and by providing INDU with a summary of its findings.

As master of its own proceedings, CHPC chose instead to present a report to the House of Commons and ask for a response from the Government of Canada.

Reviewing the Act was INDU’s sole responsibility. INDU honoured that responsibility by conducting the review in an extensive, rigorous, and transparent manner that provided anyone the opportunity to express their views on matters of their choosing.

As a result of that process, INDU heard 263 witnesses and received 192 briefs as well as more than 6,000 emails. These valuable contributions came from a wide range of stakeholders. They include creators and representatives of creative industries, and, in fact, the vast majority of stakeholders who contributed to CHPC’s study.

The Statutory Review of the Copyright Act thus recognizes every perspective expressed during the statutory review, notably on the remuneration of artists and creative industries.

INDU fully stands by the report it presented to the House of Commons. It is now up to the Government of Canada to respond to its recommendations.

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Michel Marcotte, Clerk of the Standing Committee on Industry, Science and Technology
Tel: 613-947-1971