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Notices of Motion in Committee

The Standing Orders do not require that advance notice be provided for motions moved in committee. However, in order to better balance their workload and make efficient use of their time, committees sometimes find it appropriate to adopt notice requirements.

The requirement for notice gives committee members an opportunity to reflect on proposed motions beforehand, rather than having the motion moved without warning. The notice requirement also prevents undue interruption of a meeting or a series of meetings already planned.

Committees may decide to have such notices considered by the steering committee in proposing a work plan for the committee. Such consideration does not prevent the member who gave notice from moving the motion when the notice period has expired.

In imposing a notice requirement, committees must consider what types of motions will require notice, how notice is to be given (whether orally or in writing) and to whom the notice is to be submitted (the Chair or the clerk). They must also determine how members of the committee are to be informed of the proposed motion, as committees do not have a Notice Paper.

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