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Committee Budgets

Standing committee budgets are drawn up on a study-by-study or project-by-project basis and must be adopted by the committee. Each budget over $40,000 must be submitted to the Liaison Committee for approval. Although committees are provided with small start-up budgets, they require the approval of the Liaison Committee for any anticipated expenses that exceed the amount initially allocated. In addition to project funds, all requests for travel funds must be part of a separate budget request to the Liaison Committee. Similarly, permission to travel must be specially sought from the House.

The Senate and the House of Commons provide funding for joint committees, on a percentage basis relative to the size of the two Houses. In order to obtain budgetary approval, it is necessary for standing joint committees to present their budgets to both the Liaison Committee and the Senate Committee on Internal Economy.

Special and legislative committees make their budget requests directly to the Board of Internal Economy while special joint committees require budgetary approval from the Board of Internal Economy and the Senate Committee on Internal Economy.

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