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The Journals Index is the key to information contained in the minutes of meetings of the House of Commons during the 37th Parliament, 2nd Session.

To use the Index, select one of the alphabetical ranges below. Once you have located your subject entry, click on the page number in order to open that day's issue; you may either scroll through the text or open the pdf format of the publication to locate the appropriate page. Subject entries may also contain references to sessional paper numbers in brackets. You may also use the “Publication Search” tool for content published after January 2001.

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37th Parliament, 2nd Session   (September 30, 2002 - November 12, 2003)  Current Session
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Automotive Pollution Reduction Act (Bill C-235)--Lincoln

    >>1st r, 92
    >>2nd r, 656, dropped from the Order Paper, under S.O. 96(1), 656

Aulavik National Park of Canada

    >>Reports tabled and permanently referred to Canadian Heritage Standing Committee
    >>>2003-2007 management plan, 724 (8560-372-811-01)

Awards, decorations, medals see Bronze Star medal


Bail (interim release)

    >>Murder cases
    >>>>(Benoit), (372-0724 to 372-0729), 273, gr, 320 (8545-372-56-01)
    >>Violent crime, bail not permitted see Criminal Code (amdt.--bail for thosecharged with violent offences)(Bill C-279)

Bakopanos, Eleni (Lib.--Ahuntsic; Assistant Deputy Chairman ofCommittees of the Whole House)

    >>References see Committees of the Whole House--Assistant Deputy Chairman

Banff, AB see Parks Canada--Reports


    >>Human rights violations, violence against Hindus
    >>>>(Cannis), (372-0701), 257, gr, 692 (8545-372-19-05)
    >>>>(Cullen), (372-0129), 85, gr, 213 (8545-372-19-02)
    >>>>(Godfrey), (372-0480), 190, gr, 231 (8545-372-19-03)
    >>>>(Kraft Sloan), (372-0408), 153, gr, 213 (8545-372-19-02)
    >>>>(LeBlanc), (372-0996), 375, gr, 692 (8545-372-19-05)
    >>>>(Lee), (372-0882), 315, gr, 692 (8545-372-19-05)
    >>>>(Malhi), (372-0088), 33, gr, 213 (8545-372-19-02)
    >>>>(McKay), (372-0657), 243, gr, 692 (8545-372-19-05)
    >>>>(Peterson), (372-2033), 1034
    >>>>(Redman), (371-0880), gr, 114 (8545-372-19-01)
    >>>>(Wappel), (372-0489), 194, gr, 243 (8545-372-19-04)

Bank Act (amdt.--bank mergers)--Bill C-394)--Nystrom

Bank Act and Statistics Act (amdt.--equity in community reinvestment)(Bill C-229)--Ménard

    >>1st r, 62
    >>2nd r, 216, dropped from the Order Paper, under S.O. 96(1), 216

Bank of Canada

    >>Reports tabled and permanently referred to Finance Standing Committee
    >>>2002 report with statement of accounts, 531 (8560-372-65-01)
    >>See also Access to Information Act;Privacy Act


    >>Workers wages, priority over other creditors
    >>>M-400 (Desjarlais), 863-4, dropped to bottom of Order of Precedence listunder S.O. 93, 864, 1122, division deferred, 1122, negatived on recorded division (Division No. 270), 1191-2
    >>>See Bankruptcy and Insolvency Act (amdt.--unpaid wages to rank first inpriority in distribution)(Bill C-253)
    >>See also Student loans

Bankruptcy and Insolvency Act (amdt.--student loan)(Bill C-329)--Davies

Bankruptcy and Insolvency Act (amdt.--unpaid wages to rank first in priority in distribution)(Bill C-253)--Martin, Pat


    >>Mergers see Bank Act (amdt.--bank mergers)--Bill C-394);Finance Standing Committee--Reports, Third
    >>See also Consumer credit

Barbados see Income tax--Tax equity

Bard, Jean-Marc see Canada Lands Company Limited

Barrados, Maria see Public Service Commission of Canada

Barrette, Gilbert (Lib.--Témiscamingue; elected in by-election June 16, 2003)

    >>References see Elections--Certificates of election

Bas-Richelieu--Nicolet--Bécancour constituency see Richelieu constituency

Battle River constituency see Westlock--St. Paul constituency

Beauport Bay (St. Lawrence River)

    >>Development, recreation and tourism role, filling in of flats, environmental factors
    >>>>(Guimond), (372-0666), 247, gr, 319 (8545-372-55-01); (372-0682), 250, gr, 319 (8545-372-55-01)

Beauport constituency

    >>Name, change to Beauport--Limoilou see Electoral Boundaries Readjustment Act(Bill C-53)

Beerenfenger, Corporal Robbie Christopher see Afghanistan--Peacekeepingoperation

Bélair, Réginald (Lib.--Timmins--James Bay; Deputy Chairman of Committees of the Whole House)

    >>References see Committees of the Whole House--Deputy Chairman

Bélanger, Mauril (Lib.--Ottawa--Vanier)

    >>References see House of Commons proceedings--Broadcasting


    >>Tax treaties see Tax Conventions Implementation Act, 2002(Bill S-2)

Belle Isle Djandji see Business Development Bank of Canada

Berthier--Montcalm constituency see Chief Electoral Officer of Canada Office(Elections Canada)--Reports;Contaminated sites;Elections--Certificates of election

Bilingualism see Official languages policy (Bilingualism)

Bills, House of Commons (Royal Assent denoted by *)(See also individual bills by title)

    >>Reinstated from 1st Sess., 37th Parl.
    >>>C-5 see Species at Risk Act (Bill C-5)
    >>>C-15B see Criminal Code (amdt.--cruelty to animals and firearms) andFirearms Act (amdt.)(Bill C-10)
    >>>C-19 see Canadian Environmental Assessment Act (amdt.)(Bill C-9)
    >>>C-48 see Copyright Act (amdt.)(Bill C-11)
    >>>C-53 see Pest Control Products Act (Bill C-8)
    >>>C-54 see Physical Activity and Sport Act (Bill C-12)
    >>>C-56 see Assisted Human Reproduction Act (Bill C-13)
    >>>C-60 see Specific Claims Resolution Act (Bill C-6)
    >>>C-61 see First Nations Governance Act (Bill 7)
    >>>C-202 see Statutory Instruments Act (amdt.--disallowance procedure forstatutory instruments)(Bill C-205)
    >>>C-236 see Hazardous Products Act (amdt)--fire-safe cigarettes)(Bill C-260)
    >>>C-248 see Competition Act (amdt.)(Bill C-249)
    >>>C-326 see Antipoverty Act (Bill C-228)
    >>>C-396 see Criminal Code (amdt.--dangerous child sexual predators)(Bill C-214)
    >>>C-400 see Divorce Act (amdt.--limits on rights of child access by sexoffenders)(Bill C-231)
    >>>C-407 see Canada Health Act (amdt.--linguistic duality)(Bill C-202)
    >>>C-409 see Vimy Ridge Day Act (Bill C-227)
    >>>C-415 see Criminal Code (amdt.--hate propaganda)(Bill C-250)
    >>>C-436 see Canada Transportation Act (amdt.)(Bill C-314)
    >>>C-441 see Electoral Boundaries Readjustment Act (amdt.)(Bill C-300)
    >>Government, Public
    >>>C-1.\Oaths of Office (Pro Forma)--Prime Minister (Chrétien)
    >>>*C-2.\Yukon Environmental and Socio-economic Assessment Act--Minister of Indian Affairs and Northern Development (Nault)
    >>>*C-3.\Canada Pension Plan and Canada Pension Plan Investment Board Act (amdt.)--Minister of Finance (Manley)
    >>>*C-4.\Nuclear Safety and Control Act (amdt.)--Minister of Natural Resources (Dhaliwal)
    >>>*C-5.\Species at Risk Act--Minister of the Environment (Anderson, David)
    >>>*C-6.\Specific Claims Resolution Act (Bill C-6)--Minister of Indian Affairs and Northern Development (Nault)
    >>>C-7.\First Nations Governance Act--Minister of Indian Affairs and NorthernDevelopment (Nault)
    >>>*C-8.\Pest Control Products Act--Minister of Health (McLellan)
    >>>*C-9.\Canadian Environmental Assessment Act (amdt.)--Minister of the Environment (Anderson, David)
    >>>C-10.\Criminal Code (amdt.--cruelty to animals and firearms) and FirearmsAct (amdt.)--Minister of Justice (Cauchon)
    >>>*C-10A.\Criminal Code (amdt.--firearms) and Firearms Act (amdt.)--Ministerof Justice (Cauchon)
    >>>C-10B.\Criminal Code (amdt.--cruelty to animals)--Minister of Justice (Cauchon)
    >>>*C-11.\Copyright Act (amdt.)--Minister of Canadian Heritage (Copps)
    >>>*C-12.\Physical Activity and Sport Act--Minister of Canadian Heritage (Copps)
    >>>C-13.\Assisted Human Reproduction Act--Minister of Health (McLellan)
    >>>*C-14.\Export and Import of Rough Diamonds Act--Minister of Natural Resources (Dhaliwal)
    >>>*C-15.\Lobbyists Registration Act--Minister of Industry (Rock)
    >>>C-16.\Public Safety Act, 2002--Minister of Transport (Collenette)(deemed withdrawn)
    >>>C-17.\Public Safety Act, 2002--Minister of Transport (Collenette)
    >>>C-18.\Citizenship of Canada Act (amdt.)--Minister of Citizenship and Immigration (Coderre)
    >>>C-19.\First Nations Fiscal and Statistical Management Act--Minister of Indian Affairs and Northern Development (Nault)
    >>>C-20.\Criminal Code (amdt.--protection of children and other vulnerablepersons) and Canada Evidence Act--Minister of Justice (Cauchon)
    >>>*C-21.\Appropriation Act No. 3, 2002-2003--President of the Treasury Board(Robillard)
    >>>C-22.\Divorce Act, Family Orders and Agreements Enforcement Assistance Act, Garnishment, Attachment and Pension Diversion Act and Judges Act--Minister of Justice (Cauchon)
    >>>C-23.\Sex Offender Information Registration Act--Solicitor General of Canada (Easter)
    >>>*C-24.\Canada Elections Act and the Income Tax Act (amdt.--political financing)--Government House Leader (Boudria)
    >>>*C-25.\Public Service Labour Relations Act--Treasury Board President (Robillard)
    >>>C-26.\Transportation Amendment Act--Minister of Transport (Collenette)
    >>>C-27.\Canada Airports Act--Minister of Transport (Collenette)
    >>>*C-28.\Budget Implementation Act, 2003--Minister of Finance (Manley)
    >>>*C-29.\Appropriation Act No. 4, 2002-2003--President of the Treasury Board (Robillard)
    >>>*C-30.\Appropriation Act No. 1, 2003-2004--President of the Treasury Board (Robillard)
    >>>*C-31.\Pension Act and Royal Canadian Mounted Police Superannuation Act (amdt.)--Minister of Veterans Affairs (Pagtakhan)
    >>>C-32.\Criminal Code (amdt.)--Minister of Justice (Cauchon)
    >>>C-33.\International Transfer of Offenders Act--Solicitor General (Easter)
    >>>C-34.\Parliament of Canada Act (amdt.--Ethics Commissioner and Senate Ethics Officer)--Leader of the Government in the House of Commons (Boudria)
    >>>C-35.\National Defence Act (amdt.--remuneration of military judges)-- Minister of National Defence (McCallum)
    >>>C-36.\Library and Archives of Canada Act--Canadian Heritage Minister (Copps)
    >>>*C-37.\Canadian Forces Superannuation Act (amdt.)--National Defence Minister (McCallum)
    >>>C-38.\Contraventions Act and Controlled Drugs and Substances Act (amdt.)--Minister of Justice (Cauchon)
    >>>*C-39.\Members of Parliament Retiring Allowances Act (amdt.) and Parliament of Canada Act (amdt.)--Leader of the Government in the House of Commons (Boudria)
    >>>C-40.\Corrections and Conditional Release Act and Criminal Code (amdt.)--Solicitor General of Canada (Easter)
    >>>C-41.\Amendments and Corrections Act, 2003--Leader of the Government in the House of Commons (Boudria)
    >>>*C-42.\Antarctic Environmental Protection Act--Minister of the Environment (Anderson, Hon. David)
    >>>C-43.\Fisheries Act (amdt.)--Minister of Fisheries and Oceans (Thibault)
    >>>*C-44.\Injured Military Members Compensation Act--Minister of National Defence (Pagtakhan)
    >>>*C-45.\Criminal Code (amdt.--criminal liability of organizations)--Minister of Justice (Cauchon)
    >>>C-46.\Criminal Code (amdt.--capital markets fraud and evidence gathering--Minister of Justice (Cauchon)
    >>>*C-47.\Appropriation Act No. 2, 2003-2004--President of the Treasury Board (Robillard)
    >>>*C-48.\Income Tax Act (amdt.--natural resources)--Minister of Finance (Manley)
    >>>C-49.\Electoral Boundaries Readjustment Act--Leader of the Government in the House of Commons (Boudria)
    >>>*C-50.\Children of Deceased Veterans Education Assistance Act(amdt.)--Minister of Veterans Affairs (Pagtakhan)
    >>>C-51.\Canada Elections Act and Income Tax Act (amdt.)--Leader of theGovernment in the House of Commons (Boudria)
    >>>C-52.\Radiocommunication Act (amdt.)--Minister of Industry (Rock)
    >>>C-53.\Electoral Boundaries Readjustment Act--Leader of the Government in the House of Commons (Boudria)
    >>>C-54.\Federal-Provincial Fiscal Arrangements Act and Federal-Provincial Fiscal Arrangements Regulations, 1999 (amdt.)--Minister of Finance (Manley)
    >>>*C-55.\Appropriation Act No. 3, 2003-2004--President of the Treasury Board(Robillard)
    >>>C-56.\Patent Act and Food and Drugs Act (amdt.)--Prime Minister (Chrétien)
    >>>C-57.\Westbank First Nation Self-Government Act--Minister of Indian Affairsand Northern Development (Nault)
    >>Private Members' Public
    >>>C-201.\Whistle Blower Human Rights Act--Grewal
    >>>C-202.\Canada Health Act (amdt.--linguistic duality)--Bélanger
    >>>C-203.\Citizenship Act (amdt.--Oath or Affirmation of Citizenship)--Bryden
    >>>C-204.\Youth Criminal Justice Act (amdt.)--Lunn
    >>>*C-205.\Statutory Instruments Act (amdt.--disallowance procedure for statutory instruments)--Grewal
    >>>C-206.\Employment Insurance Act (amdt.--persons who leave employment to be caregivers to family members)--Stoffer
    >>>C-207.\Income Tax Act (amdt.--volunteers)--Stoffer
    >>>C-208.\Income Tax Act (amdt.--herbal remedies)--Stoffer
    >>>C-209.\Income Tax Act (amdt.--expenses incurred by caregivers)--Stoffer
    >>>C-210.\Income Tax Act (amdt.--amateur sport fees)--Stoffer
    >>>C-211.\Parliament of Canada Act (amdt.)--Stoffer
    >>>C-212.\User Fees Act--Cullen
    >>>C-213.\Criminal Code (amdt.--violent crimes)--Hanger
    >>>C-214.\Criminal Code (amdt.--dangerous child sexual predators)--Hanger
    >>>C-215.\Criminal Code (amdt.--prohibited sexual acts)--Hanger
    >>>C-216.\Referendum Act (amdt.)--Nystrom
    >>>C-217.\Business Development Bank of Canada and the Canada Student Loans Act (amdt.)--Nystrom
    >>>C-218.\Pensions Benefits Standards Act, 1985--Nystrom
    >>>C-219.\Parliament of Canada Act (amdt.--oath or solemn affirmation)--Bellemare
    >>>C-220.\Food and Drugs Act (amdt.--genetically modified food)--Caccia
    >>>C-221.\Criminal Code (amdt.--no parole when imprisoned for life)--Hanger
    >>>C-222.\Crown Liability and Proceedings Act (amdt.)--Hanger
    >>>C-223.\Criminal Code (amdt.--judicial review)--Lunn
    >>>C-224.\Canada Labour Code (amdt.)--Guay
    >>>C-225.\Terry Fox Day Act--Phinney
    >>>C-226.\Pension Benefits Standards Act, 1985--Picard
    >>>*C-227.\Vimy Ridge Day Act--St. Denis
    >>>C-228.\Antipoverty Act--Ménard
    >>>C-229.\Bank Act and Statistics Act (amdt.--equity in community reinvestment)--Ménard
    >>>C-230.\Canada Labour Code and Public Service Staff Relations Act (amdt.--scabs and essential services)--Fournier
    >>>C-231.\Divorce Act (amdt.--limits on rights of child access by sex offenders)--Mills, B.
    >>>C-232.\Endangered Species Sanctuaries Act--Martin, K.
    >>>C-233.\Criminal Code (amdt.--protection of child before birth)--Martin, K.
    >>>C-234.\Internet Child Pornography Prevention Act--Stoffer
    >>>C-235.\Automotive Pollution Reduction Act--Lincoln
    >>>C-236.\Chemical Pesticide Use For Non-essential Purposes Prohibition Act--Lincoln
    >>>C-237.\Immigration and Refugee Protection Act (amdt.)--Lunn
    >>>C-238.\Patients' Bill of Rights--Thompson, G.
    >>>C-239.\Food and Drugs Act (amdt.--process for approval of new drugs)--Thompson, G.
    >>>C-240.\A Day for Hearts: Congenital Heart Defect Awareness Day Act--Thompson, G.
    >>>C-241.\Public Service Whistleblowing Act--Thompson, G.
    >>>C-242.\Medically Unnecessary Abortion Referendum Act--Pankiw
    >>>C-243.\Criminal Code (amdt.--abduction)--Cadman
    >>>C-244.\Remembrance Day National Flag Act--Bailey
    >>>C-245.\Divorce Act (amdt.--shared parenting)--Hill, J.
    >>>C-246.\Income Tax Act (amdt.--child adoption expenses)--Hill, J.
    >>>C-247.\Criminal Code (amdt.--conditional sentencing)--Hill, J.
    >>>C-248.\Controlled Drugs and Substances Act (amdt.--trafficking in acontrolled drug or substance within five hundred metres of an elementaryschool or a high school)--Hill, J.
    >>>C-249.\Competition Act (amdt.)--McTeague
    >>>C-250.\Criminal Code (amdt.--hate propaganda)--Robinson
    >>>C-251.\Patent Act (amdt.--patented medicines)--McTeague
    >>>C-252.\Income Tax Act (amdt.)--Martin, Pat--declared null and void, order for 2nd reading discharged and bill withdrawn
    >>>C-253.\Bankruptcy and Insolvency Act (amdt.--unpaid wages to rank first in priority in distribution)--Martin, Pat
    >>>C-254.\Canada Business Corporations Act (amdt.)--Martin, Pat
    >>>C-255.\VIA Rail Commercialization Act--Gouk
    >>>C-256.\Canada Health Act (amdt.--conditions for contributions)--Gouk
    >>>C-257.\First Nations Governance Review Act--Thompson, M.
    >>>C-258.\Criminal Code (amdt.--arrest without warrant)--Thompson, M.
    >>>C-259.\Criminal Code (amdt.)--Thompson, M.
    >>>C-260.\Hazardous Products Act (amdt.--fire-safe cigarettes)--Gouk
    >>>C-261.\Drug Supply Act--Nystrom
    >>>C-262.\Income Tax Act (amdt.--deductibility of expense of tools provided as a requirement of employment)--Nystrom
    >>>C-263.\Pension Ombudsman Act--Nystrom
    >>>C-264.\Family Farm Cost of Production Protection Act--Nystrom
    >>>C-265.\Proportional Representation Review Act--Nystrom
    >>>C-266.\Credit Ombudsman Act--Nystrom
    >>>C-267.\Canada Pension Plan (amdt.--early pension entitlement for police officers and firefighters)--Nystrom
    >>>C-268.\Interest Act (amdt.--interest payable on repayment of a mortgage loan before maturity)--Nystrom
    >>>C-269.\Criminal Code (amdt.--firefighters)--Pratt
    >>>C-270.\Witness and Spousal Protection Program Act--Hill, J.
    >>>C-271.\Citizenship Act (amdt.--revocation of citizenship)--Telegdi
    >>>C-272.\Supreme Court Act (amdt.--appointment of judges)--Vellacott
    >>>C-273.\Corrections and Conditional Release Act and Criminal Code(amdt.--truth in sentencing)--Vellacott
    >>>C-274.\Criminal Code (amdt.--impaired driving)--Vellacott
    >>>C-275.\Canada Transportation Act (amdt.)--Vellacott
    >>>C-276.\Criminal Code (amdt.)--Vellacott
    >>>C-277.\Criminal Code (amdt.--taking samples of bodily substances)--Thompson,M.
    >>>C-278.\Criminal Code (amdt.--dangerous offender)--Thompson, M.
    >>>C-279.\Criminal Code (bail for those charged with violent offences)--Thompson, M.
    >>>C-280.\Criminal Code (amdt.--selling wildlife)--Meredith
    >>>C-281.\Young Offenders Act (amdt.)--Cadman
    >>>C-282.\Immigration and Refugee Protection Act (amdt.)--Cadman
    >>>C-283.\Homeowner's Freedom from Double Taxation Act--Epp
    >>>C-284.\Canada Evidence Act (amdt.)--Epp
    >>>C-285.\Labour Market Training Act--Martin, Pat
    >>>C-286.\Canada Water Export Prohibition Act--Martin, Pat
    >>>C-287.\Aeronautics Act (amdt.--automatic defibrillators)--Phinney
    >>>C-288.\Canada Labour Code (amdt.--defibrillators in the work place)--Phinney
    >>>C-289.\Criminal Code (amdt.--impaired driving causing death or injury)--MacKay
    >>>C-290.\Criminal Code (amdt.--order of prohibition)--MacKay
    >>>C-291.\Criminal Code (amdt.--keeping child pornography in a manner that isnot reasonably secure from access by others)--MacKay
    >>>C-292.\Criminal Code (amdt.--breach of a conditional sentence order)--MacKay
    >>>C-293.\Corrections and Conditional Release Act and the Criminal Code (amdt.--sentencing judge to determine level of security of incarceration ofinmate for first third of sentence)--MacKay
    >>>C-294.\Divorce Act (amdt.--custody of grandchildren)--MacKay
    >>>C-295.\Criminal Code (amdt.--recruitment of children and swarming)--MacKay
    >>>C-296.\Income Tax Act (amdt.)--Stoffer
    >>>C-297.\Criminal Code (amdt.--sale of intoxicating products)--Wasylycia-Leis
    >>>C-298.\Child Predator Act--Pankiw
    >>>C-299.\Canadian International Trade Tribunal Act (amdt.)--Nystrom
    >>>C-300.\Electoral Boundaries Readjustment Act (amdt.)--Catterall
    >>>C-301.\Telecommunications Act (amdt.--restrictions on telemarketing)--Duncan
    >>>C-302.\Access to Information Act (amdt.--Crown corporations and CanadianWheat Board)--Borotsik
    >>>C-303.\Income Tax Act (amdt.--travel expenses for a motor vehicle used by a forestry worker)--Crête
    >>>C-304.\National Agriculture Industry Relief Coordination Act--Borotsik
    >>>C-305.\Income Tax Act (amdt.--health club membership fees)--Wappel
    >>>C-306.\Criminal Code (amdt.--age of consent)--Thompson, M.
    >>>C-307.\Criminal Code (amdt.--child pornography)--Moore
    >>>C-308.\Canada-Israel Free Trade Agreement Act (amdt)--Paquette
    >>>C-309.\Official Languages Act (amdt.--provision of bilingual servicers)--Pankiw
    >>>C-310.\Fishers' Bill of Rights--Thompson, G.
    >>>C-311.\Health Information Privacy Act--Thompson, G.
    >>>C-312.\Final Offer Arbitration in Respect of West Coast Ports Operations Act--Johnston
    >>>C-313.\Canadian Bill of Rights and Constitution Act, 1867 (amdt.)--Breitkreuz
    >>>C-314.\Canada Transportation Act (amdt.)--Casson
    >>>C-315.\Corrections and Conditional Release Act (amdt.--parolehearings)--Cadman
    >>>C-316.\National Wave of Silence on Remembrance Day Act--Kenney
    >>>C-317.\Income Tax Act (amdt.--allowances paid to elected provincial or municipal officials)--Kenney
    >>>C-318.\Criminal Code and Young Offenders Act (amdt.--capital punishment)--Hill, J.
    >>>C-319.\Canada Labour Code (amdt.)--Guay
    >>>C-320.\Verbal Abuse Prevention Week Act--Murphy
    >>>C-321.\Statutory Instruments Act (amdt.--regulatory accountability)--Pankiw
    >>>C-322.\Criminal Code (amdt.--elimination of conditional sentencing)--Sorenson
    >>>C-323.\Corrections and Conditional Release Act and Prisons andReformatories Act (amdt.--conditional release)--Sorenson
    >>>C-324.\Louis Riel Act--Alcock
    >>>C-325.\Income Tax Act (amdt.--deduction for volunteer emergency services)--Casson
    >>>C-326.\Excise Tax Act (amdt.)--Casson
    >>>C-327.\Contraventions Act and Controlled Drugs and Substances Act (amdt.--marihuana)--Martin, K.
    >>>C-328.\Canada Labour Code (amdt.)--Guay
    >>>C-329.\Bankruptcy and Insovency Act (amdt.--student loan)--Davies
    >>>C-330.\Gun Control Legislation Expiry Act--Breitkreuz
    >>>C-331.\Ukrainian Canadian Restitution Act--Mark
    >>>C-332.\Taxpayers' Bill of Rights--Peschisolido
    >>>C-333.\Chinese Canadian Recognition and Restitution Act--Mark
    >>>C-334.\Federal-Provincial Fiscal Arrangements Act (amdt.--work for welfare)--Pankiw
    >>>C-335.\Criminal Code (amdt.--child pornography)--Thompson, M.
    >>>C-336.\Taxpayers' Bill of Rights--Kenney
    >>>C-337.\Criminal Code (amdt.--murder of a firefighter)--Forseth
    >>>C-338.\Criminal Code (amdt.--street racing)--Cadman
    >>>C-339.\Prostitution Act--Ménard
    >>>C-340.\Dairy Terms Act--Vellacott
    >>>C-341.\Criminal Code (amdt.)--Vellacott
    >>>C-342.\Canada Post Corporation Act (amdt.--mail contractors)--Blaikie
    >>>C-343.\Citizenship Act (amdt.)--Reynolds
    >>>C-344.\Federal-Provincial Fiscal Arrangements Act (amdt.--prevention ofprivate hospitals)--Wasylycia-Leis
    >>>C-345.\Canadian Human Rights Act (amdt.)--Grey
    >>>C-346.\Canadian Safe Drinking Water Act--Herron
    >>>C-347.\Criminal Code (amdt.--eliminating conditional sentencing for violent offenders)--Gouk
    >>>C-348.\Samuel de Champlain Day Act--Thompson, G.
    >>>C-349.\Supreme Court Act (amdt.)--Bryden
    >>>C-350.\Right to Work Act--Pankiw
    >>>C-351.\Income Tax Act (amdt.--exemptions for volunteers)--Sorenson
    >>>C-352.\Corrections and Conditional Release Act (amdt.)--Thompson, M.
    >>>C-353.\Energy Price Commission Act--Martin, Pat
    >>>C-354.\Income Tax Act (amdt.--child care expenses)--St.-Hilaire
    >>>C-355.\Broadcasting Act and Income Tax Act (amdt.--closed-captioned programming)--St. Hilaire
    >>>C-356.\Employment Insurance Act (amdt.--waiting period)--Tremblay
    >>>C-357.\Employment Insurance Act (amdt.--Schedule I)--Tremblay
    >>>C-358.\Employment Insurance Act (amdt.--Employment Insurance Account and premium rate setting)--Tremblay
    >>>C-359.\Employment Insurance Act (amdt.--determination of insurable employment)--Tremblay
    >>>C-360.\Canadian Bill of Rights (amdt.--right to education)--Harb
    >>>C-361.\Modernization of Benefits and Obligations Act (amdt.)--Harb
    >>>C-362.\Canadian Peacekeeping Service Medal and Book of Remembrance Act--Harb
    >>>C-363.\National Literacy Standards Act--Harb
    >>>C-364.\Canada Pension Plan (amdt.)--Harb
    >>>C-365.\Alternate Dispute Resolution Act--Harb
    >>>C-366.\Divorce Act (amdt.--right of spouse's parents to access to or custody of child)--Harb
    >>>C-367.\Departmental Internal Audit Act--Harb
    >>>C-368.\National Environmental Standards Act--Harb
    >>>C-369.\Canadian Child Rights Act--Harb
    >>>C-370.\Income Tax Act (amdt.--tax credit for mental or physical impairment)--Harb
    >>>C-371.\Income Tax Act (amdt.--donations to food banks)--Harb
    >>>C-372.\Criminal Code (amdt.--defamatory libel)--Harb
    >>>C-373.\Income Tax Act (amdt.--deduction of funeral expenses)--Harb
    >>>C-374.\National Conference on Guaranteed Annual Income Act--Harb
    >>>C-375.\Federal-Provincial Fiscal Arrangements Act(amdt.--school-leaving age)--Harb
    >>>C-376.\Canadian Bill of Rights (amdt.--right to housing)--Harb
    >>>C-377.\Education Standards Act--Harb
    >>>C-378.\Canadian Bill of Rights (amdt.--right to literacy)--Harb
    >>>C-379.\Oil and Gas Ombudsman Act--Harb
    >>>C-380.\Maximum Speed Control Device Act--Harb
    >>>C-381.\Competition Act (amdt.--vertically integrated gasoline suppliers)--Harb
    >>>C-382.\National Archives of Canada Act and Statistics Act (amdt.)--Harb
    >>>C-383.\Credit Information Act--Harb
    >>>C-384.\Criminal Code (amdt.)--Harb
    >>>C-385.\Deficit Prevention Act--Harb
    >>>C-386.\Children in Law Act--Harb
    >>>C-387.\Protection of Privacy (Social Insurance Numbers) Act--Harb
    >>>C-388.\Canada Seat Belt Act--Harb
    >>>C-389.\Income Tax Act, Members of Parliament Retiring Allowances Act, Public Service Superannuation Act and Royal Canadian Mounted Police Superannuation Act (amdt.--dependent beneficiaries)--Harb
    >>>C-390.\Medical Devices Registry Act--Harb
    >>>C-391.\National Civil Defence Force Act--Harb
    >>>C-392.\Marriage (Prohibited Degrees) Act and the Modernization of Benefits and Obligations Act (amdt.)--Robinson
    >>>C-393.\Criminal Code (amdt.--breaking and entering)--Obhrai
    >>>C-394.\Bank Act (amdt.--bank mergers)--Nystrom
    >>>C-395.\Employment Insurance Act (amdt.--setting premium rate to control surplus in Employment Insurance Account)--Mayfield
    >>>C-396.\National Day Against Impaired Driving Act--White, R.
    >>>C-397.\Canadian Human Rights Act (amdt.)--Solberg
    >>>C-398.\Food and Drugs Act (amdt.--food labelling)--Wappel
    >>>C-399.\National Sex Offender Registry Act--Girard-Bujold
    >>>C-400.\Income Tax Act (amdt.--public transportation costs)--Girard-Bujold
    >>>C-401.\Corrections and Conditional Release Act (amdt.--Board of Management to oversee operations of Correctional Service of Canada)--Bonin
    >>>C-402.\Corrections and Conditional Release Act (amdt.--Office of Victims Ombudsman of Canada)--Bonin
    >>>C-403.\Criminal Code (amdt.) and Corrections and Conditional Release Act(amdt.--judicial discretion to assign a binding security classification ofmaximum to high-risk violent offenders)--Bonin
    >>>C-404.\Corrections and Conditional Release Act (amdt.--disclosure of certain information about offenders)--Bonin
    >>>C-405.\First Nations Veterans Compensation Act--Nystrom
    >>>C-406.\Employment Insurance Act (amdt.)--Godin
    >>>C-407.\Income Tax Act (amdt.--disability tax credit)--Casey
    >>>C-408.\Parliament of Canada Act (amdt.--oath or solemn affirmation)--Bellemare
    >>>C-409.\Canadian Foreign Intelligence Agency Act--Pratt
    >>>C-410.\Food and Drugs Act (amdt.--mandatory labelling for genetically modified foods)--Wasylycia-Leis
    >>>*C-411.\Merchant Navy Veterans Day Act--Bonwick
    >>>C-412.\Organ Donation Act--Wasylycia-Leis
    >>>C-413.\Criminal Code (amdt.--vehicle identification number)--Cadman
    >>>C-414.\Special Economic Measures Act (amdt.--no foreign aid to countriesthat do not respect religious freedom)--Anders
    >>>C-415.\Nuclear Liability Act (amdt.)--Caccia
    >>>C-416.\Criminal Code and Youth Criminal Justice Act (amdt.--sentencing principles)--Pallister
    >>>C-417.\Parliamentarians' Code of Conduct--McDonough
    >>>C-418.\Criminal Code (amdt.--criminal liability of corporations, directors and officers)--McDonough
    >>>C-419.\Parliamentary Employment and Staff Relations Act (amdt.--members' staff)---McDonough
    >>>C-420.\Food and Drugs Act (amdt.)--Lunney
    >>>C-421.\Chief Actuary Act--Ablonczy
    >>>C-422.\Food and Drugs Act (amdt.)--Hill, G.
    >>>C-423.\Employment Insurance Act (amdt.)--Epp
    >>>C-424.\Criminal Code (amdt.--consecutive sentences)--Moore
    >>>C-425.\Death Penalty Referendum Act--Pankiw
    >>>C-426.\School Computer Access Protection Act--Skelton
    >>>C-427.\Wild Animal and Plant Protection and Regulation of International and Interprovincial Trade Act (amdt.)--Martin, K.
    >>>C-428.\Canada Pension Plan (amdt.--adjusted pension for persons with other income above the level at which the second percentage of income tax applies)--Martin, K.
    >>>C-429.\Parliament of Canada Act and Canada Elections Act (amdt.)--Pankiw
    >>>C-430.\Employment Insurance Act (amdt.--record of employment)--Obhrai
    >>>C-431.\Criminal Code (amdt.--probation order)--Obhrai
    >>>C-432.\Income Tax Act and Old Age Security Act (seniors' windfall exemption)--Obhrai
    >>>C-433.\Canada Elections Act (amdt.--appointment of election officials)--White, T.
    >>>C-434.\Criminal Code (amdt.--consecutive sentence for use of firearm incommission of offence)--Pankiw
    >>>C-435.\Statutory Program Evaluation Act--Williams
    >>>C-436.\Immigration and Refugee Protection Act (amdt.--sponsorship of relative)--Davies
    >>>C-437.\Employment Insurance Act (amdt.--persons who leave employment to be care-givers to family members)--Stoffer
    >>>C-438.\Civil Justice Access Act--Nystrom
    >>>C-439.\Older Adult Justice Act--Marleau
    >>>C-440.\Employment Insurance Act (amdt.--pregnancy benefit)--Godin
    >>>C-441.\DNA Indentification Act (amdt.)--Lunn
    >>>C-442.\Firearms Act (amdt.)--Moore
    >>>C-443.\Corrections and Conditional Release Act (amdt.)--Gouk
    >>>C-444.\Criminal Code (amdt.--weapons trafficking)--Moore
    >>>C-445.\Public Safety Officers Compensation Act--Szabo
    >>>C-446.\Controlled Drugs and Substances Act (amdt.)--Chamberlain
    >>>C-447.\Marriage Act--Hill, G.
    >>>C-448.\Food and Drugs Act (amdt.--genetically modified food)--Caccia
    >>>C-449.\Nuclear Amendment Act, 2003--Chatters
    >>>C-450.\Canada Marriage Act--Pankiw
    >>>C-451.\Workplace Psychological Harassment Prevention Act--Bourgeois
    >>>C-452.\Criminal Code (amdt.--proceedings under section 258)--Benoit
    >>>C-453.\Criminal Code (amdt.--failure to stop at scene of accident)--White, R.
    >>>C-454.\Criminal Code (amdt.--section 606)--Skelton
    >>>C-455.\Overseas Memorial Sites Student Visits Act--Stoffer
    >>>C-456.\Excise Tax Act (amdt.)--St-Hilaire
    >>>C-457.\Whistle Blowers Protection Act--Martin, Pat
    >>>C-458.\Canada Elections Act (amdt.)--Wasylycia-Leis
    >>>*C-459.\Holocaust Memorial Day Act--Marceau
    >>>C-460.\Criminal Code (amdt.--unsolicited electronic mail)--McTeague
    >>>C-461.\Competition Act (investigations by Commissioner and class proceedings)--Nystrom
    >>>C-462.\Open Government Act--Bryden
    >>>C-463.\Income Tax Act (amdt.)--Keddy
    >>>C-464.\Criminal Code (amdt.--blood alcohol content)--Cadman
    >>>C-465.\Food, Drugs and Natural Health Products Act--Bigras
    >>>C-466.\Criminal Code (amdt.--interference with a peace officers equipment)--MacKay
    >>>C-467.\Radiocommunication Act (amdt.)--Lunn
    >>>C-468.\Criminal Code (amdt.--joyriding)--Strahl
    >>>C-469.\National Heritage Hunting and Fishing Act--Bertrand
    >>>C-470.\Canadian Farm-Raised Deer and Elk Month Act--Merrifield
    >>>C-471.\Criminal Code and Corrections and Conditional Release Act(amdt.--sexual assault on child--dangerous offenders)--Sorenson