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Our Guiding Principles


The House Administration proudly supports Members of the House of Commons, providing them with the services, infrastructure and advice they need to carry out their work as legislators and representatives in the Chamber, in committees, in caucus and in their offices both on Parliament Hill and in their constituencies.


To exercise leadership in supporting the House of Commons and its Members, and in the advancement of parliamentary institutions.


The employees of the House Administration are proud to serve the Parliament of Canada by providing excellent service and impartial, expert advice to elected Members, always demonstrating:

Respect for the democratic process

We believe in the importance of parliamentary institutions and the democratic process, and work to foster and strengthen respect for them.

Commitment to balancing continuity and change

We preserve the collective memory of the House of Commons and its traditions while facilitating its evolution to keep pace with Canadian society, and ensure institutional continuity while supporting Members as their needs evolve.

Professional excellence

We work together to provide effective, accountable and non-partisan support by acting ethically, responsibly and with integrity.

A panoramic photo of Parliament Hill


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