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Message from the Clerk

When Canadians think of the House of Commons, some very specific images likely come to mind: the Peace Tower, the Chamber, or elected Members engaged in debate over issues of national importance. Our role at the House of Commons Administration is to sustain and support these activities, helping to uphold parliamentary tradition, maintain and secure the Parliamentary Precinct, and ensure Members have at their disposal all the tools and resources they need to carry out their work.

Photo of Audrey O’Brien, Clerk of the House of Commons

At the start of each new Parliament, our Administration is tasked with establishing a Strategic Outlook—an articulation of our plans and priorities in pursuit of our overarching strategic goals. Each new Strategic Outlook builds on progress made during previous Parliaments, as many of our guiding principles remain relevant and appropriate.

This Strategic Outlook for the 41st Parliament outlines our aims in four areas: responding to the changing needs of Members and the institution; enhancing ongoing services to Members and sustaining the institution; promoting understanding and supporting the advancement of legislative institutions; and applying the highest standards of public sector governance in a parliamentary context. Associated with each of these goals are sets of major initiatives—our plans for achieving the objectives we seek.

Specific major initiatives for this Parliament will include advancing our long-term plan to rehabilitate heritage buildings and provide additional parliamentary accommodations, improving our technology infrastructure while sustaining a secure and responsive environment, increasing the learning opportunities available to parliamentarians and legislative officials from Canada and abroad, strengthening our Administration’s recruitment, retention and succession strategy, and enhancing access to information for both the public and elected representatives. We will also be preparing for the next Parliament, when an additional 30 Members of the House of Commons are expected. All of this will be done while we meet our commitment to manage spending through operational efficiencies and by transforming our approach to service delivery.

The House Administration and I look forward to serving Canada’s 41st Parliament with efficiency, creativity and vast expertise in parliamentary tradition—privileged as always to have a part in this central institution of Canadian democracy.

Audrey O’Brien
Clerk of the House of Commons


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