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The House of Commons Administration

Governing the House Administration

Under the Parliament of Canada Act, the Board of Internal Economy governs the House Administration. It is responsible for all matters of financial and administrative policy that affect the House and its Members, premises, services and employees. It has the legal authority to make by-laws—which are tabled in the House—to regulate the use of resources available to the House of Commons.

The Speaker of the House chairs the Board, which is made up of Members from all recognized political parties. The Clerk of the House of Commons serves as Secretary to the Board and, as the senior official of the House Administration, reports to the Speaker. The Board meets on a regular basis; minutes of those meetings are tabled in the House.

To learn more about the Board of Internal Economy and the documents made available to the public, please visit the Parliament of Canada Web site at

The Board membership as of April 23, 2012 was as follows: Hon. Andrew Scheer (Speaker of the House of Commons and Chair of the Board), Mr. Nathan Cullen, Ms. Judy Foote, Hon. Rob Merrifield, Hon. Gordon O’Connor, Ms. Nycole Turmel, Hon. Peter Van Loan, and Ms. Audrey O’Brien (Secretary to the Board).

The House of Commons Administration

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