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Message from the Speaker

Hon. Anthony Rota, M.P.
Speaker of the House of Commons

As Speaker of the House of Commons and its chief administrative officer, I am proud to present the latest Report to Canadians.

Published annually, this report presents the highlights of the past year and summarizes the work of the Members of the House of Commons as well as the efforts of the House Administration in supporting their activities.

Last year, after a long hiatus due to the pandemic, the House of Commons resumed some activities, such as welcoming visitors back and allowing the public to attend House of Commons debates and committee meetings. Parliamentary diplomacy—the practice of dialogue and cooperation among legislators from around the world—was also able to resume in person. We have therefore hosted heads of state and dignitaries from everywhere and given them tours of Canada’s Parliament. These meetings allow us to promote democracy as well as the economic and social ties that we have with other nations. We also participated in international missions, conferences and meetings to promote and defend Canada’s interests worldwide.

Finally, all these initiatives and many others would not have been possible without the support of the diverse and highly skilled staff of the House Administration. Through their excellent service and their impartiality, the teams of the House Administration make a tangible contribution to the vitality of parliamentary democracy and for that, on behalf of all Members, we are very grateful.

I hope this report will provide you with an interesting insight into the work that is done for Canadians every day. Thank you for your interest in the House of Commons.

Hon. Anthony Rota, M.P.

Signature of the Hon. Anthony Rota, M.P.