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Message from the Clerk

Eric Janse
Acting Clerk of the House of Commons

One of the roles of the Clerk of the House of Commons is to manage the House of Commons Administration, which, day to day, provides quality services and helps Members of Parliament fulfill their parliamentary duties. As Acting Clerk of the House of Commons, I am honoured to lead a dedicated, non-partisan, and competent team that plays a vital role in supporting parliamentary democracy.

The Report to Canadians allows you to learn more about Members’ work and their functions, and keeps you informed about the projects that were completed by the House Administration over the past year. It describes the activities and initiatives undertaken by the institution in support of Members and democracy, in Canada and around the world. Also, the financial review included in this report is a testament to the House Administration’s commitment to transparency regarding financial oversight.

As a workplace and public place, the House of Commons also has a responsibility to provide an inclusive and accessible environment for Members and their staff, House Administration employees, as well as all Canadians and all those visiting Parliament Hill. Over the past year, one of the House’s priorities has been to increase its understanding of accessibility issues, particularly through the development of its Accessibility Plan to ensure a barrier-free environment. It is also for the purpose of inclusion that this report has been renamed Rapport à la population canadienne in French (formerly Rapport aux Canadiens). Inclusive writing in both official languages is something we hear about more and more and is part of a much broader accessibility issue. While this change to the report’s French title is simple, it represents a tangible commitment to accessibility, which is a priority for our organization.

Finally, in 2022, the House Administration entered the final year of its strategic plan. This roadmap enabled it to continue to provide exceptional service to Members while supporting parliamentary democracy, particularly during two general elections and through the COVID‑19 pandemic. Both strong in its traditions and forward-looking, the House Administration will continue to support Members’ parliamentary work by anticipating their needs through impartial, seamless, personalized and quality services under a new strategic plan that came into effect in April 2023.

I hope this report will help you learn more about our projects, our accomplishments and our commitment. And lastly, I would like to thank you for your interest in our organization and I hope you enjoy this report.

Eric Janse

Signature of Eric Janse