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House of Commons Administration

The House of Commons Administration (House Administration) is dedicated to providing quality services and expert advice to Members of Parliament to support them in their parliamentary duties as legislators and representatives in the Chamber, in committees, in caucus, and in their offices on Parliament Hill and in their constituency.

Board of Internal Economy

The Board of Internal Economy (the Board) is the governing body of the House of Commons. Under the Parliament of Canada Act, it has the legal authority to make decisions and provide direction on financial and administrative matters related to the House of Commons and its Members, premises, services and employees. All recognized parties are given representation on the Board and decisions are made on a non-partisan basis.

Speaker of the House of Commons

The Speaker is the Board’s chair and head of the House Administration.

As representative of the House of Commons, the Speaker has a number of traditional, ceremonial and diplomatic duties, including serving as spokesperson for the House in its dealings with the Senate, the Crown, and other bodies outside Parliament.

The Speaker also leads the procession when the House is summoned before the Senate to attend the Speech from the Throne at the beginning of a Parliament or session, or when there is a traditional ceremony to grant royal assent to a bill.

Clerk of the House of Commons

The Clerk is the chief executive of the House Administration and is responsible for the day-to-day management of its operations. The Clerk is also at the service of all Members and must act with impartiality and discretion. The Clerk authenticates all decisions made by the House, maintains a record of proceedings, and advises on the interpretation of parliamentary rules, precedents, and practices.

In addition, the Clerk oversees the following functions:

Audit and Improvement

The Audit and Improvement Directorate helps the organization deliver on its mission through assurance and advisory activities intended to add value to its governance, risk management and control processes and continually improve processes and services to Members.

Corporate Communications

The Corporate Communications team provides the Board, the Office of the Speaker, the Clerk and the House Administration with strategic advice, analysis, products, tools, and support related to strategic communications, branding, crisis communications, social media, and media relations.

Curatorial Services

Curatorial Services advises the institution on heritage matters and is responsible for its collection of some 5,000 objects, including official portraits, historical paintings and other works of art, as well as ceremonial objects and furniture. It is also responsible for the Peace Tower Carillon.

The Press Gallery Secretariat provides the technical and administrative infrastructure for Canada’s Parliamentary Press Gallery.

Procedural Services

Procedural Services advises the Speaker, Members, and officers of the House of Commons on procedural and legislative matters. It also conducts research, provides training on parliamentary practice, and coordinates Members’ participation in international and interparliamentary activities. This service area produces records of parliamentary activities in both official languages, such as the transcripts of debates in the House and the minutes of committee meetings.

Committees and Legislative Services

The Committees and Legislative Services Directorate provides procedural and administrative support to all standing, special, legislative and joint committees of the House of Commons. The directorate is also responsible for providing procedural advice to the Speaker and Members concerning legislation and the legislative process.

House Proceedings

The House Proceedings Directorate is responsible for supporting the business of the Chamber, including by producing parliamentary publications, managing the Page Program, and coordinating Private Members’ Business. It also conducts research and provides advice and information on parliamentary procedure.

International and Interparliamentary Affairs

The International and Interparliamentary Affairs Directorate (IIA) is a joint directorate of the Senate and the House of Commons that coordinates the Parliament of Canada’s external relations and activities. IIA supports the two Speakers’ exchanges with their counterparts, the activities of parliamentary associations and recognized interparliamentary groups in Canada and abroad, official visits by dignitaries and heads of state, and conferences hosted by Parliament.

Parliamentary Information and Publications

The Parliamentary Information and Publications Directorate is responsible for coordinating Procedural Services’ information technology activities; managing its information assets; producing the record of debates, proceedings, and evidence of the House and its committees; indexing key House and committee publications; and overseeing Parliament’s strategy for sharing digital content.

Law Clerk and Parliamentary Counsel

As the House of Commons’ chief legal officer, the Law Clerk and Parliamentary Counsel provides legal and legislative services.

Legal Services offers comprehensive legal advice and services to the House as an institution as well as to the Speaker, the Board, Members, committees, the Clerk, and the House Administration. Legal advisors specialize in multiple areas of law, including parliamentary, constitutional, labour, and contract law. They may also intervene in legal proceedings on behalf of the House of Commons and its Members to ensure that their parliamentary privileges and immunities are protected.

Legislation Services

Legislation Services assists in drafting private Member’s bills and motions to amend government bills. It is also responsible for ensuring that government bills and private Member’s bills are correctly printed and reprinted as they move through the legislative process, including the amendments approved by the House or its committees.

The drafting of government bills—following instructions given by the cabinet—is left to the Department of Justice.

Administrative Services

The Office of the Deputy Clerk, Administration provides Members, their staff, and the House Administration with a broad range of services, infrastructure, and advice. The Office supports strategic planning and reporting activities and supervises the management and maintenance of the corporate human resources and financial systems. It oversees several service areas, namely Digital Services and Real Property, Finance Services, Human Resources Services, the Office of the Sergeant-at-Arms and Corporate Security, and Parliamentary Precinct Operations.

Digital Services and Real Property

Digital Services and Real Property delivers modern, secure and cost-effective products, workspaces, and services. They also provide continuous operational services related to the broadcast of parliamentary events as well as television, telecommunications and Web-based services.

Finance Services

Finance Services provides advice and operational support on policy and financial planning, financial management, and materiel and contract management.

Human Resources Services

Human Resources Services offers support services in the areas of talent management, employee relations, pay and benefits, occupational health and safety, and organizational effectiveness.

Office of the Sergeant-at-Arms and Corporate Security

The Office of the Sergeant-at-Arms and Corporate Security is responsible for ensuring security on the floor of the House of Commons Chamber. It also conducts investigations, coordinates visitor and event access, promotes security awareness, and administers parking services. It develops and implements House wide security policies, standards and processes to eliminate security risks and threats whenever possible and respond to those it detects. The Office works in close collaboration with other security partners such as the Parliamentary Protective Service to ensure the security of Members and their employees on and off the Precinct, including in constituency offices.

Parliamentary Precinct Operations

The operational support provided by Parliamentary Precinct Operations ensures a functional work environment for Members and the House Administration. This includes trade services, tenant operations, room allocations, food services, postal and messenger services, transportation, printing, as well as maintenance and material handling.