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This Report to Canadians offers a glimpse into the wide range of activities that took place in the Chamber, in committees, in caucus, in constituencies and abroad from April 1, 2009 to March 31, 2010.

Members of Parliament are proud of the work they accomplish on behalf of all Canadians. Members are supported by their staff and the employees of the House Administration, who, even though they work mostly behind the scenes, take pride in serving Members, the institution and Canadians.

Days at the House of Commons are full of debate and analysis, energy and excitement. At night, when most of Ottawa is asleep, work continues as the House Administration prepares for the next day's events, maintains the buildings and ensures security.

Canadians are encouraged to continue to learn more about the work that takes place at the House of Commons through the various channels outlined in this report-in person, on the Web, by phone, email and post.

Photo of Centre Block

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