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Members of Parliament uphold and draw strength from the values Canadians cherish. They voice those values when they engage in earnest debates in the Chamber, seek understanding in the committee rooms, listen to the concerns of individual constituents and communicate with representatives of other countries.

The 1,300 local workers who began construction of the Parliament Buildings 150 years ago started a tradition of public engagement with the Parliamentary Precinct. The thousands of Canadians who visit each year experience not only the beauty of the setting but also a unique sense of place that brings us together and connects us to our country's government. Members and staff find the atmosphere inspiring, as they perform their varied work on our behalf. Likewise, the tradition of the House of Commons provides stability and support for the often-challenging role Members play.

These foundations-both built and inherited-form a steady base from which to move forward, to make the changes necessary to take our country into a future that holds many new and exciting challenges.

The House Administration, while making sure the people and infrastructure are in place to sustain Members in their ongoing work, always bears in mind that the role of Members and the institution are perpetually evolving. The House Administration continues to find innovative new tools and ways of working, to prepare for the future and to shape the talent required for high standards of public sector governance.

Members and staff at the House of Commons are proud to work for all Canadians in an institution rooted in the long-standing traditions that the Parliamentary Precinct provides. They are very much aware that those components of the past provide the base on which to shape the future.

Photo of Parliament Hill

View of Parliament Hill

Photo: © House of Commons/Bernard Thibodeau


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