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In Conclusion

The many activities described in this report make for a very active working environment. The subjects debated in the House affect all Canadians. Whether discussing health care, the economy or international issues, Members represent the ideas and needs of their constituents, shape legislation and represent Canada throughout the world. The House Administration provides the support necessary to enable them to carry out this work.

As illustrated by the "vignettes" in this report, committees have performed an important service over the years, shaping our national symbols and the programs and policies that are distinctly Canadian.

Parliament Hill

Photo: © Library Of Parliament/Tom Littlemore

Members represented Canadians by presenting their concerns in a national forum, and served Canada on the world stage by meeting with other parliamentarians to discuss trade, parliamentary democracy and other issues.

The House of Commons Administration has continued to emphasize service delivery by finding new tools and ways of working. These measures include providing speedier access to critical Parliamentary information, improving environmental practices and ensuring the sound stewardship of resources. The Administration not only focused on the day-to-day needs of Members and the public, but also kept an eye to the future to guarantee that it can continue to meet the needs of a modern workplace.

Over the coming year, Members will continue to serve Canadians in the halls of Parliament and in their constituencies with the support of the House Administration.