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Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any questions, please contact us.

Application Process and Eligibility

Can I apply to the program if I am a second-year, third-year or fourth-year university student?

No. The program is intended exclusively for first-year university students.

Can I apply if I start my first year of university studies in January?

No. To be eligible, you must be starting full-time university studies in September of the year of employment as a page.

If I apply after the deadline, will my application be considered?

No. We must adhere to established deadlines in order to ensure fairness to all candidates.

If I apply by the deadline but my file is incomplete, can I submit the missing material after the deadline?

No. We accept only applications that are completed by the deadline. If you are experiencing delays obtaining your official grade transcripts, please contact

How will I find out if my application was accepted?

An email from will be sent to all candidates to notify them of their status.

Will I be notified if I had an interview but was unsuccessful?

Yes. All candidates who are interviewed will be advised of their status in the month of March.

Why is the page program available only to university students and not college students?

Unfortunately, the course load and schedule at most colleges do not give candidates the flexibility required to work in the House of Commons as a page.

Are pages required to speak French and English?

Yes. Pages are required to communicate fluently in both official languages in order to communicate with members of Parliament in the language of their choice. Candidates whose applications have been retained after the initial recruitment stage will be invited to undergo a second-language evaluation by telephone.

What is the process for the second-language evaluation?

You will be evaluated in your second official language. The assessment will be conducted over the telephone by officials at the House of Commons Language Training and Assessment Services. Your oral communication skills will be assessed in order to ensure that you can properly and effectively communicate with all MPs in the official language of their choice. You will not be evaluated for writing or reading comprehension.

Do I need to be knowledgeable about politics and the workings of Parliament in order to become a page?

No. The program seeks out individuals who demonstrate an interest in learning about the Canadian parliamentary system. The program will provide training on the work environment, the responsibilities and duties, and what pages need to know in order to provide the high level of service required in the House of Commons. We do nevertheless encourage candidates to familiarize themselves with the House administration and the role of Parliament.

What are the guidelines for submitting my official grade transcript?

Candidates applying to the page program must submit an official grade transcript of their marks from the previous year (grade 11, secondary IV, secondary V or first year of CEGEP in Quebec). The transcript must clearly show the candidate’s name and date of birth. It can be obtained either from the ministry of education in the province or territory where the candidate is studying or via a high school or CEGEP guidance counsellor.

Employment Details

Does the House of Commons page program pay for me to move my personal items to Ottawa?

No. The program pays for your travel to and from Ottawa at the beginning and end of your contract. It also pays for accommodations during training week.

What is the duration of the employment?

Pages are employed to work for one year, beginning in late August. Exact dates are confirmed with the selected candidates.

What is the salary of a page?

For information about the page’s salary, please see the Working as a Page section on our website.

University Life

I plan on studying in the national capital region only if I am accepted in the page program. Do I need to apply to one of the four universities before receiving a confirmation about my acceptance to the program?

Yes. In order to apply to the University of Ottawa, Carleton University, or Saint Paul University, you must submit your application through the Ontario Universities’ Application Centre (OUAC).

The deadline for Ontario universities is typically in January.

In order to apply to l’Université du Québec en Outaouais, please contact the university directly at

How will being a page affect my course schedule?

Page supervisors will work with you to ensure that you can complete your work hours and your classes by providing you with the tools you need to build a balanced schedule. The program works in conjunction with liaison officers at each of the four universities to ensure that you can meet your academic course load requirements.

Can all university study programs and faculties accommodate the schedule of the House of Commons page program?

No. Due to the requirements of their academic programs, students enrolled in engineering and law are ineligible. Students enrolled in a science or architecture program may be accepted to the page program on a case-by-case basis. Students who wish to pursue these disciplines may apply to the program only if they are prepared to modify the course sequence of their entire program of study. Doing so may entail extra semesters of study to obtain their degree.