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By-laws under the Parliament of Canada Act

The following by-laws were enacted by the Board of Internal Economy pursuant to the Parliament of Canada Act:

The By-laws regulate the use of the funds, goods, services and premises made available to Members of the House of Commons for carrying out their parliamentary functions. They are legally binding on Members and they take precedence over any administrative manual or general policy decision.

The By-laws include the following elements:

It is also worth noting that subsection 52.6(1) of the Parliament of Canada Act gives the Board exclusive authority to determine whether any previous, current or proposed use by a Member of any funds, goods, services or premises is or was proper including whether any such use is or was proper having regard to the intent and purpose of the By-laws.

The Speaker must table the By-laws before the House on any of the first thirty days after they are made under subsection 52.5(2) of the Act. This includes any amendment to the By-laws.

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