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M-2 Trans Mountain pipeline expansion project

44th Parliament, 1st Session

Motion Text


(a) the House recognize that,

(i) the International Energy Agency released a special report demonstrating that there is no longer any need to invest in or construct new fossil fuel supply projects, if we're to avoid catastrophic climate change,

(ii) the Canada Energy Regulator projects that if Canada strengthens its climate policies to cut more greenhouse gas emissions, the Trans Mountain expansion will not be needed,

(iii) an order stopping tree cutting and grass mowing across the entire Trans Mountain pipeline expansion project was issued by the Canada Energy Regulator, the agency that enforces safety and environmental guidelines for pipeline projects across Canada,

(iv) a recent report from the Canada Energy Regulator and the Parliamentary Budget Officer show that in almost all scenarios the Trans Mountain expansion project will not be financially viable,

(v) this project does not have the consent of all the First Nations whose unceded lands, territories or other resources would be affected by the Trans Mountain expansion project,

(vi) the pipeline project puts our communities, environment, ecosystems, coastlines, tourism and marine industries at risk,

(vii) the pipeline project undermines Canada's climate commitments to the Paris Agreement and puts the brakes on an environmental transition and the creation of quality jobs in a clean energy industry,

(viii) the cost of the Trans Mountain expansion project has risen by 70% to $12.6 billion, putting Canadian taxpayers' money, our economy and new jobs creation at risk; and

(b) in the opinion of the House, the government should immediately stop the construction of the Trans Mountain pipeline expansion project and instead, invest in a Green New Deal for Canada.

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November 23, 2021
Placed on Notice


November 23, 2021
Placed on Notice

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