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TRAN Committee Meeting

Notices of Meeting include information about the subject matter to be examined by the committee and date, time and place of the meeting, as well as a list of any witnesses scheduled to appear. The Evidence is the edited and revised transcript of what is said before a committee. The Minutes of Proceedings are the official record of the business conducted by the committee at a sitting.

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Minutes of Proceedings

42nd Parliament, 1st Session
Meeting No. 9
Monday, April 18, 2016, 3:32 p.m. to 6:02 p.m.
Hon. Judy A. Sgro, Chair (Liberal)

Library of Parliament
• Allison Padova, Analyst
As an individual
• Mary-Jane Bennett, Lawyer
BNSF Railway Company
• Orest Dachniwsky, Associate General Counsel, Operations and Regulatory
• Glen Gaz, Engineering
• Johan Hellman, Executive Director, Government Affairs
• Jared Wootton, General Manager, Operations
• Courtney Wallace, Regional Director, Public Affairs
City of Surrey
• Len Garis, Fire Chief, Surrey Fire Service
• Dan Branscher, Deputy Fire Chief, Surrey Fire Service
• Jaime Boan, Manager, Transportation
VIA Rail Canada Inc.
• Marc Beaulieu, Chief, Transportation and Safety Officer
• Jacques Fauteux, Director, Government and Community Relations
GO Transit
• Gregory Percy, President
Pursuant to Standing Order 108(2) and the motions adopted by the Committee on Monday, February 22, 2016, and on Wednesday, March 9, 2016, the Committee resumed its study of rail safety.

Mary-Jane Bennett, Orest Dachniwsky and Len Garis, by videoconference from Surrey, British Columbia, made statements and, with Dan Brancher and Jamie Boan, by videoconference from Surrey, British Columbia, and Johan Hellman, Jared Wootton, Courtney Wallace and Glen Gaz, by videoconference from Seattle, Washington, United States of America, answered questions.

At 4:31 p.m., the sitting was suspended.

At 4:35 p.m., the sitting resumed.

Marc Beaulieu, by videoconference from Montreal, Quebec, and Greg Percy, by videoconference from Toronto, Ontario, made statements and, with Jacques Fauteux, by videoconference from Montreal, Quebec, answered questions.

The Committee proceeded to the consideration of matters related to Committee business.

On motion of Kelly Block, it was agreed, — That travel to Lac-Mégantic, Québec, be postponed.

ORDERED, — That, should Bill C-10, An Act to amend the Air Canada Public Participation Act and to provide for certain other measures, be referred to the Committee, the Clerk transmit the Commitee's invitation to the Minister of Transport to appear to speak to the Bill at the earliest opportunity; and that the Clerk so inform the Minister's office.

At 6:02 p.m., the Committee adjourned to the call of the Chair.

Andrew Bartholomew Chaplin
Clerk of the Committee