News Releases

44th Parliament, 1st Session
(November 22, 2021 - Present)
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Canada’s Environment Commissioner found major deficiencies in government modelling of hydrogen to reduce carbon dioxide emissions February 27, 2024 The Federal Government’s Post-Payment Verification Work of COVID-19 Benefit Programs is Falling Short – Billions of Tax Dollars Remain Outstanding December 12, 2023 Indigenous Services Canada Failed to Provide Necessary Support to Manage Emergencies on Indigenous Communities November 27, 2023 Much Better Work Necessary to Improve Accessibility for Canadian Travellers with Disabilities November 9, 2023 Global Affairs Canada Is Unable to Show The Value of Canada’s International Assistance in Support of Gender Equality November 9, 2023 Canada’s Correctional Service Failed to Eliminate Systemic Barriers and Disadvantage Certain Groups of Offenders November 7, 2023 In the Dark: Ottawa Does Not Know if Federal Housing Efforts Have Helped Vulnerable Canadians November 7, 2023 Public Accounts Committee Makes Two Recommendations to Improve Government’s Financial Transparency and Reporting June 2, 2023 Veterans Affairs Canada Unsuccessful at Reducing Disability Benefits Wait Times February 14, 2023 Greening of Government Falling Well Short of Achieving Net-Zero Emissions by 2050 February 14, 2023 Government Has No Clear Picture of Hard-to-Reach Canadians Not Accessing Federal Benefits December 14, 2022 Federal Departments Not Prepared to Support Workers Transition to a Low-Carbon Economy October 26, 2022 “Dual-Dated” Audit Opinion of the Public Accounts of Canada Divides Committee October 20, 2022 Weaknesses in the Management of COVID-19 Regional Relief and Recovery Fund Likely Caused by Federal Program’s Quick Delivery June 20, 2022 How Safe are Canada’s Natural Health Products? June 20, 2022 Enforcement of COVID-19 Quarantine and Testing Orders June 20, 2022 Inspections by Employment and Social Development Canada Provided Little Assurance of Protection for the Health and Safety of Agricultural Temporary Foreign Workers June 20, 2022 Hard Lessons from Canada's Climate Change Record May 17, 2022 Protecting Canada's Food System May 17, 2022 Questions Remain in Indigenous Services Canada’s Management of its Personal Protective Equipment Stockpile May 17, 2022 Public Accounts Committee Makes Recommendations to Improve Operations at Public Service Pension Investment Board April 6, 2022 A Work In Progress: Public Accounts Committee Recommendations to Fix Deficiencies at Public Health Agency of Canada and Health Canada April 6, 2022