44th Parliament, 1st Session
(November 22, 2021 - Present)

Cybersecurity and Cyberwarfare

Report and Government Response

Report 5: The Cyber Defence of Canada
  • Adopted by the Committee: June 9, 2023
  • Presented to the House: June 21, 2023
On Thursday, October 6, 2022, the committee adopted the following motion:

That, pursuant to Standing Order 108(2), the Committee undertake a study on Cybersecurity and Cyberwarfare that includes, but is not limited to:

  • The evolving sophistication of threats associated with cybersecurity and foreign actors’ capabilities to hack, disrupt, and dismantle means of communication, power grids, databases, and other critical infrastructure, that should include:
  • The full capabilities of advanced countries to conduct cyberwarfare and what that might look like during conventional, unconventional and hybrid warfare; what Canada and its allies are doing to attract and retain talent in state cybersecurity to defend Canada against foreign cyber-threats;the threat of non-state actors to our cybersecurity; and the role of individuals and the private sector in cybersecurity;

That the committee hold a minimum of 4 meetings; the Committee invite representatives of the Canadian Armed Forces, the Department of National Defence, and the Communications Security Establishment to appear at the first meeting; that the Committee report its findings and recommendations to the House; and that, pursuant to Standing Order 109, the committee request the Government table a comprehensive response to the report.


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