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To exercise leadership in supporting the House of Commons and its Members and in the advancement of parliamentary institutions.


The employees of the House Administration are proud to serve the Parliament of Canada. We are guided by values that motivate us to provide excellent service and non-partisan expert advice to Members.

  • Respect for the democratic process: We believe in the importance of parliamentary institutions and the democratic process, and we work to strengthen and foster respect for them.
  • Balancing continuity and change: We preserve the collective memory and ensure institutional continuity, while supporting Members as their roles evolve and the institution evolves with them.
  • Professional excellence: We work together to provide effective, accountable and non-partisan support, and we act with integrity, in a manner that is responsible and ethical.

The Organization

The mandate of the House Administration is to support Members by providing the infrastructure, services and advice they need to carry out their work as legislators and representatives in the Chamber, in committee, in caucus, in their Parliament Hill offices, and in their constituencies.

The Board of Internal Economy is the governing body of the House of Commons and oversees its financial management and administration on behalf of Members and Canadians. It is chaired by the Speaker and composed of Members representing all recognized parties.

The Clerk of the House of Commons is the Secretary to the Board and, as the senior official of the Administration, reports to the Speaker. Five Service Areas, employing the equivalent of 1,685 full-time workers, report to the Clerk: Procedural Services; the Office of the Law Clerk and Parliamentary Counsel; Information Services; Parliamentary Precinct Services; and Corporate Services.

Diagram of the House of Commons Administration-Institution; Caucuses, Chamber, Committees, Constituencies