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Stained Glass Windows

Russell Goodman adding a painting touch to the Nova Scotia window, 1973.

In 1967, as a Centennial project, Speaker Lucien Lamoureux initiated the beautification of the twelve windows of the House of Commons Chamber.

Divided into four panels by stone mullions, and filled in the upper part with geometrical tracery, the windows are in the Decorated Gothic style. In the large panels, they exhibit the provincial and territorial floral emblems and, in the upper tracery lights, heraldic symbols extracted from the coats of arms of the provinces and territories. Ferns were added in the foreground as an artistic feature to balance and enhance the overall design. The rich colour scheme and the flowing vertical movement achieve a striking effect and add vibrancy to the Chamber.

Each window contains approximately 2,000 pieces of hand-blown glass imported from different countries. The stained glass windows were designed by R. Eleanor Milne, Dominion Sculptor (1962-1993), and were fabricated using medieval techniques by the stained glass artist, Russell C. Goodman, in his Ottawa studio.

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