Hall of Honour

The Hall of Honour is the Parliament Building’s main corridor, connecting the Library of Parliament to Confederation Hall. The space bustles with the daily business of Parliament and sets the stage for the Speaker’s Parade.
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Marble Floor

The polished marble floor is a field of Missisquoi Boulder Grey marble with borders of Verde Antique serpentine. The exterior borders, bases and column pedestals are Missisquoi Black marble, as are the slender shafts of the upper arcade.

Natural Light

Natural light floods in through clerestory windows, providing soft illumination to the 10 arched bays of the corridor. The arches and walls are built of Tyndall limestone and covered in densely carved bosses and other decorations.
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Carvings and Reliefs

Intricate carvings and reliefs cover almost every space. There’s the Great Seal of the Province of Canada, which preceded Confederation, and the Dominion Memorial, which was a gift to Canada from Canadians living in the United States to mark 60 years of Confederation. Newer carvings, such as the emblems of the House of Commons and the Senate, are also prominently featured.

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Nurses' Memorial

The space features the Nurses’ Memorial, carved from Carrera marble and dedicated to the nursing sisters who gave their lives in service to Canada during the First World War.

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