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e-4500 (Information and privacy)

Initiated by peter devita from Richmond Hill, Ontario

Original language of petition: English

Petition to the Government of Canada

  • The parliamentary report on cyber security and national security concerns, made public in February 2023;
  • Such concerns are partly addressed in Bill C-26, dealing with cyber systems security, now before the House of Commons;
  • Cyber security will inevitably require international agreements that the federal government is in a better position than the provinces to negotiate;
  • Such international agreements will be better informed by having a cyber system security licensing body to directly advise the federal government; and,
  • Canada must act to address these cyber concerns to ensure that we have a trustworthy and competent workforce of cyber professionals who can protect our national infrastructure and national interests, including those of public safety;
  • The recent royal assent given to the Immigration Consultants Act establishes a precedent for creating a professional licensing organization covering federal government jurisdiction; and, recognizing that cyber security is part of communications, a federal responsibility;
  • Professional self-governance is unique to Canada with well-established long-standing principles; and
  • It is therefore appropriate for the federal government to create such a federal licensing body for cyber system security professional in Canada;
We, the undersigned, concerned citizens of Canada,, call upon the Government of Canada to create a licensing body for cyber system security professionals with delegated authority from the federal government to regulate Canadian cyber security practices.
Open for signature
July 4, 2023, at 9:48 a.m. (EDT)
Closed for signature
November 1, 2023, at 9:48 a.m. (EDT)
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Windsor West
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