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e-399 (E-Commerce)

Petition to the Government of Canada

  • Canada’s current de minimis level of $20 is grossly below that of other industrialized countries;
  • Canadians who spend more than $20 shopping online outside of Canada are paying the government up to 30% duty and tax penalties on their purchases;
  • Canadians who are able to cross the border to shop in person are permitted up to $800 in purchases without incurring duty and tax penalties while those who rely on online shopping are unfairly penalized for purchases as low as $20;
  • Raising the de minimis threshold to $200 CAD would bring direct economic benefits to Canadian consumers and businesses and bring Canada in line with the online economies of other industrialized countries; and
  • On March 11, 2016, the United States increased their own de minimis level to $800;
We, the undersigned, citizens of Canada, call upon the Government of Canada to increase Canada’s de minimis level from $20 to $200 which will help middle class Canadians by lowering prices on goods, increasing product options for Canadians, and will lead to a more innovative and accessible product market for Canadians.
Government response tabled on December 7, 2016 (Sessional Paper No. 8545-421-94-01)
Open for signature
June 16, 2016, at 6:04 p.m. (EDT)
Closed for signature
October 14, 2016, at 6:04 p.m. (EDT)
Presented to the House of Commons
Sonia Sidhu (Brampton South)
October 24, 2016 (Petition No. 421-00799)
Government response tabled
December 7, 2016
Photo - Sonia Sidhu
Brampton South
Liberal Caucus