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441-01236 (Social affairs and equality)

Paper petition

Original language of petition: English

Petition to the Government of Canada


  • Every Canadian has a right to a safe and affordable place to call home;
  • The Canadian government legislated the recognition of housing as a human right;
  • The Canadian government launched its first-ever National Housing Strategy with a more than $72 billion investment; and
  • Budget 2022 earmarked a historic $14 billion investment to double the construction of new housing this decade.

We, the undersigned, residents of Kingston and the islands, call upon the Government of Canada to continue investing in affordable housing and improve housing outcomes for all Canadians, including members of this community.

Response by the Minister of Housing and Diversity and Inclusion

Signed by (Minister or Parliamentary Secretary): Soraya Martinez Ferrada

The Government of Canada thanks the petitioners from Kingston and the Islands for sharing their concerns about the right to housing as fundamental human right.

Our Government strongly believes that all Canadians should have access to safe and affordable housing. That is why we introduced Canada’s first ever National Housing Strategy (NHS) and passed a legislation to make sure future governments do the same. The National Housing Strategy  is an $82-billion plan that sets ambitious targets to ensure that unprecedented investments and new programming deliver results.

The National Housing Strategy Act (the Act) that came into force in July 2019 and represents an historic milestone for housing in Canada. The Act sets out a housing policy that recognizes the right to adequate housing as a fundamental human right affirmed in international law.

The Act requires the federal government to maintain a national housing strategy to further the housing policy, taking into account key principles of a human rights-based approach to housing. The Act creates a Federal Housing Advocate and establishes a National Housing Council. Together, they will help identify systemic barriers to accessing affordable housing and advise the Government on housing policy in Canada.

The National Housing Council provides advice to the Minister of Housing and Diversity and Inclusion, including on the effectiveness of the National Housing Strategy, with the aim of improving housing outcomes. The members of the National Housing Council were appointed on November 22, 2020. For more information on the members and the mandate of the National Housing Council, please visit

The Federal Housing Advocate monitors the implementation of the government’s housing policy and its progress in meeting goals and timelines set out in the NHS. On February 4, 2022, the Minister of Housing and Diversity and Inclusion announced that Marie-Josée Houle will be Canada’s first Federal Housing Advocate for a 3-year term.

The NHS Act provides important opportunities for persons experiencing housing needs or homelessness and communities affected by systemic housing issues to have their voices heard through the Federal Housing Advocate, the National Housing Council. 

Our government is committed to working in collaboration with the National Housing Council and the Federal Housing Advocate to ensure the right to a safe and affordable place to call home becomes a reality for all Canadians.   

Rest assured our government is working to ensure that every Canadian has a safe and affordable place to call home by expanding Canada’s housing supply and continuing to advance our investments in affordable housing.

Presented to the House of Commons
Mark Gerretsen (Kingston and the Islands)
March 29, 2023 (Petition No. 441-01236)
Government response tabled
May 12, 2023
Photo - Mark Gerretsen
Kingston and the Islands
Liberal Caucus

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