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cover (radiator)

cover (radiator)

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Artists Bromsgrove Guild (Canada) Limited (manufacturer)
Materials wood, walnut wood, ebony metal, brass
Dimensions (cm) 152.5 (Length)41.5 (Width)79.3 (Height)
Functions Household accessory
Barcode 601372
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Bromsgrove Guild

The Bromsgrove Guild of Applied Arts was founded in 1898 in Worcestershire, England, by a group of artisans associated with the Arts and Crafts movement. In the early 20th century, the guild established branches in major centres in England and Scotland. In 1911, it opened a workshop in Montreal, which was managed by architect E. Lawrence Wren and staffed mostly by British artisans. The Bromsgrove Guild (Canada), Ltd., specialized in handcrafted furniture and plaster models used for carving or casting. Among the company’s major commissions was an order for furniture and architectural sculptures for the Saskatchewan legislature building.