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chair (Speaker's)
1887-1891 The Honourable J-A. Ouimet

chair (Speaker's)
1887-1891 The Honourable J-A. Ouimet

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chair (Speaker's)
Artists Chief Architect's Office, DPW (designer) Morel and Gagnon (manufacturer)
Date 1887/04/13
Hon.J.A. Ouimet
Materials wood, oak fibre, velvet glass
Personal Names Joseph-Aldéric Ouimet (House of Commons)
Styles Gothic Revival
Period Designations Victorian
Dimensions (cm) 75.0 (Length)60.5 (Width)186.5 (Height)
Functions Furniture Ceremonial artifact
Barcode 604267
Speaker’s “throne”

Until 1921, outgoing Commons Speakers were presented their Speaker’s “throne,” when they left office. This particular chair was used by Speaker J-A. Ouimet.

The colossal chair continues the Gothic style of Parliament and its interiors, and the green cushions suits the Commons chamber. The frame is carved with heraldry and other symbols of Canada, from the arched top to the glass balls of its feet.

In 1992, the Ouimet family donated it to the House of Commons. Had the pre-1921 tradition not existed, this chair might have been lost in the fire that destroyed Parliament in 1916.