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Vote No. 64

41st Parliament, 2nd Session
Ms. Nash (Parkdale—High Park)
Budgetary policy (amendment)

That the motion be amended by deleting all the words after the word “That” and substituting the following:

“this House not approve the budgetary policy of the government as it:

(a) fails to take any meaningful action to create jobs while 1.3 million Canadians are unemployed;

(b) refuses to work cooperatively with the provinces on federal transfers, skills training, and infrastructure funding;

(c) does nothing to cap ATM fees, crack down on payday lenders or rein in credit card rates;

(d) does not introduce a youth hiring and training tax credit to combat soaring youth unemployment;

(e) threatens to unilaterally impose the Canada Job Grant over the unanimous objection of the provinces;

(f) pushes ahead with office closures and cuts to veterans’ services;

(g) repeats previous governments’ misuse of EI funds; and

(h) slashes billions of dollars from the health care plans of Canadian public service retirees.”
See the published vote in the Journals of Tuesday, February 25, 2014
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