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M-123 National clean energy strategy

42nd Parliament, 1st Session

Motion Text

That, in the opinion of the House, the government should work in collaboration with the provinces, territories, municipalities, Aboriginal communities, and public and private sector energy providers to establish, develop, and implement a national clean energy strategy that: (a) explores the feasibility of generating 100% of Canada’s primary energy supply needs from renewable sources including hydroelectricity, wind, waves, tidal, solar and geothermal power; (b) uses the information from (a) to establish a realistic target for the proportion of Canada’s primary energy supply to be generated through the use of renewable energy sources by 2050; (c) establishes a plan to increase the proportion of primary energy generated from renewable energy sources in Canada from its current level of 18% to the target established in (b); (d) ensures that Canadian workers and businesses are best positioned to take advantage of the opportunities created through the plan in (c); (e) explores how Canada can become a leading clean energy exporter; and (f) takes into account the unique needs and energy priorities of different regions, including British Columbia.

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