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INAN Committee News Release

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Standing Committee on Indigenous and Northern Affairs
House of Commons / Chambre des communes
Comité permanent des affaires autochtones et du Nord

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House of Commons Committee Tables its Report Entitled “Reclaiming, Revitalizing, Maintaining and Strengthening Indigenous Languages in Canada”

Ottawa, June 16, 2023 -

In December 2022, the House of Commons Standing Committee on Indigenous and Northern Affairs began a study on Indigenous languages in Canada. Over the course of four meetings, the committee heard from 21 witnesses, including experts, community leaders, Elders and residential school survivors.

Today, Ms. Jenica Atwin, Member of Parliament for Fredericton, New Brunswick, and Chair of the committee, presented a report entitled “Reclaiming, Revitalizing, Maintaining and Strengthening Indigenous Languages in Canada.”

Language loss is not only a cultural loss; it is also detrimental to a people’s identity, well-being and health. It is thus imperative for Canada to act swiftly. The report discusses the current state and the importance of Indigenous languages. It also provides an overview of recent developments in the country and explores the various challenges and barriers to the revitalization of Indigenous languages.

Based on what it heard, the committee is recommending, among other things, that the Government of Canada:

  • ensure that national strategies and action plans related to Indigenous languages are flexible;
  • empower Indigenous-led processes and decision-making with respect to the reclamation, revitalization, maintenance and strengthening of Indigenous languages;
  • provide funding for Indigenous-led research related to Indigenous languages;
  • remove administrative obstacles hindering access to funding;
  • prepare amendments to strengthen the Indigenous Languages Act;
  • take immediate action to ensure the provision of adequate, long-term, and distinctions-based funding; and
  • work with Indigenous partners, the provinces and the territories to determine how to best reconcile Canada’s official bilingualism with the recognition that Indigenous languages are the first languages of this land.

The committee wishes to thank the witnesses who participated in this study and all those who submitted written briefs. Parliamentary studies such as this one would not be possible without the invaluable contribution of Indigenous communities, organizations, governments, experts, and members of the public. The committee was particularly moved and humbled by having the privilege of hearing many witnesses speak in their Indigenous language during this study.

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For more information, please contact:
Vanessa Davies, clerk of the Standing Committee on Indigenous and Northern Affairs
Tel: 613-996-1173