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CAAM Committee Report

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List of Recommendations


As a result of their deliberations committees may make recommendations which they include in their reports for the consideration of the House of Commons or the Government. Recommendations related to this study are listed below.

Recommendation 1

That the Government of Canada encourage Enbridge Inc. and the State of Michigan to resolve the dispute between them concerning the Line 5 pipeline through a negotiated or mediated settlement. The Government should convey to relevant parties that such a settlement is in their interests, and would benefit Canadians and Americans more generally.

Recommendation 2

That the Government of Canada continue to engage with relevant stakeholders in both Canada and the United States concerning the Line 5 pipeline. In its engagement with U.S. decisionmakers, the Government should emphasize the importance of Line 5’s continued operation for secure energy supplies, jobs and economic activity in both countries. Regarding domestic engagement, the Government should pursue an inclusive approach that gathers input from a broad range of organizations and individuals, including Indigenous Peoples.

Recommendation 3

That, based on the information currently available to the Special Committee, the Government of Canada file an amicus curiae brief if a negotiated or mediated settlement permitting the continued operation of Line 5 is not reached between Enbridge, Inc. and the State of Michigan prior to the date by which such briefs must be filed. The brief should set out Canada’s legal position with respect to the operation of pipelines that cross international boundaries, including but not limited to advising the court of any rights set out in bilateral or multilateral treaties or agreements, including the 1977 Agreement between the Government Of Canada and the Government of the United States Of America Concerning Transit Pipelines.

Recommendations 4

That the Prime Minister of Canada and his Ministers pursue frequent and direct dialogue on the issue of Line 5 with the U.S. President and his administration, in an attempt to resolve this dispute diplomatically as soon as possible.

Recommendation 5

That, in light of the external threat posed to Line 5’s continued operation, the Government of Canada should evaluate other possible vulnerabilities to Canada’s critical energy infrastructure and supply chains, and develop contingency plans to ensure that Canadian interests are protected in the event of disruptions.

Recommendation 6

That the Government of Canada work with industry to develop contingency plans designed to ensure that Canadian oil and gas products will continue to be delivered in a timely fashion to the Canadian refineries and industries that rely on the Line 5 pipeline should an interruption to Line 5’s service occur.

Recommendation 7

That members of the Parliament of Canada and other Canadian elected officials engage with members of the U.S. Congress and other U.S. elected officials in order to advise them of the importance to both Canada and the United States of the continued operation of Line 5 and that the Canada–United States Inter-Parliamentary Group be involved in such efforts.