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CIMM Committee Report

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Organizations and Individuals

Hanson, Simeon

Joseph, Ameil J.

Larlee, Peter D.

Montoya, Felipe

Scott, Macdonald

Tabbara, Marwan, M.P., Kitchener South — Hespeler

Tufford, Alex

Withers, A.J.

Canadian Association for Community Living

Canadian Bar Association

Canadian HIV/AIDS Legal Network

Caregivers' Action Centre

Centre for Israel and Jewish Affairs

Chinese and Southeast Asian Legal Clinic

Community Living Kingston and District

Council of Canadians with Disabilities

Disability Positive

Government of British Columbia

Government of New Brunswick

Government of Newfoundland and Labrador

Government of Nunavut

Government of Saskatchewan

Government of Yukon

HIV & AIDS Legal Clinic Ontario

Jordan Battista LLP

Migrant Workers Alliance for Change

Ontario Council of Agencies Serving Immigrants

PooranLaw Professional Corporation

South Asian Legal Clinic of Ontario