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CIIT Committee News Release

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Standing Committee on International Trade
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Comité permanent du commerce international

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House of Commons Standing Committee on International Trade Releases Report on Multiculturalism and International Trade

Ottawa, May 03, 2018 -

Today, the House of Commons Standing Committee on International Trade presented its report entitled Multiculturalism: Its Contribution to Canada’s International Trade and Investment Activities. The report summarizes the viewpoints of witnesses who spoke to the Committee during its study, which focused on immigrants to Canada and their descendants.

In particular, in addition to describing the trade and investment promotion activities of binational chambers of commerce and associations of businesses and professionals, witnesses identified opportunities to increase trade and investment between Canada and specific countries and regions. As well, they discussed federal support for international trade and investment, and spoke about challenges that make it difficult for Canada’s firms to hire skilled immigrants, or that impede immigrants’ ability to find jobs that match their qualifications and skills.

“For generations, entrepreneurial immigrants to Canada have established and operated firms that do business internationally. Often, these individuals maintain strong familial and business ties with their countries of origin. Certainly, these ties can help Canada to increase and diversify its international trade and investment activities,” said the Honourable Mark Eyking, P.C., M.P., Chair of the Committee.

Mr. Eyking concluded: “This report highlights how immigrant entrepreneurs, and their descendants, contribute to Canada’s international trade and investment relations. The Committee hopes that the report will help the Government of Canada to advance its understanding of these contributions, and ensure that its policies support the international trade and investment activities of immigrants to Canada and their children.”

The Committee’s report can be accessed on its website.

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