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CHPC Committee News Release

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Standing Committee on Canadian Heritage
House of Commons / Chambre des communes
Comité permanent du patrimoine canadien

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A Vision for Cultural Hubs and Districts in Canada

Ottawa, October 01, 2018 -

Today, Julie Dabrusin, Chair of the House of Commons Standing Committee on Canadian Heritage, tabled the Committee’s report entitled A Vision for Cultural Hubs and Districts in Canada. The report examines the economic impacts of cultural hubs and districts, their effects on arts and culture in Canada, the role they play in city building, and how the federal government can foster and support their development.

In its report, the Committee makes 18 recommendations to the Government of Canada, including that it:

• Support research and data collection for the development of cultural hubs and districts;

• Study the benefits of cultural hubs regarding the protection and promotion of Indigenous languages and cultures;

• Study the impacts of cultural districts, such as gentrification, in order to adopt measures to encourage affordable housing and artistic spaces in cultural districts;

• Study the possibility of converting vacant historical buildings, including former post offices and government buildings, into cultural hubs.

During its study, which took place from 13 February to 1 May 2018, the Committee held eight meetings, heard from 53 witnesses and received eleven briefs. The Committee heard from representatives from Canadian cultural hubs and districts and academics, as well as from government officials.

Witness testimony and a link to the report can be found on the Parliament of Canada website at:

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