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FINA Committee News Release

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Standing Committee on Finance
House of Commons / Chambre des communes
Comité permanent des finances

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Ottawa, June 07, 2013 -

Today, the House of Commons Standing Committee on Finance launched its annual pre-budget consultation process, which will result in a report being tabled in the House of Commons in December 2013.

“I am very pleased to be announcing the 2013 pre-budget consultations,” said Mr. James Rajotte, M.P. for Edmonton-Leduc and Chair of the House Finance Committee. “This year’s consultation process will build on what our Committee has learned in previous years of study. All Canadians are invited to participate in the online, broad consultation, an innovation our Committee first launched in 2012. Subsequently, pre-budget hearings, focused on 6 specific themes identified by our Committee, will be held in the fall.”

The site at which Canadians can contribute their ideas online opened today and will be open until August 5, 2013. Individuals and groups are invited to identify – and give information about – up to three recommendations for the Finance Committee to review. Suggestions on areas of focus for recommendation, including which topics fall under federal jurisdiction, can be found on the Committee pre-budget online portal. (See Appendix A).

For each pre-budget submission, information is being requested in five areas. The Committee urges individuals and groups to be as complete and as precise as possible in providing information about:

  • the recommendation
  • the expected cost or savings resulting from implementation of the recommendation
  • the manner in which the federal government could fund the recommendation
  • groups of individuals, sectors or regions that would benefit from, or be harmed by, implementation of the recommendation
  • general impacts that would result from implementation of the recommendation.

Only one submission per individual or group can be made at: Those who are not able to access the Internet and are thereby unable to contribute online should contact the Clerk of the House Finance Committee for assistance in determining another means by which to provide their thoughts and ideas.

Completed templates will be uploaded to the Committee’s website following translation. The submission will also be circulated to all members of the House Finance Committee.

Additionally, the Committee will be holding hearings beginning in the fall, on the following topics:

  1. Focusing on fiscal sustainability and economic growth
  2. Helping vulnerable Canadians, including Aboriginal Canadians, youth, persons with a disability and newcomers
  3. Supporting research and innovation, including through tax incentives
  4. Ensuring prosperous and secure rural and urban communities
  5. Improving government efficiency, including through reducing red tape
  6. Maximizing employment opportunities for Canadians.

Mr. Rajotte concluded: “I very much look forward to the thoughts and suggestions from Canadians about their priorities and hopes for the federal budget in 2014. We always receive a wide range of innovative ideas, and I know that I speak on behalf of all Committee members in saying that we are looking forward to the submissions this year.”

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For more information, please contact:
Christine Lafrance, Clerk of the Standing Committee on Finance
Tel: 613-992-9753