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FINA Committee News Release

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Taxing to Prosper: Canada's System of Taxes, Fees and Other Charges

Ottawa, February 07, 2008 -

Today, the House of Commons Standing Committee on Finance released its 2007 pre-budget consultation report entitled Taxing to Prosper: Canada’s System of Taxes, Fees and Other Charges. The report contains 37 recommendations.

“On behalf of Committee members, I want to take this opportunity to thank all Canadians, businesses and groups who took the time to share with us their thoughts and requests related to the upcoming federal budget. Particular thanks are due to those who commented on the identified pre-budget themes. Each year, we are struck by the range of innovative ideas that are brought to our attention during our consultations, and we are very grateful for everyone’s invaluable participation,” said Mr. Rob Merrifield, M.P., Chair of the Committee.

Mr. Merrifield continued: “We also urge all interested individuals, businesses and stakeholder groups to visit the Committee’s website in the spring for information about our consultations for 2008.”

The Committees’s 2007 pre-budget report is available at:

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For more information, please contact:
Mr. Rob Merrifield, Chair, House Finance Committee: 613-992-1653
Mr. Jean-François Pagé, Clerk, House Finance Committee: 613-992-9753