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The Debates are the report—transcribed, edited, and corrected—of what is said in the House. The Journals are the official record of the decisions and other transactions of the House. The Order Paper and Notice Paper contains the listing of all items that may be brought forward on a particular sitting day, and notices for upcoming items.

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Notice Paper

No. 171

Thursday, June 14, 2007

10:00 a.m.

Introduction of Government Bills

June 13, 2007 — The Minister of Natural Resources — Bill entitled “An Act respecting civil liability and compensation for damage in case of a nuclear incident”.
(Pursuant to Standing Order 79(2))
Her Excellency the Governor General recommends to the House of Commons the appropriation of public revenue under the circumstances, in the manner and for the purposes set out in a measure entitled “An Act respecting civil liability and compensation for damage in case of a nuclear incident”.

Introduction of Private Members' Bills

June 13, 2007 — Mr. Julian (Burnaby—New Westminster) — Bill entitled “An Act to amend the Federal Courts Act (international promotion and protection of human rights)”.

Notices of Motions (Routine Proceedings)

June 13, 2007 — Mr. Bigras (Rosemont—La Petite-Patrie) — That the Eighth Report of the Standing Committee on Environment and Sustainable Development, presented on Wednesday, June 13, 2007, be concurred in.
Debate — limited to 3 hours, pursuant to Standing Order 66(2).
Voting — not later than the expiry of the time provided for debate.


Q-2792 — June 13, 2007 — Mr. Angus (Timmins—James Bay) — With respect to the use of nuclear power and the Alberta oil sands: (a) what is the government’s position on the use of nuclear power to extract oil; (b) what studies and evaluations have been prepared, requested or commissioned by the government; (c) what individuals, department or organization undertook these studies; (d) what is the cost of these studies; (e) what are the findings and recommendations of these studies; (f) what recommendations does the government agree with; (g) what are the dates of publication or submission, and titles of each of these studies; (h) what environmental assessments have been undertaken with respect to the use of nuclear power in the oil sands and what are the findings and recommendations of these studies; (i) what studies have been undertaken concerning the disposal and containment of nuclear waste arising from power plants that are expected to be constructed in the future; (j) what marketing strategies related to the construction of nuclear power plants have been received by the government from oil and gas companies, including but not limited to Royal Dutch Shell PLC and Energy Alberta Corp; (k) what is the earliest date construction of a nuclear power plant could start; (l) what locations are being considered for construction; and (m) what is the estimated cost of construction for any power plants under consideration?
Q-2802 — June 13, 2007 — Mr. Angus (Timmins—James Bay) — With respect to the National Crime Prevention Centre funding over the past five fiscal years (2003-2004 through 2007-2008): (a) what was the total allocation of grants in each year; (b) which groups, individuals, or organizations received funding and in what amount in each year; (c) what groups applied for, but were denied funding in each year; (d) how have the criteria for eligibility changed in these years; (e) what studies has the government done to assess the success or failure of this program over these years; (f) how have applications been processed by the government in each year; (g) are any applications sent to the Prime Minister’s Office for consideration and, if so, under what circumstances; and (h) what role does the Minister play in the approval process?
Q-281 — June 13, 2007 — Mr. D'Amours (Madawaska—Restigouche) — For the fiscal years 2004-2005 to 2008-2009 for the Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency: (a) what is or was, if any, the total budget for grants and contributions; (b) what is or was, if any, the total amount of funding approved as grants and contributions; and (c) for previous fiscal years, what was the total amount of funding awarded as grants and contributions?

Notices of Motions for the Production of Papers

Business of Supply

Government Business

Private Members' Notices of Motions

M-351 — June 13, 2007 — Mr. Storseth (Westlock—St. Paul) — That, in the opinion of the House, the government should demonstrate a leadership role within the international community to work towards an international treaty banning the unhumanitarian use, production, and distribution of harmful cluster munitions which threaten innocent civilians around the world.

Private Members' Business

C-428 — May 30, 2007 — Resuming consideration of the motion of Mr. Warkentin (Peace River), seconded by Mr. Epp (Edmonton—Sherwood Park), — That Bill C-428, An Act to amend the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act (methamphetamine), be now read a second time and referred to the Standing Committee on Justice and Human Rights.
Debate — 1 hour remaining, pursuant to Standing Order 93(1).
Voting — at the expiry of the time provided for debate, pursuant to Standing Order 93(1).

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