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TRAN Committee Meeting

Notices of Meeting include information about the subject matter to be examined by the committee and date, time and place of the meeting, as well as a list of any witnesses scheduled to appear. The Evidence is the edited and revised transcript of what is said before a committee. The Minutes of Proceedings are the official record of the business conducted by the committee at a sitting.

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Meeting No. 8
Tuesday, March 30, 2004

The Standing Committee on Transport met at 11:07 a.m. this day, in Room 371 West Block, the Chair, Raymond Bonin, presiding.


Members of the Committee present: Rex Barnes, Raymond Bonin, John Cannis, Bev Desjarlais, Charles Hubbard, Ovid Jackson, Christian Jobin, Mario Laframboise, Alan Tonks and Lynne Yelich.


Acting Members present: Gérard Binet for Jim Karygiannis.


In attendance: Library of Parliament: John Christopher, Analyst.

The Committee proceeded to the consideration of matters related to Committee business.

By unanimous consent, it was agreed, — That the motion on transcripts of in camera meetings adopted on February 17, 2004 be amended to read as follows: That one copy of the transcript of all in camera meetings be kept in the Committee Clerk’s office for consultation by members of the Committee.


Mario Laframboise moved, — That proposed changes to the Canadian Aviation Regulations that would reduce the number of flight attendants required on large commercial aircraft be set aside until such time as this Committee is satisfied that passenger safety will not be unacceptably put at risk.

Debate arose thereon.


It was agreed, — That the consideration of the motion of Mario Laframboise on the Canadian Aviation Regulations be suspended until after the appearance of the key bureaucrats from Transport Canada involved in this issue on the first Tuesday, following the Easter break.


By unanimous consent, it was agreed, — That the key bureaucrats involved in the issue of the Canadian Aviation Regulations be invited to appear before the Committee on the Tuesday following the two weeks Easter break, to inform the Committee and answer questions on the Aviation Regulations, and that no changes should be made to the existing regulations, prior to this appearance before the Committee.


By unanimous consent, it was agreed, — That the Committee do request that the information and documentation pertaining to the Flight Attendants Regulations be made available to the whole Committee prior to the appearance of the key bureaucrats scheduled for Tuesday, April 20, 2004.


At 11:55 a.m., the Committee adjourned to the call of the Chair.


Georges Etoka
Clerk of the Committee

2004/03/31 2:34 p.m.