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The Hansard Index is the key to information about what is said by Members of Parliament in the House of Commons during the 37th Parliament, 1st Session. The subject entries will either provide reference to a page number or, a combination of page number followed by the issue sitting number and time checks in the daily Hansard.

To use the Index, select one of the alphabetical ranges below. When you have located your subject entry, click on the numbers within brackets to access the relevant text in the Debates. You may also use the “Publication Search” tool for content published after January 2001.

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37th Parliament, 1st Session   (January 29, 2001 - September 16, 2002)  Latest Session
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White, Ted (CA--North Vancouver)

Whitehorse, YT see Environment--Yukon Territory

Whitehorse accord see Agriculture

Whiteshell see Nuclear waste

Whitmore, Peter see Sex offenders/pedophiles

WHO see World Health Organization (WHO)

Wickenheiser, Hayley

    >>Female hockey player, Shaunavon, SK, contribution to community, tribute, S.O. 31, 1716(29:1415)

Widows see Workers compensation--Saskatchewan government tax free payments to widows

Wild Animal and Plant Protection and Regulation of International and Interprovincial Trade Act (amdt.)(Bill C-446)--Martin, K.

    >>First reading, 10671(173:1715)
    >>See also Species at risk (endangered species)--Trafficking, Combatting

Wild deer see Elk--Chronic wasting disease

Wild plants see Western prairie fringed orchid

Wild Rose constituency

    >>Liberal Party support, low, 1786(30:1310)
    >>Thompson, M., thanking constituents, 1786(30:1310)


    >>Sale of wildlife or wildlife parts without license or permit, criminal offence, endangered species factor, 1463(25:1205), 11472-8(186:1730-1830) 13013-6(211:1300-15)
    >>>See also Criminal Code (amdt.--selling wildlife)(Bill C-292)
    >>See also Bears; Birds; Buffalo; Caribou; Elk; Fish; Foot and mouth disease; Kootenay National Park--Highway; Marine conservation areas--Environmental; Mice; Moose; National parks; Nunavut--Land claims agreement of 1993, Environmental protection factor; Pesticides; Species at risk (endangered species); Waterfowl; Wolves;

Wildlife areas see National wildlife areas

Wildlife management see Moose

Wildlife sanctuaries see Animals--Humane societies

Wilfert, Bryon (Lib.--Oak Ridges; Parliamentary Secretary to Minister of Finance as of February 21, 2002)

William Head Institution see Penitentiaries--Mission Institution

William Kilbourn Award see Appel, Bluma--2001 Toronto Arts Awards

Williams, John (CA--St. Albert)

Williams Lake, BC see British Columbia Winter Games

Willow Cree Educational Complex

    >>Heritage fair, students, Jeannine Gardipy, Yvonne Cameron, regional awards, Trevor Cameron, finalist award, S.O. 31, 12600(204:1405)

Wilson, Suzanne see Millennium projects

Wind chill index see Weather forecasting

Wind energy

Window tax see Taxation

Windsor, NS see Hockey

Windsor, ON

    >>Ojibway industrial site, preserving for community, petitions, 3939(60:1220)
    >>See also Border, Canada-United States--Security--Windsor, ON-Detroit, MI crossing; Marine transportation--Safety factors, measures, Accidents; Pesticides--Cosmetic use; Public transit

Windsor, ON airport see Air transportation security--Increase, Passenger surcharge; Airports--Service fees charged to passengers

Windsor Casino see Employment insurance--Benefits, United States

Windsor--St. Clair constituency

    >>Comartin, thanking constituents, 1235(22:1345)

Windsor West constituency see House of Commons vacancies; Masse--References; Members of Parliament--Certificate of election, Masse

Wine industry

    >>Excise taxes/production levy
    >>>Bottle your own wine businesses, 10950-1(178:1630-5)
    >>>Small vineyards, exemption, 10042-3(162:1245), 10127-8(164:1055-1100), 10146(164:1530), 10954(178:1705), 10958(178:1730), 11011-2(179:1505-10)
    >>Government expenditures, domestic, foreign, r.o., 9792(159:1010)
    >>Grape varieties, increased availability/extending grape growing areas, petitions, 10094(163:1525)
    >>Ice wine, Europe, importing, o.q., 1409(24:1455), 1774(30:1150), 3216(49:1440)
    >>Ontario wine industry, excellence, S.O. 31, 6191-2(95:1400)
    >>Trade mission to Texas, government serving French, Californian wine, not British Columbian wine, S.O. 31, 9021(145:1410)
    >>See also Embassies and consulates--Canadian embassies and consulates; Ontario Wine Awards

Wing Construction see Sagkeeng Indian Band

Winners Canada see Retail industry--Retail Council of Canada

Winnipeg Centre constituency see Child/family poverty; Employment insurance--Changes

Winnipeg Commodity Exchange see Stock exchanges--Cited

Winnipeg International Children's Festival

    >>20th anniversary, S.O. 31, 12526(203:1410)

Winnipeg, MB see Aboriginal peoples/communities; Banks and financial institution--Branch closures--Inner city communities; Buhler Industries Inc.; Canadian Armed Forces--Aircraft, CF-18; Greenhouse gas emissions (climate change/global warming)--Reducing, Federal-provincial energy and environment ministers meeting; Infrastructure Canada Program--Arena--Philippine Canadian Centre; International Institute for Sustainable Development; Jewish Child and Family Services; Royal Canadian Mint--Coin plating facility; VIA Rail Canada Inc.--Northern Ontario service--Winnipeg, MB-Toronto, ON service; Virology laboratories; Youth gangs

Winnipeg South Centre constituency

    >>Axworthy, Hon. Lloyd, former Member, tribute, 123(4:1620)
    >>Commitment, Neville, 123-4(4:1620-5)

Winter tourism see Tourism industry--Algoma-Manitoulin constituency

Winterlude 2001

    >>Ottawa, ON, snow sculpture contest
    >>>Alberta entrants, congratulating, S.O. 31, 468(10:1100)
    >>>Quebec entrants, winners, S.O. 31, 870(16:1405)

Wireless technology see Internet--Wireless e-mail; Marconi, Guglielmo; Nortel Networks Corporation--China Unicom wireless network contract; Sierra Wireless Inc.

Wiretaps see Drug smuggling/trafficking--Combatting; Terrorism/terrorists, combatting--Electronic surveillance

Wirz, Kasper see Paralympics, 2002 Winter Games (Salt Lake City, United States), S.O. 31, 10452(169:1410)

Withholding taxes see Income tax agreements, conventions and treaties

Witness Protection Program

    >>Extending to include abused spouses, 483(10:1215)
    >>>See also Witness Protection Program Act (amdt.--protection of spouses whose life is in danger)(Bill C-258)

Witness Protection Program Act (amdt.--protection of spouses whose life is in danger)(Bill C-258)--Hill, J.

    >>First reading, 483(10:1215)
    >>See also Witness Protection Program

Witnesses see Justice system--Criminal proceedings

WNED Steuben Canadian Arts Award see Gatenby, Greg


    >>Algonquin red wolf, hunting, moratorium, 10445-6(169:1325-30)
    >>See also Species at risk (endangered species)--Habitat preservation, Compensation


    >>Association féminine d'education et d'action sociale, Quebec, women's rights organization, S.O. 31, 9946(161:1400), 9948(161:1410)
    >>Affected by international armed conflict/war
    >>>Preventing, 171(5:1245)
    >>>See also Afghanistan
    >>Economic development, contribution, S.O. 31, 1239(22:1410)
    >>Discrimination, combatting, Throne Speech omission, 59(3:1755), 186(5:1420)
    >>Health, Women, Income and Health in Manitoba, Women's Health Clinic, Winnipeg, MB report, S.O. 31, 9020(145:1405)
    >>Injustices of federal system, 82-3(4:1155)
    >>Rights, World March of Women
    >>>Awareness, raising, S.O. 31, 1401(24:1415)
    >>>Demands, meeting, 371(8:1725)
    >>>>1st anniversary, government action, status, o.q., 6935(109:1500)
    >>Senior citizens, poverty level, guaranteed income supplement criteria, amending, Cercle des fermières du Québec recommendation, S.O. 31, 3210(49:1410)
    >>Status, Liberal governments, advancing, record, S.O. 31, 154(5:1110)
    >>Trafficking, prevention, United Nations Protocol to prevent, suppress and punish traffic in persons, Canada signing, o.q., 11883(194:1455)
    >>Veterans see Veterans
    >>Violence against
    >>>>Government commitment, o.q., 12842(208:1440)
    >>>>Measures, o.q., 7965(126:1455)
    >>>>o.q., 12774(207:1440)
    >>>Day of Action Against Violence Against Women, S.O. 31, 5427(83:1105)
    >>>>See also International Day to End Violence Against Women
    >>>National Day of Remembrance and Action on Violence Against Women, December 6, anniversary of massacre at École Polytechnique, marking, tribute to victims, S.O. 31, 7954-7(126:1355-410)
    >>>>Moment of silence, 7958(126:1415)
    >>>See also Redwood Shelter
    >>See also Afghanistan--Reconstruction; Bread and roses poverty march (May 26, 1995); Cabinet Ministers; Canada Foundation for Sustainable Development Technology; Canadian Armed Forces; Canadian Women in Communications; Caregivers; Carol Anne Letheren International Sport Leadership Award; Chinese Women Entrepreneurs Association; Elections--Proportional representation--Minority groups; Employment insurance--Eligibility--Women; Farmers/farms; Free Trade Area of the Americas; Government appointments; HIV/AIDS; Housing--Rental housing; Humanitarian/emergency aid; Immigration; International Women's Day; Judges; La Fédération des femmes du Québec; Members of Parliament; Old age security--Benefits; Political parties; Political process/system; Poverty; Public safety; Reproductive and genetic technologies; Rotman Canadian Woman Entrepreneur of the Year Awards; Ruest, Andrée; Senate--Appointments; Single parents; Sports; Summit of the Americas Peoples Summit (April 2001, Quebec City, QC)--Forums; Terrorism/terrorists, combatting--Anti-terrorism Act (Bill C-36); Volunteers; Women's History Month

Women, Income and Health in Manitoba see Women--Health

Women of Distiction Awards see Ruest, Andrée

Women of the Year Awards

    >>Kitchener-Waterloo Oktoberfest, honouring, S.O. 31, 6518(101:1405)

Women's Health Clinic see Women--Health

Women's History Month

    >>Fédération nationale Saint-Jean-Baptiste, Young Women's Christian Association, historical volunteer efforts, tribute, S.O. 31, 6658(104:1400)

Women's Institute

    >>Thornton Branch, 100th anniversary, S.O. 31, 11221-2(183:1400)

Women's Resistance Conference see United States--"MOst dangerous and powerful global force

Women's Royal Canadian Naval Service (WRENS)

    >>60th anniversary of founding, tributes, S.O. 31, 12951(210:1400)

Women's Rugby World Cup see Rugby

Women's World Cup Race see Cycling

Women's World Hockey Championships 2004 see Hockey

Wood see Forest industry; Lumber industry

Wood, Bob (Lib.--Nipissing)

    >>Broadcasting Act (amdt.)(Bill S-7), 7636-7(120:1800-5)
    >>Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC), 7636-7(120:1800-5)
    >>Communications Security Establishment, o.q., 6420(99:1440)
    >>Forest industry, o.q., 3743(57:1440)
    >>Motorcycle (biker) gangs, o.q., 1524(26:1455)
    >>National Forest Week, o.q., 3743(57:1440)
    >>Observance of Two Minutes of Silence on Remembrance Day Act (Bill C-297), 9443-4(153:1120-5)
    >>Olympics, 2002 Winter Games (Salt Lake City, United States), S.O. 31, 9189(148:1355)
    >>Remembrance Day (November 11), 9443-4(153:1120-5)
    >>University research, o.q., 7713(122:1150)
    >>World War I, o.q., 8126(129:1440)
    >>World War II, o.q., 12038(197:1445)

Wood buffalo see Species at risk (endangered species)

Woodlots see Forest industry

Woodstock, ON see Curling--2001 Nokia Cup Ontario Men's Curling Championship

Woodward, Cody see United States, September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks--Canadian response, Humanitarian gestures

Work Adjustment Training

    >>Textile workers, job loss retraining program, 2527(39:1345)

Work camps see Construction industry

Work for welfare see Welfare--Provincial work for welfare programs

Work week see Employment

Workers see Labour

Workers compensation

    >>Saskatchewan government tax free payments to widows, federal government clawback under Income Tax Act
    >>>o.q., 4844(75:1145)
    >>>Petitions, 7616-7(120:1520), 8333-4(133:1510)

Working hours

    >>Eight hour day, history, 10750-1(174:1835-40)
    >>Work week, shorter, adoption
    >>>Canadian Federation of Independent Business survey, 10753-4(174:1855-1900)
    >>>Economic aspects, 10753-4(174:1850-5)
    >>>Federal-provincial jurisdiction, 10752(174:1850), 10757(174:1920)
    >>>M. (Martin, Pat), 10750-7(174:1835-1925)
    >>>>Dropped from Order Paper, 10757(174:1925)
    >>>Other countries, comparison, 10751-2(174:1845), 10753(174:1855)
    >>See also Airlines--Pilots falling asleep in cockpit; Employment--Work week; Trucking industry

Workplace health and safety see Occupational health and safety

World AIDS Day

    >>December 1, 2001, awareness, raising, S.O. 31, 7604(120:1405), 7705(122:1110)

World Asthma Day

World Athletic Championships (2001)

World Bank see Export Development Corporation (EDC)--Environmental review process

World Book and Copyright Day

    >>Books, importance
    >>>Quebec government, sales tax on books, elimination, S.O. 31, 2962(46:1410), 10715(174:1410)
    >>>S.O. 31, 10713-4(174:1355-400)

World Conference on Women and Sport

    >>Montreal, QC, May 16-19, 2002, S.O. 31, 11589(189:1405)

World Cup 2010 see Soccer

World Day Against Child Labour

    >>Malden Central Public School, Essex County, ON activities, S.O. 31, 12525(203:1410)

World Economic Forum see International competitiveness--Canadian ranking; Poverty--Developing countries

World Environment Day

World Food Day

    >>Commemorating, S.O. 31, 6192-3(95:1405)
    >>Theme, "Fight Hunger to Reduce Poverty", o.q., 6201(95:1455)

World Food Summit

    >>Canadian contribution, S.O. 31, 12601-2(204:1415)

World Habitat Day

    >>October 1, 2001, United Nations declaring, affordable/sustainable housing, promoting, S.O. 31, 5765(89:1405)

World Health Day

    >>April 7, public awareness campaign, S.O. 31, 2851(44:1400-5)

World Health Organization (WHO)

World heritage sites see Historic/heritage buildings, sites, monuments; Lake Saint-Pierre, QC

World March of Women see Poverty--Women; Women--Rights

World No-Tobacco Day

    >>May 31, Tobacco Kills--Don't be Duped, theme, S.O. 31, 4470-1(69:1400-5)
    >>World Health Organization (WHO) sponsorship, Canadian government promotional measures, o.q., 11995-6(196:1155)

World Partnership Walk

World Poetry Day

    >>March 21, United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) designating, S.O. 31, 1974-5(33:1495-10), 2165(35:1100), 9946(161:1400)

World Pond Hockey Championships see Hockey

World Press Freedom Day

World Red Cross and Red Crescent Day

    >>May 8, recognition, S.O. 31, 11375(185:1415)

World Refugee Day

    >>United Nations convention relating to refugees, 50th anniversary, S.O. 31, 4982(77:1405)

World Skills Competition

    >>Korea, Canadian students, success, S.O. 31, 6070(94:1405)

World Social Forum (Brazil, 2002)

    >>Goal, humanizing globalization, etc., S.O. 31, 9149(147:1110)

World Teachers' Day

World Theatre Day

    >>Théâtre du Nouveau Monde, Montréal, QC, 50th anniversary, S.O. 31, 2300(37:1400-5)

World Thinking Day see Girl Guides

World Trade Center see United States, September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks

World Trade Organization (WTO)

    >>Agreements, health care, education and culture, exempting, alternative globalization model, etc., 6939-40(109:1530), 9314-5(150:1635)
    >>>o.q., 8716(139:1435)
    >>>Petitions, 483(10:1220)
    >>Cessation of operations, impact on Canada-United States trade disputes
    >>>Inaccurate information, 11721(191:1205)
    >>>o.q., 11719(191:1155)
    >>China, membership, 9314(150:1630), 10775-7(175:1525-45), 10778(175:1555-600), 10870-1(177:1020)
    >>>Bloc Quebecois position, 9309-11(150:1550-605)
    >>>Canadian Alliance position, 9308-10(150:1535-55)
    >>>Canadian benefits, etc., 9306-7(150:1520-30), 9311-2(150:1605), 9315-7(150:1635-45), 10774-5(175:1520-30), 10778-81(175:1600-25), 10784-6(175:1650-705)
    >>>>o.q., 5295(81:1455-500)
    >>>New Democratic Party position, 9311-4(150:1605-30), 10784(175:1645)
    >>>Progressive Conservative Party position, 10784-5(175:1650-5)
    >>>See also People's Republic of China Accession to Agreement Establishing World Trade Organization Act (Bill C-50)
    >>Culture, relationship, 756-7(14:1250-5), 6940-1(109:1535), 6942(109:1545-50)
    >>>See also World Trade Organization (WTO)--Agreements
    >>Democratic accountability, establishing, 8107(129:1230)
    >>Dumping practices, dispute settlement mechanism, negotiating failure, 69412(109:1540)
    >>Foreign Affairs and International Trade Standing Committee study, 761(14:1320), 762(14:1325)
    >>Growth and development round of negotiations
    >>>Canadian participation, discussing agriculture, generic drugs TRIPS amendment, etc., 6953-5(109:1710-20), 6958(109:1745), 6968(109:1905-10), 7272(114:1545), 7273(114:1555), 7277-8(114:1625-30), 7280(114:1645), 9313(150:1620)
    >>>>o.q., 7263(114:1440)
    >>>Developing countries' benefits, etc., 6944-5(109:1600-5)
    >>>>o.q., 6934-5(109:1455)
    >>>Quebec, role, participation, Belgium, Walloon and Flemish communities, example, 6945-6(109:1615)
    >>Latin America negotiations in 2005, 5726(88:1235)
    >>Marchi, Sergio, Canadian Ambassador, selection as Chair of General Council, S.O. 31, 9021(145:1410)
    >>Ministerial meeting, Doha, Qatar, November 2001, 5704(88:1010), 7272(114:1545), 7273(114:1555), 9305-6(150:1520)
    >>>Committee take note, M. (Boudria), 6937-68(109:1510-915)
    >>>Developing countries, participation, Canadian aid, 6654(104:1330), 6943-5(109:1555-605), 6956-8(109:1735-40), 9312-3(150:1610-5)
    >>>See also Agricultural subsidies
    >>Multilateral Agreement on Investment (MAI), differences, 3380(52:1315)
    >>>Canadian position, "initial conditional offer", making public, o.q., 12610(204:1455)
    >>>Failure, 735(14:1025), 736(14:1035)
    >>>See also Foreign Affairs and International Trade Standing Committee--Reports, Nineteenth--Reports, Twentieth
    >>New Democratic Party position, 6953-4(109:1710-5), 10782-3(175:1625-40)
    >>>S.O. 31, 6926(109:1410)
    >>Social programs, protecting, New Democratic Party position, etc., 748(14:1150)
    >>Sovereignty of countries, impact, New Democratic Party position, 7716(122:1205)
    >>Transparency, increasing, Canadian position, 754-5(14:1235), 780(14:1505-10), 6963(109:1820-5)
    >>See also Agricultural subsidies; Agriculture; Aircraft industry--Canada-Brazil dispute; Asbestos industry--Chrysotile asbestos, Countries banning; Canada-Costa-Rica Free Trade Agreement; Canada-United States Softwood Lumber Agreement/dispute--Expiry of agreement; Costa Rica--Textile exports to United States; Dairy industry--Exports; Drugs and pharmaceuticals--Generic drugs, Stockpiling exception--Patent protection; Export Development Corporation (EDC)--Canada Account; General Agreement on Trade in Services (GATS); HIV/AIDS--Developing countries; North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA)--Investor-state dispute settlement provisions; Supply management and marketing boards; Trade--Rules-based system

World Tuberculosis Day

World War I

    >>Canadian Expeditionary Force, 23 soldiers, executed for military offences, recognition of service to nation, names, inscribing in The First World War Book of Remembrance
    >>>o.q., 8126(129:1440)
    >>>Statement by Minister (Duhamel), 8087-9(129:1005-20
    Canadian war dead, Battle of the Somme, cemeteries, Paris, France, airport construction/expansion plans, opposing, S.O. 31, 9823(159:1405), 11665(190:1410)
    >>Halifax explosion (1917), S.O. 31, 8001(127:1055)
    >>Internment/internees, Ukranian Canadians, redress, etc., 2784-5(43:1520)
    >>>Petitions, 9304(150:1515)
    >>>S.O. 31, 3047(47:1400)
    >>>See also Ukranian Canadian Restitution Act (Bill C-331)
    >>Vimy Ridge, Battle of, 10059(163:1110)
    >>>84th anniversary, S.O. 31, 2904-5(45:1055)
    >>>85th anniversary
    >>>>S.O. 31, 10131-3(164:1400-10)
    >>>>Statement by Minister (Pagtakhan), 10121-4(164:1005-30)
    >>>April 9, commemorative day, establishing, 6936(109:1505), 12865-70(208:1720-1810)
    >>>>See also Vimy Ridge Day Act (Bill C-409)
    >>See also Bishop, Billy; Veterans' benefits/pensions

World War II

    >>Battle of the Atlantic, S.O. 31, 3605(55:1100), 11123-4(181:1410), 11221(183:1400), 11489(187:1100)
    >>Beaudry, Private Charles Joseph and Private George Robert Barritt, burial, Belgium, tributes, S.O. 31, 6880(108:1105-10)
    >>Canadian role, maintaining memory, government measures, o.q., 12038(197:1445-50)
    >>D-Day, June 6, 1944, anniversary, S.O. 31, 4700-1(73:1405-15), 12257-8(200:1400-5)
    >>Hong Kong veterans, tribute, S.O. 31, 8056(128:1400)
    >>Pearl Harbour, December 7, 1941 Japanes attack, 60th anniversary, S.O. 31, 8003-4(127:1110)
    >>VE Day, S.O. 31, 3658(56:1415), 11373-4(185:1400-5)
    >>See also Conscription; Lynch, Thomas; Holland; Japanese Canadians; Merchant marines/seamen; Price, Sergeant Charles Melville; Veterans

World Water Day

World Wide Web sites see Air Canada; Air transportation security--Increase, Temporary; Banks and financial services--Consumer protection measures; Business--Canada Customs and Revenue Agency (CCRA) measures; Free Trade Area of the Americas--Canadian position; Government on-line services (Internet) passim; Social insurance numbers--System integrity

World Youth Championships in Athletics

    >>2003 games, Sherbrooke, QC, S.O. 31, 10303(166:1410)

World Youth Day

Wouters, Théo see Human rights--Thibault

Wright, Richard B.

    >>Giller Prize 2001, literary award, recipient, S.O. 31, 7087(111:1400)

Writers' Development Trust of Canada see Canada Book Day--April 23

Wrongful conviction see Dumont, Michel; Justice system--Miscarriage of justice/wrongful conviction

Wrongful death and injury claims see Marine transportation--Shipowners liability for carriage of goods/passengers

WTO see World Trade Organization (WTO)

W.W. Boyce Farmers Market

    >>50th anniversary, celebrating, S.O. 31, 4346(67:1405)

Wyeth-Ayers Canada Inc. see Organ donations/transplants--Research chairs