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The Hansard Index is the key to information about what is said by Members of Parliament in the House of Commons during the 37th Parliament, 1st Session. The subject entries will either provide reference to a page number or, a combination of page number followed by the issue sitting number and time checks in the daily Hansard.

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37th Parliament, 1st Session   (January 29, 2001 - September 16, 2002)  Latest Session
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Stojko, Elvis see Figure skating

Stoney Creek see Canada--History, War of 1812

Stoney Point First Nation

    >>Ipperwash Provincial Park occupation, death of Dudley George, Ontario Provincial Police role, public inquiry, request
    >>>M. (Martin, Pat), 7984-91(126:1730-820)
    >>>>Dropped from Order Paper, 7992(126:1825)
    >>>o.q., 7680(121:1440-5), 7963(126:1445)


    >>Official Opposition leader's residence, Reform Party/Canadian Alliance position, reversal, 751(14:1210)

Stowaways see Ports/harbours--Halifax, NS, Security

Strahl, Chuck (CA--Fraser Valley; PC/DR Coalition--Fraser Valley as of September 13, 2001; Ind.--Fraser Valley as of April 10, 2002; CA--Fraser Valley as of April 16, 2002)

Strait of Georgia see Georgia, Strait of

Strategic Community Investment Fund see Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency (ACOA)

Strategic Infrastructure Foundation

Strategis see Government on-line services (Internet)

Stratford, ON

    >>Theatre, tourist attraction, 179(5:1335)
    >>See also Futaba Industrial Co. Ltd.; Historic/heritage buildings, sites and monuments--Annie Macpherson Home-- Discovery Centre at the Normal School; Ontario Dairy Discovery

Stratford Festival of Canada

    >>2001 season, record attendance, S.O. 31, 8058(128:1410)
    >>2002 season, 50th, S.O. 31, 12710(206:1100)

Stratford-Perth Archives

    >>Stratford, ON, municipal repository, 13th annual collectors exhibition, S.O. 31, 869(16:1400)

Strathcona Christian Academy see United States, September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks--Canadian response

Strathroy Community Resource Centre see Government grants and contributions

Stream International Incorporated see Glace Bay, NS

Streamlining the Human Resource Management Regime: A Study of Changing Roles and Responsibilities see Public Accounts Standing Committee--Reports, Twelfth

Street gangs

    >>Montreal, menace to neighbourhoods, 8569-70(136:1705)

Street prostitution see Prostitution

Strengthening Canada's Economic Links with the Americas see Foreign Affairs and International Trade Standing Committee--Reports, Twenty-second

Strikebreakers see Labour disputes/strikes/lockouts

Strikes see Labour disputes/strikes/lockouts


Student debt load see Brain drain; Education, post-secondary--Accessibility; Student loans--Debt

Student grants

    >>National program, need for, 8846(141:1700)

Student loans

    >>Administration, mismanagement, Progressive Conservative government (Mulroney), responsibility, 329(7:1730)
    >>Bankruptcy, 11085(180:1845), 9608(155:1740)
    >>Canada Student Loans
    >>>Canada Customs and Revenue Agency (CCRA) collecting, 8840(141:1610)
    >>>Default, collection services, income tax clawback, imposing, S.O. 31, 9360-1(151:1415)
    >>>Regional disparity factor, government addressing, o.q., 9832(159:1455)
    >>>Tax credit 10% annually, allowing, 8454(134:1605), 10451(169:1405)
    >>>>Canadian Alliance of Student Associations position, 11080(180:1805)
    >>>>Canadian Council of Chief Executives position, 11079(180:1800)
    >>>>Cost, 11080(180:1805)
    >>>>M. (Herron), 11078-86(180:1750-1850), 11510-18(187:1330-1425), 11582-7(188:1805-50), negatived, on recorded division, 11600-1(189:1505)
    >>>>>Dropped to bottom of order of precedence on Order Paper, 11086(180:1850), 11518(187:1330)
    >>Debt load, increasing, 60(3:1755), 282(7:1230), 8157(129:1835), 8158(129:1840-5), 8454(134:1605), 8846(141:1700), 10622(172:1355), 11081(180:1815)
    >>>Liberal government (Chrétien) responsibility, 500(10:1410), 2643(41:1720), 3808(58:1540)
    >>>Throne Speech omission, 500(10:1410)
    >>Debt reduction, 8315(133:1310)
    >>Income contingent loan repayment plan, Canadian Alliance proposal, 2868(44:1535), 11082(180:1820)
    >>Interest payments, income tax credits, 8315(133:1310)
    >>Interest relief, 8315(133:1310)
    >>Interest/repayment rate, improving, 260(7:1010)
    >>Part-time students, access to, improving, Throne Speech commitment, 11(2:1530), 133(4:1720), 367(8:1655)
    >>Repayment rate, 8808(141:1235), 9608(155:1740)
    >>See also Health care providers--Doctors, Shortage

Student visas


    >>Budget 2001 measures, lack, 8881(142:1300), 9608(155:1740)
    >>See also Abitibi-Témiscamingue region, QC--Unemployment rate; Borders, international--Security, Customs officers role; Brome--Missisquoi constituency; Education--Disabled and handicapped students--Graduation; Education, post-secondary--Tuition--United States; Employment insurance--Benefits--Eligibility, Youth--Premiums; Environment; Free Trade Area of the Americas; Heating Expenses One Time Relief; Immigration; International Space Station--Canadarm II role; Marine transportation--Safety factors, measures, Accidents; Schools--St. Volodymyr School; Summer Career Placement Program; Tax reductions; United States, September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks--Islamic/Arab/Muslim communities

Students on Ice Expedition see Antarctica

Study grants see Education--Disabled and handicapped students

Stumpage see Canada-United States Softwood Lumber Agreement/dispute--Expiry of agreement; Forest industry

Subcommittee on Human Rights and International Development see Foreign Affairs and International Trade Standing Committee

Subcommittee on National Security see Justice and Human Rights Standing Committee

Subcommittee on Veterans Affairs see National Defence and Veterans Affairs Standing Committee

Submarine canyon see Sable Gully

Submarines see Oberon submarines

Subpoena powers see House of Commons


    >>Elimination, Canadian Alliance position, 3305(51:1350)
    >>Liberal government (Chrétien), offers, 1928(32:1620)
    >>See also Agricultural subsidies; Aircraft industry--Canada-Brazil dispute; Atomic Energy of Canada Limited (AECL)--Government subsidies; Bombardier Inc.--Government subsidies; Canada-United States Softwood Lumber Agreement/dispute; CINAR Corp.; Drugs and pharmaceuticals--Pharmaceutical industry; Exports--Government programs; Film industry; Forest industry; Free Trade Area of the Americas--Foreign subsidies; Shipbuilding industry; Supply management and marketing boards; VIA Rail Canada Inc.--Privatization

Substance abuse see Drug and substance abuse

Substitution principle see Pesticides

Subsurface rights see Nunavut--Land claims agreement of 1993


    >>Civil conflict, peace plan, development
    >>>Canada role, o.q., 9758(158:1455)
    >>>qu., 4949-50(77:1030)
    >>Famine, humanitarian food relief, access, o.q., 2862(44:1455)
    >>Human rights violations, National Islamic Front government, genocide campaign, forced religious conversion, southern tribes' enslavement
    >>>Ceasefire, implementation, enforcement, o.q., 3569(54:1455)
    >>>>M. (Vellacott), 5617-24(86:1730-825)
    >>>>o.q., 5719(88:1145)
    >>>Martin, K. peace plan, 2565(40:1200-5)
    >>>>o.q., 2862(44:1455)
    >>>>S.O. 31, 2551-2(40:1055-1100)
    >>>Members of Parliament, Gallaway, Beaumier and K. Martin, travelling to Sudan, arrangements/travel, etc. paid for by Talisman Energy Inc., propriety, 2311(37:1505), 2437-8(38:1505-10)
    >>>>o.q., 2309(37:1450)
    >>>Oil revenues permitting continuation of policies, Talisman Energy Inc. role, etc., S.O. 31, 1038(19:1410), 2309(37:1450)
    >>>Oil revenues purchasing military equipment instead of food, etc., condemning, S.O. 31, 817(15:1105)
    >>>Peace process, Harker report recommendations, government implementation, o.q., 535(11:1455)
    >>>Petitions, 3493(53:1540)
    >>>Talisman Energy Inc. airfields, use by Sudanese helicopter gunships, 3935(59:1005), 4791-2(74:1505-15)
    >>>>o.q., 3395(52:1440), 3613-4(55:1135-45)
    >>See also Terrorism/terrorists

Sudbury, ON see VIA Rail Canada Inc.--Northern Ontario service

Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS)

    >>Secondhand smoke, factor, Toronto Sick Children's Hospital study, S.O. 31, 9361(151:1415)

Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) Awareness Month

    >>October, national awareness campaign, S.O. 31, 6657-8(104:1400)

Suffield, AB see Biological and chemical weapons/terrorism--Canadian research; Species at risk (endangered species)--Habitat preservation, Compensation

Sugar blends see Dairy industry--Dairy substitutes

Sugar industry


    >>Beauharnois--Salaberry constituency, high rate, 360(8:1610)
    >>Liberal government (Chrétien) policies factor, United States, September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks, comparison, 8424(134:1250-5)
    >>National suicide prevention strategy, establishing, petitions, 4594(71:1515), 4949(77:1030)
    >>See also Aboriginal peoples/communities; Divorce--Child support/custody/access, laws, Problems; Farm income crisis--Farmers; Terrorism/terrorists

Suicide missions see Air transportation security--Increase, Aircraft security factor

Suicide prevention see Sheehan, Judge Michael

Sulphur see Diesel fuel--Air pollution/smog; Gasoline

Sulphur dioxide see Marine transportation--Environmental factors, Acid rain

Sumas II natural gas fired electric power plant (SE2)

Summary conviction offence see Justice system--Miscarriage of justice; Prostitution--Street prostitution

Summer Career Placement Program

    >>2001 program
    >>>Quebec region, funding allocation formula, qu., 1777(30:1205)
    >>>Student involvement, encouraging, S.O. 31, 1765(30:1110)
    >>>Vancouver Kingsway constituency, 70 student jobs created, S.O. 31, 4169(64:1415)
    >>Cost of hiring regulation, municipalities responsible for half, student employment, impact, 4389-90(67:1905-10)
    >>>o.q., 825-6(15:1145), 1913-4(32:1445)
    >>>S.O. 31, 770(14:1410-5)
    >>Importance, 6854(107:1615)
    >>>o.q., 8551(136:1440)

Summer student employment program see Summer Career Placement Program

Summer Work Student Exchange program

    >>2001 program, success, S.O. 31, 6760(106:1405)
    >>Hamilton Mountain constituency, student participation, S.O. 31, 12834(208:1400)
    >>Official languages policy, reinforcing, S.O. 31, 12031(197:1410)

Summerside, PE

    >>Incorporation, 125th anniversary, S.O. 31, 10553(171:1400)

Summit of the Americas (April 2001, Quebec City, QC)

"Summit of the Americas--Declaration and Plan of Action" see Summit of the Americas (April 2001, Quebec City, QC)

Summit of the Americas Peoples Summit (April 2001, Quebec City, QC)

    >>Accomplishments, social concerns, 3358(52:1045)
    >>Canadian government
    >>>Funding, 3018(47:1040), 3033(47:1225), 3038(47:1255), 3063(47:1525), 3356(52:1025), 3376(52:1250)
    >>>>Organizations advocating law-breaking, benefitting, 2362(37:2100), 2367(37:2135), 2374(37:2220), 2414(37:2640), 3025(47:1130)
    >>>>S.O. 31, 2530(39:1405)
    >>>Ministers, representatives, meeting, Foreign Affairs Minister Manley, International Trade Minister Pettigrew, o.q., 1912(32:1440)
    >>>Role, S.O. 31, 2301(37:1405)
    >>Canadian, Quebec government funding, o.q., 2912-3(45:1130), 2965(46:1425)
    >>Forums, discussions, social/economic, conditions, labour abuse, not improving, 3362-3(52:1115), 3381(52:1325)
    >>>Women's forum, 3357(52:1035)
    >>Government leaders at Summit of the Americas, access to, o.q., 2912(45:1130)
    >>Holding, 734(14:1020)
    >>Liberal Party Members of Parliament non-attendance, 3072(47:1625)
    >>>o.q., 2965(46:1425)
    >>New Democratic Party, participation, 2357(37:2020), 3375(52:1235)
    >>Purpose, parliamentary democracy, lack, promoting openness, transparency, 2349-50(37:1920-5), 2357(37:2020), 2419(37:2720), 3044(47:1335), 3045-6(47:1345-55)

Sun Belt Water Inc. see Water exports

Suncor Energy Inc. see Oil sands--Shell Canada Limited and Suncor Energy Inc. projects

Sunday shopping see Retail industry

Sunpine Forest Products Ltd. see Oldman River

Sunset clauses see Canada Foundation for Sustainable Development Technology--Legislation; Financial services legislation (Bill C-8)--Review; Marine transportation--Security; Public safety--Legislation, Public Safety Act, 2002 (Bill C-55); Regulations

SuperBuild see Ontario

Superintendent of Financial Institutions see Export Development Corporation (EDC)

Superintendent of Financial Institutions Office

    >>Estimates see Estimates--2001-2002, Main, Finance Department
    >>Powers, increasing, 503(11:1125), 2547(40:1010), 2567(40:1215)
    >>Regulatory process, streamlining, 503(11:1125)
    >>See also Financial Consumer Agency of Canada--Consumer protection role

Superior Propane Inc.

    >>ICG Propane inc, acquisition of, impact on competition, Competition Tribunal ruling, 3167-8(48:1650)

Supplemental import permits see Dairy industry


    >>Interim see Estimates--2001-2002, Main--2002-2003, Main
    >>M. for consideration (Robillard), agreed to, 17(2:1540)
    >>Procedure and House Affairs Standing Committee (36th Parl., 1st Sess.), 51st report (The Business of Supply: Completing the Circle of Control), implementing, M. (Williams), 5741-9(89:1100-200), 7401-8(116:1740-835), 9124-30(146:1730-815), agreed to, on recorded division, 9566-7(154:1730-800)
    >>>Dropped to bottom of order of precedence on Order Paper, 5749(89:1200), 7408(116:1840)
    >>Votes, government losing, Prime Minister Chrétien requesting Governor General call on another Liberal to form government, o.q., 12035(197:1435)

Supply committee see Parliamentary reform--Estimates

Supply days

    >>Allotted number of days for period, designation, 17(2:1540)
    >>Liberal government (Chrétien) attitude, 8689(139:1125)
    >>Notice period, 3462(52:2145)
    >>Purpose, 8689(139:1125)
    >>See also Procedure

Supply management and marketing boards

    >>Canadian Alliance position, 685(12:2355), 1880(32:1110), 1897(32:1315), 1918(32:1510), 1930(32:1630)
    >>Canadian Wheat Board, comparison, 1931-2(32:1640-5)
    >>Government commitment, success, 646(12:1930), 657(12:2050), 663(12:2130), 670(12:2215), 1925(32:1600)
    >>>S.O. 31, 1974(33:1405)
    >>Importance, purpose, 1931(32:1635), 1932(32:1645)
    >>Progressive Conservative position, supporting, 4777(74:1350)
    >>Subsidy protection, 1900(32:1335), 4777(74:1350)
    >>United States position, 670(12:2215)
    >>World Trade Organization (WTO)
    >>>Canadian position, 781(14:1510)
    >>>Interference, 1897(32:1310-5)
    >>>November, 2001 meetings, government position, 6941(109:1540), 6952(109:1705)
    >>>>qu., 6937(109:1510)
    >>See also Canada-Costa Rica Free Trade Agreement--Agricultural products; Canadian Chicken Marketing Agency; Canadian Egg Marketing Agency; Canadian Turkey Marketing Agency; Canadian Wheat Board; Farm Credit Corporation

Supply motions

    >>Auberge Grand-Mère, funding controversy, inquiry, independent, need (Day), 2663-97(42:1010-355), 2711-32(42:1505-725), negatived, on recorded division, 2804-5(43:1755)
    >>>Amdt. (Meredith), 2667(42:1035), negatived, on recorded division, 2803-4(43:1740-5)
    >>Border, Canada-United States, security, increasing, Canada Customs and Revenue Agency (CCRA) role, terrorism threat factor, etc., North American perimeter approach (Day), 6441-72(100:1005-355), 6484-502(100:1505-745), negatived, on recorded division, 6501-2(100:1715-45)
    >>Budget 2001, priorities (Kenney), 7797-829(124:1000-355), 7842-59(124:1510-710)
    >>>Amdt. (Jaffer), 7801(124:1030)
    >>Canada Health and Social Transfer (CHST), Federal-provincial tax/fiscal imbalance, Quebec, etc., impact (Loubier), 9731-47(158:1200-355), 9765-82(158:1540-755), 9784-7(158:1895-10), negatived, on recorded division, 9853-4(159:1755)
    >>Canada-United States Softwood Lumber Agreement/dispute, expiry of agreement, negotiations, establishing free trade, etc.
    >>>Canadian position, reverting to free trade, unfettered market access, etc., House supporting (Paquette), 1679-712(29:1015-355), 1728-43(29:1520-715)
    >>>Government assisting industry and workers affected, etc. (Paquette), 11264-93(184:1010-355), 11306-25(184:1505-730)
    >>>North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), relationship, Canadian actions, (Duncan), 9623-51(156:1020-400), 9663-83(156:1510-740), deemed agreed to, 9646-7(156:1330), 9683(156:1740)
    >>Canadian sovereignty, preserving, New Democratic Party 12-Point Plan to Save Canada, budgetary policy reflecting (McDonough), 9334-57(151:1015-355), 9371-88(151:1505-715), negatived, on recorded division, 9568(154:1805-10)
    >>Child sexual abuse/assault/exploitation, protection against, legislation, requesting, M. on supply (Spencer), 10684-712(174:1005-350), 10726-41(174:1505-710), negatived, on recorded division, 10742-3(174:1745-55)
    >>>Amdt. (Kenney), 10740(174:1700-5), negatived, on recorded division, 10741-2(174:1710-45)
    >>>Amdt. (MacKay), 10699(174:1205), not receivable, 10699(174:1210-20)
    >>>Amdt. (Szabo), 10741(174:1710), not receivable, 10741(174:1710)
    >>Drinking water, national standards, Safe Water Act, enshrining (Herron), 3702-34(57:1015-355), 3748-69(57:1505-750), as amended, agreed to, on recorded division, 3768-9(57:1750)
    >>>Amdt. (Clark), 3705(57:1030), withdrawn, 3711(57:11115-20)
    >>>Amdt. (Charbonneau), 3709(57:1055-100), Chair taking under advisement
    >>>Amdt. (Charbonneau), 3711(57:1120), agreed to, on recorded division, 3767-8(57:1745)
    >>>>Amdt. to amdt. (Marceau), 3755(57:1155-600), negatived, on recorded division, 3765-7(57:1715-45)
    >>Drug and substance abuse, combatting, methods, House of Commons Special Committee review, establishment (White, R.), 4136-66(64:1010-355), 4179-96(64:1505-715), as amended, agreed to, 4196(64:1715)
    >>>Amdt. (Maloney), 4142(64:1055), agreed to, 4196(64:1715)
    >>Electoral reform, all-party committee, studying (McDonough), 911-47(17:1005-355), 960-81(17:1505-725)
    >>>Amdt. (Nystrom), 915(17:1030)
    >>Ethics Counsellor, independence, appointment after consultation with leaders of all parties in the House of Commons and will report directly to Parliament (Day), 383-416(9:1015-355), 431-57(9:1510-810), negatived, on recorded division, 637-8(12:1850)
    >>>Amdt. (Strahl), 387(9:1035), negatived, on division, 636-7(12:1835)
    >>>>Amdt. to amdt. (Boudria), 390(9:1100), not in order, 430-1(9:1505-10)
    >>Farm income crisis, $400 million, additional (Day), 1873-903(32:1025-355), 1917-37(32:1510-715), negatived, on recorded division, 1940-1(32:1755-805)
    >>>Amdt. (Hilstrom), 1879(31:1110), negatived, on recorded division, 1939-40(32:1750)
    >>Foreign aid, Gross Domestic Product (GDP), percentage, increasing (Tremblay, Stéphan), 6643-57(104:1200-350), 6672(104:1520-810), agreed to, on recorded division, 6754-5(105:1800)
    >>Free Trade Area of the Americas, Parliament, role, House of Commons debating, voting on
    >>>Draft agreement, House of Commons debating and voting on before Canadian ratification (Paquette), 732-66(14:1005-355), 779-808(14:1500-810), negatived, on recorded division, 981-3(17:1750-800)
    >>>>Amdt. (Lalonde), 736(14:1030), deemed negatived, on division, 981(17:1750)
    >>>(Paquette), 3013-46(47:1005-355), 3060-80(47:1505-745), agreed to, 3080(47:1745)
    >>>>>Amdt. (Loubier), 3017(47:1030), negative, on recorded division, 3079-80(47:1715-45)
    >>General Motors of Canada Limited, Boisbriand, QC plant, workers, government not defending, impact on Quebec automobile industry (Guay), 10800-30(176:1015-355), 10845-9(176:1525-50), 10850-61(176:1555-730)
    >>Greenhouse gas emissions (climate change/global warming), reducing, Kyoto protocol, Canadian commitment, etc., Canada not ratify protocol, M. on supply (Mills, B.), 9792-821(159:1010-355), 9848-51(159:1650-710), negatived, on recorded division, 9852-3(159:1720-55)
    >>Health care funding, federal government share (Ménard), 8958-88(144:1010-355), 9002-15(144:1525-710), negatived, on recorded division, 9016-7(144:1710-40)
    >>House of Commons proceedings, Private Members' Business, consideration, improving procedures (Breitkreuz), 4950-79(77:1030-355), 5000-22(77:1555-1830) agreed to, 5022(77:1830)
    >>Income tax
    >>>Provincial income tax, federal government collecting, $3.3 billion overpayments to provinces, impact, government response, etc. (Penson), 12226-56(200:1015-355), 12269-95(200:1505-830), negatived, on recorded division, 12321-2(200:1225-35)
    >>>>Amdt. (Loubier), 12236-7(200:1130-5), negatived, on recorded division, 12320-1(200:2200-25)
    >>>Tax points, transferring to provinces, first ministers conference, calling (Dubé), 4436-69(69:1015-355), 4486-502(69:1520-710), negatived, on recorded division, 4607-9(71:1905)
    >>>Amdt. (Paquette), 4440(69:1520-710), negatived, on recorded division, 4606-7(71:1830-900)
    >>Indian bands/reserves, financial management/accountability, contribution agreements, use of funds, publicly reported, audited (Elley), 1805-22(31:1200-355), 1846-65(31:1605-815), agreed to, 1865(31:1815)
    >>>Amdt. (Vellacott), 1809(31:1225), negatived, on division, 1865(31:1815)
    >>National security, policy, Liberal government (Chrétien) failure to implement, condemning, M. on supply (MacKay), 9507(154:1005), 9514-36(154:1055-355), 9548-66(154:1515-725)
    >>National sex offender registry
    >>>Establishing (White, R.), 1555-88(27:1005-355), 1603-21(27:1515-710), as amended, agreed to, on recorded division, 1621-2(27:1750)
    >>>>Amdt. (Day), 1559(27:1030), agreed to, 1621(27:1715)
    >>>Legislation, Justice and Human Rights Standing Committee drafting (White, R.), 8680-709(139:1010-355), 8720-36(139:1505-710), negatived, on recorded division, 8737-8(139:1755)
    >>>>Amdt. (MacKay), 8696(139:1215), negatived, on recorded division, 8736-7(139:1715-45)
    >>New Democratic Party raising same issue twice in one year, waste of time. other more pressing issues, 921-2(17:1110-5), 924(17:1125), 926(17:1135)
    >>Non-votable/votable, 921(17:1110), 925(17:1130)
    >>Opposition not calling for debate on issues of the day, 961(17:1505-10)
    >>Political system, federal, corrupt, public opinion (Reynolds), 11631-62(190:1005-355), 11674-93(190:1510-725)
    >>Rural/remote/natural resource communities/regions, Liberal government (Chrétien) role (Breitkreuz), 11202-20(183:1145-1335), 11233-60(183:1505-1830)
    >>Sea King helicopters, replacement program, Maritime Helicopter Procurement Project, "Best value to the Canadian taxpayers" basis, conducting (Wayne), 1365-97(24:1010-355), 1416-32(24:1540-730)
    >>>Amdt. (Hearn), 1368(24:1035)
    >>Terrorism/terrorists, combatting, anti-terrorist legislation, requesting (Sorenson), 5215-45(80:1005-350), 5258-73(80:1515-715),negatived, on recorded division, 5274-5(80:1750-800)
    >>>>>Amdt. (Day), 5219(80:1025), negatived, on recorded division, 5273-4(80:1715-50)
    >>>>>Text, deletion from motion, unanimous consent denied, 5224(80:1110)
    >>>>>Withdrawal and referral to Justice and Human Rights Standing Committee, unanimous consent denied, 5223(80:1105), 5226(80:1125-30), 5228(80:1140-45), 5230(80:1155), 5272(80:1710), 5275(80:1800)
    >>Trade, United States, United States protectionism, Canadian agriculture/lumber industries, damage (Duncan), 11798-11830(193:1010-1400), 11842-60(193:1505-1745), negatived, on recorded division, 11859-60(193:1715-45)
    >>Trade agreements, investor-state dispute settlement provisions similar to North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), not signing if included (McDonough), 3354-86(52:1015-355), 3400-21(52:1505-745), negatived, on recorded division, 3420-1(52:1745)
    >>>Amdt. (Robinson), 3357(52:1040), negatived, on recorded division, 3419-20(52:1715-45)
    >>United States, September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks
    >>>(Clark), 6050-69(94:1125-355), 6086-108(94:1545-830), as amended, agreed to, on recorded division, 6108-9(94:1835-905)
    >>>>Amdt. (Wayne), 6053(94:1145), agreed to, 6108(94:1830)
    >>>(McDonough), 5832-60(90:1010-350), 5871-89(90:1505-725)
    >>>>Amdt. (Wasylycia-Leis), 5835(90:1030)
    >>>United States response, Canadian Armed Forces participation in offensive action, Parliament, prior consultation, vote (Gauthier), 5518-46(85:1010-355), 5558-77(85:1505-745), negatived, on recorded division, 5576-7(85:1745)
    >>>>Amdt. (Bachand, A.), 5520(85:1025), negatived, on recorded division, 5575-6(85:1715-40)

Supreme Court Act (amdt.)(Bill C-234)--Bryden

    >>First reading, 261(7:1015)
    >>Second reading, 1797-805(31:1105-200)
    >>>Dropped from Order Paper, 1805(31:1200)
    >>See also Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms--Charter challenges

Supreme Court Act (amdt.--appointment of judges)(Bill C-466)--Vellacott

    >>First reading, 11885(194:1510)
    >>See also Supreme Court of Canada--Judges

Supreme Court of Canada

    >>Decisions, criticism, 9133(147:1015)
    >>Estimates see Estimates--2001-2002, Main, Justice Department
    >>Independence, powers, Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms factor, 9133(147:1015)
    >>>Appointment, Parliamentary review and approval, 11885(194:1510)
    >>>>See also Supreme Court Act (amdt.--appointment of judges)(Bill C-466)
    >>>Election by secret ballot by House of Commons, 2031(33:2000)
    >>Judicial activism, dangers, 1533(26:1550-5), 15550-3(26:1800-20), 9387(151:1705)
    >>>S.O. 31, 1398(24:1400)
    >>Justices not permitted to hear case if participating in case in lower court, reinforcing legislation, petitions, 10361(167:1200)
    >>McLachlin, Right Hon. Beverley, Chief Justice, first woman appointed to position, 963(17:1525)
    >>Rulings/decisions, influence, international scope, S.O. 31, 1515(26:1410)
    >>See also Aboriginal fishing rights--R. v. Marshall (1993); Canada Elections Act--Amendments, Constitutionality; Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms--Charter challenges; Child pornography--Possession; Corporate income tax--Deductions; Drugs and pharmaceuticals--Notice of compliance; Elections--Process--Right to vote; Estey, Justice Willard; Extradition--Offenders commiting crimes in other countries; Latimer, Robert; Legislation; Pesticide Awareness Day; Prime Minister's Office--Chrétien; Supreme Court Act (amdt.)(Bill C-234); Telecommunications industry--Satellite users; Trinity Western University

Suresh, Manickavasagam see Terrorism/terrorists--Extradition

Sureté du Québéc see Cigarette smuggling--Resumption

Surgeons Cove Head, NF see Lighthouses/Lightstations

Surplus see Budget surplus

Surrey, BC

    >>Chamber of Commerce awards see Police Officer of the Year
    >>See also Baseball--Loewen, Adam; Nuclear waste; Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP); Terrorism/terrorists--4-U Enterprises

Surrey Central constituency

    >>>Dedication, 356(8:1545-50)
    >>>Thanking constituents, 354(8:1535)
    >>>See also Species at risk (endangered species)--Legislation; Transportation--Infrastructure
    >>Martin, Finance Minister, tour, 355(8:1540)

Surrey Crime Prevention Society see Maarsman, Peter

Surveillance Management Program see Drugs and pharmaceuticals--New drugs, Approval process, Delays

Sustainable agriculture see Agriculture

Sustainable cities initiative

    >>ADI Group Inc., Fredericton, NB, water treatment project in Katowice, Poland, S.O. 31, 6924(109:1400)
    >>Municipalities-private sector partnership assisting developing countries with environmental concerns, 762(14:1330)

Sustainable development

    >>Balance, economic, social, environmental factors, 852(16:1200)
    >>Brundtland report, findings, 8073-4(128:1540)
    >>Budget 2000 and Budget 2000 Mini Budget measures, expenditures, 852(16:1205)
    >>Canadian Alliance position, 889(16:1605), 2881(44:1655), 4003(61:1600), 5762(89:1345)
    >>Definition, 885(16:1525), 889(16:1600), 2875(44:1625)
    >>Employment, relationship, 893(16:1635)
    >>Government departments strategies, 852(16:1205)
    >>>Failure, Finance Department, etc., o.q., 5868(90:1445)
    >>>Paper copies available on request only, 701(13:1510)
    >>>Role, Earth Summit, Rio de Janeiro (1992), relationship, o.q., 778-9(14:1455-500)
    >>>Tabled, 700-1(13:1510)
    >>Government promoting, S.O. 31, 3559(54:1405)
    >>International ranking, 143(5:1005), 146(5:1025), 862(16:1315)
    >>International summit, Johannesburg, South Africa, September 2002 see Greenhouse gas emissions (climate change/global warming)--Reducing, Canada ratifying protocol
    >>Liberal government (Chrétien) record, 895(16:1645), 2882(44:1705)
    >>National progress report, prepared by private company, government examining, submitting to United Nations, etc., o.q., 12106(198:1435-40), 12347(201:1125)
    >>Natural Resources Department mandate, 852(16:1205)
    >>Quebec, 897-8(16:1705)
    >>Research and development
    >>>Decentralizing, outside Ottawa, ON, 900(16(1725)
    >>>Tax incentives, 900(16:1730), 901(16:1735)
    >>>See also Canada Foundation for Sustainable Development Technology
    >>Sustainable development indicators, developing, integrated environmental information system role, o.q., 6483(100:1455)
    >>Taiwan example, 0.5% unemployment rate result, 891(16:1615-20)
    >>Taxation system, relationship, 4062(62:1340)
    >>>See also Sustainable development--Research and development
    >>Technology, innovation, role, 852(16:1200-5), 854(16:1215)
    >>United Nations Office, 890(16:1610)
    >>See also Canada Foundation for Sustainable Development Technology; Canada Foundation for Sustainable Development Technology Act (Bill C-4) Energy--Exports to United States--United States energy plan; Environment and Sustainable Development Commissioner; International Institute for Sustainable Development; International Year of Mountains; Natural resource industries; Oceans; Public transit

Sustainable development department see Agriculture and Agri-Food Department

Sustainable Development Technology Fund see Canada Foundation for Sustainable Development Technology

Sustainable forest management see Forest industry

Sustainable francophone communities see Francophone communities

Sustainable transportation see Transportation

Sustainable use see Marine conservation areas--Ecological integrity

Sutherland Cup see Hockey

Sutherland,Col William B. (Suds)

    >>Death, tribute, S.O. 31, 2167(35:1110)

SUVs see Sport utility vehicles (SUVs)

Suzack, Clinton see Penitentiary inmates

Swarming see Criminal Code; Criminal Code (amdt.--recruitment of children and swarming)(Bill C-275)

Sweatshops see Retail industry

Sweden see Nuclear energy

Sweet, Roy see Victoria Cross


    >> United States, September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks, financial impact, 5824(89:2125)
    >>See also Aircraft crashes


    >>Zoug Canton, Parliament, killing spree, 14 victims, condolences, etc., S.O. 31, 5657(87:1405)
    >>See also Constitutional amendments--Approval

Sydney, NS see Transitional jobs fund--Rosemont constituency

Sydney Tar Ponds and Coke Ovens

Sydney--Victoria constituency

    >>Description, S.O. 31, 1035-6(19:1400)

Synchronized swimming

    >>Synchro Canada, Synchro Quebec, dispute
    >>>Coté, Raymond, Sports Québec president, resignation, S.O. 31, 3048(47:1405)
    >>>Etobicoke, ON, training centre, Synchro Quebec appeal, relocation, Amateur Sport minister Coderre influence, etc., o.q., 4402-3(68:1455-500)

Syncrude Canada Ltd. see Oil sands

Synergy see Canada Foundation for Sustainable Development Technology--Partners

Synthetic insulin see Insulin


    >>Zeyzoun Dam, collapse, disaster relief, Canadian contribution, o.q., 12397(202:1450)
    >>See also International Criminal Court--Establishing; Middle East conflict; United Nations--Security Council

Szabo, Paul (Lib.--Mississauga South; Parliamentary Secretary to Minister of Public Works and Government Services)