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The Hansard Index is the key to information about what is said by Members of Parliament in the House of Commons during the 37th Parliament, 1st Session. The subject entries will either provide reference to a page number or, a combination of page number followed by the issue sitting number and time checks in the daily Hansard.

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37th Parliament, 1st Session   (January 29, 2001 - September 16, 2002)  Latest Session
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Petitcodiac River, NB

    >>Causeway, environmental assessment, o.q., 6028(93:1155)


Petits chanteurs de Laval see Arts and culture


Petro-Canada Public Participation Act see Eldorado Nuclear Limited Reorganization and Divestiture Act and Petro-Canada Public Participation Act (amdt.)(Bill C-3)

Pettigrew, Hon. Pierre (Lib.--Papineau--Saint-Denis; Minister for International Trade)

Pfizer Investigator in Practice Award see Greiver, Dr. Michelle

PFRA see Prairie Farm Rehabilitation Administration (PFRA)


Pharmaceutical industry see Drugs and pharmaceuticals

Philip C. Jessup International Law Moot Court Competition see Régimbald, Guy

Philippine Canadian Centre see Infrastructure Canada Program

Philippine Heritage Week

    >>Manitoba, celebrating, S.O. 31, 12389(202:1405)


    >>Copper mine tailings leak, environmental disaster, Placer Dome Inc. role, clean-up, etc., o.q., 8444(134:1500)
    >>Independence, 104th anniversary, S.O. 31, 12953(210:1410)
    >>See also Oil spills--Fines

Phinney, Beth (Lib.--Hamilton Mountain)

    >>Aeronautics Act (amdt.--automatic defibrillators)(Bill C-215), 229(6:1510)
    >>Afghanistan, o.q., 5911(91:1445)
    >>Africa, o.q., 11304(184:1450)
    >>Airlines, 229(6:1510), 12043(197:1515)
    >>Animals, petitions, 12043(197:1520)
    >>Black History Month, S.O. 31, 9093(146:1400)
    >>Canada Labour Code (amdt.--defibrillators in the work place)(Bill C-471), 12043(197:1515)
    >>Canada Millennium Scholarship Foundation, S.O. 31, 12667(205:1355)
    >>Canadian-North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) Parliamentary Association, S.O. 31, 2114(34:1400)
    >>Cancer, S.O. 31, 11043(180:1410)
    >>Citizens of the Year awards, S.O. 31, 100-1(4:1400)
    >>Crime, o.q., 8597(137:1155)
    >>Foreign Affairs and International Trade Standing Committee, 11056(180:1530)
    >>Girl Guides, S.O. 31, 12387(202:1400)
    >>Hamilton, Christine, S.O. 31, 9748(158:1400)
    >>Hamilton, ON, S.O. 31, 5547(85:1400), 8055(128:1400)
    >>Hamilton Professional Firefighters Association, S.O. 31, 12031(197:1415)
    >>Hepatitis Awareness Month, o.q., 4174(64:1440)
    >>International Women's Day, S.O. 31, 9406(152:1055)
    >>Juno Awards, S.O. 31, 1713(29:1400)
    >>Multiple sclerosis, S.O. 31, 3249(50:1100), 10759(175:1405)
    >>National Flag Day, S.O. 31, 768(14:1405)
    >>Occupational health and safety, 12043(197:1515)
    >>Persistent Organic Pollutants (POPs), o.q., 478(10:1150)
    >>Rice, Lt Col Herbert, S.O. 31, 2223(36:1415)
    >>Southern Africa, o.q., 12881(209:1440)
    >>Sports, S.O. 31, 7003(110:1405)
    >>Summer Work Student Exchange program, S.O. 31, 12834(208:1400)
    >>Terrorism/terrorists, o.q., 5556(85:1450)
    >>Trade, 6957(109:1735)
    >>Volunteers, o.q., 3261(50:1200)
    >>World Trade Organization (WTO)
    >>>Committee take note, M. (Boudria), 6956-7(109:1730-5), 6958(109:1740-5)
    >>>o.q., 7263(114:1440)
    >>YMCA, S.O. 31, 8166(130:1405)

Photo identity card see National identity card--Universal photo identity card

Phyllis Rawlinson Park

    >>Official opening, Richmond Hill, ON, bequeathed in 1995, S.O. 31, 5656(87:1400)

Physical activity see Physical activity and sports awareness month; Sports--Participation

Physical Activity and Sport Act (Bill C-54)--Minister of Canadian Heritage (Copps)

Physical activity and sport awareness month

    >>Quebec, May, S.O. 31, 11222(183:1400)

Physical fitness

    >>Encouraging, federal government efforts, strengthening, Throne Speech commitment, 13(2:1530)

Picard, Pauline (BQ--Drummond)

Pickard, Jerry (Lib.--Chatham--Kent Essex)

    >>Aboriginal peoples/communities, petitions, 9333(151:1010)
    >>Agricultural subsidies, 331-2(7:1745-50), 667(12:2150-5)
    >>Agriculture, 666(12:2150), 8154(129:1810)
    >>Bakopanos, references, 330(7:1735)
    >>Bone marrow transplants, 8982(144:1310)
    >>Border, Canada-United States, 8153(129:1805-10)
    >>>M. on supply (Day), 6465-6(100:1300-15)
    >>Budget 2001, M. for approval (Martin, Paul), 8152-4(129:1800-10)
    >>Budget deficit, 330(7:1735)
    >>Canada, 330(7:1735)
    >>Caregivers, 330(7:1740)
    >>Chatham--Kent Essex constituency, 330(7:1735)
    >>Children, 330(7:1740)
    >>Commission on the Future of Health Care in Canada (Romanow), 8152(129:1800), 8982-3(144:1310-5)
    >>Community Access Program (Internet), 331(7:1740-5)
    >>Disabled and handicapped persons, 331(7:1745)
    >>Divorce, 330(7:1740)
    >>Drinking water, M. on supply (Herron), 3730-2(57:1330-45)
    >>Drinking water contamination, 3730(57:1330), 3731(57:1335-40)
    >>Drugs and pharmaceuticals, 8982(144:1305)
    >>Dueckman, Helmut, S.O. 31, 595-6(12:1355-400)
    >>Economic growth, 330(7:1740)
    >>Employment Insurance Act and the Employment Insurance (Fishing) Regulations (amdt.)(Bill C-2), 2597-8(41:1220-30)
    >>Employment rate, 330(7:1740)
    >>Equalization payments, 327(7:1715)
    >>Farm income crisis, 331-2(7:1740-50)
    >>>M. to adjourn under S.O. 52 (Borotsik), 666-8(12:2150-200)
    >>Farmers/farms, 666(12:2150)
    >>Food and Drugs Act (amdt.--genetically modified food)(Bill C-287), 4742-3(73:1850-900)
    >>Gray, references, S.O. 31, 9577(155:1400)
    >>Health care funding, 331(7:1740), 8152(129:1800)
    >>>M. on supply (Ménard), 8982-5(144:1305-35)
    >>Health care providers, 8982(144:1305-10)
    >>Health care system, 330(7:1740), 8982-3(144:1305-15), 8985(144:1330-5)
    >>Immigration, 8153(129:1805)
    >>Interest rates, 8153(129:1810)
    >>Job creation, 330(7:1740)
    >>Knowledge/information economy, 331(7:1740)
    >>Labour force, 331(7:1745)
    >>Liberal government (Chrétien), 330-1(7:1735-45)
    >>Major, Mark, S.O. 31, 595-6(12:1355-400)
    >>National Child Benefit, 330(7:1740)
    >>National debt, 330(7:1735)
    >>National Pay It Forward Day, S.O. 31, 9880(160:1405)
    >>National security, 8153-4(129:1810)
    >>>M. on supply (Mackay), 9551-3(154:1530-45)
    >>New Democratic Party, 8985(144:1330)
    >>Parental leave, 330(7:1740)
    >>Postal workers, petitions, 12889(209:1540)
    >>Productivity, 8153(129:1810)
    >>References see Chatham--Kent Essex constituency; Drinking water--Municipal water and sewage systems
    >>Refugees, 6466(100:1315)
    >>Registered Individual Learning Accounts (RILAs), 331(7:1745)
    >>Reproductive and genetic technologies, petitions, 9333(151:1010), 12889(209:1540)
    >>Research and development, 331(7:1745)
    >>SchoolNet (Internet), 331(7:1740)
    >>Skilled trades and technology workforce, 331(7:1745)
    >>Strategic Infrastructure Foundation, 8153(129:1805)
    >>Tax reductions, 330(7:1740), 8153(129:1800-5)
    >>Terrorism/terrorists, Committee take note, M. (Boudria), 6134-5(94:2225-30)
    >>Throne Speech, Address in Reply, M. (Macklin), 327(7:1715), 330-2(7:1735-50)
    >>Unemployment rate, 8154(129:1810)
    >>United States, September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks, 6134-5(94:2225-30)
    >>Youth, 331(7:1745)
    >>Youth Criminal Justice Act (Bill C-7), 4369-71(67:1625-40)
    >>Youth justice system, 4369-71(67:1625-40)

Pickering Public Library Board see Royal Canadian Legion--Charitable organization

Picture Butte, AB

    >>Livestock feeding capital of Canada, motto, 2758(42:2200)

Pierre-de-Lestage High School

    >>Berthier--Montcalm constituency high school, fire destroying, neighbouring high school Saint-Félix-de-Valois, L'Erabliére, accommodating, S.O. 31, 526-7(11:1410)

Pierre Elliott Trudeau Foundation

    >>Program for advanced studies in the humanities, creation, $125 million endowment, 9861(159:1800), 9054(145:1755), 9065-6(146:1020)
    >>>Statement by Minister (Rock), 9033-7(145:1525-50)

Pigfeed see Food safety/inspection system--Carbadox

Pigott, Jean see National Capital Commission--Chairman

Pillitteri, Gary (Lib.--Niagara Falls)

    >>Border, Canada-United States, 9476-7(153:1600), 9477(153:1610)
    >>Borders, international, 9476-7(153:1600)
    >>Budget 2001, 9476-7(153:1600-5)
    >>>S.O. 31, 8120-1(129:1405)
    >>Budget Implementation Act, 2001 (Bill C-49), 9476-7(153:1600-10)
    >>Canada Health and Social Transfer (CHST), 9477(153:1605)
    >>Canada Millennium Scholarship Foundation, S.O. 31, 12600(204:1405)
    >>Canada-United States Softwood Lumber Agreement/dispute, o.q., 11763(192:1450)
    >>Canadian Institute for Health Information, 9477(153:1605)
    >>Canadian Institutes of Health Research, 9477(153:1605)
    >>Early Childhood Development initiative, 9477(153:1605)
    >>Economy/economic conditions, 9477(153:1605), 12285(200:1710)
    >>Energy Innovators Initiative, S.O. 31, 215(6:1400)
    >>Environment, 9477(153:1605), 12285(200:1710)
    >>Government expenditures, 9477(153:1605)
    >>Health care funding, 9477(153:1605)
    >>Income tax, M. on supply (Penson), 12284-5(200:1705-10)
    >>National debt, 9477(153:1605), 12285(200:1710)
    >>Tax reductions, 9477(153:1605)
    >>Terrorism/terrorists, combatting, 9477(153:1605-10)
    >>Transfer payments to terrorists, 12285(200:1710)

Pilon, Denis see Elections--Proportional representation, Need for

Pilon, Lise and Robert see Gala Défi 2001--Quebec

Pilon, Marie-France see Child care--Mothers at home

Pilotage see Marine transportation

Pilotage Act see Marine transportation--Shipowners liability for carriage of goods/passengers, Legislation

Pilots see Air Canada--Canadian Airlines purchase/merger; Airlines

Pine beetles see Forest industry--British Columbia, Mountain pine beetle infestation

Pinsonneault, Roland

    >>Franco-Saskatchewanian community leader, death, tribute, S.O. 31, 9537(154:1405)

Pipelines see Energy--Security of energy systems and infrastructure Mackenzie Valley Pipeline; Natural gas; Oil and gas industry--Atlantic provinces--Northern Canada pipeline; Water/freshwater

Pitt Meadows, BC see Wetlands--Codd Island Wetland

Placer Dome Inc. see Philippines--Copper mine tailings leak

Placer mining see Yukon

Placeteco see Human Resources Development Department--Access to information; Transitional jobs fund--Saint-Maurice constituency

Plamondon, Louis (BQ--Bas-Richelieu--Nicolet--Bécancour)

    >>Blood Samples Act (Bill C-217), 6220(95:1800)
    >>Breweries, 11015-7(179:1545-55)
    >>Budget 2001, M. (Boudria), 7112(111:1650)
    >>Canada National Marine Conservation Areas Act (Bill C-10), 7146(112:1245)
    >>Customs, 6540(101:1640)
    >>Customs Act (amdt.)(Bill S-23), 6540(101:1635)
    >>Excise Act, 2001 (Bill C-47), 11015-7(179:1545-55)
    >>Federal-provincial jurisdiction, 56-7(3:1735)
    >>Foreign aid, 7112(111:1650)
    >>Genetically modified organisms (GMOs), petitions, 8766(140:1525)
    >>Housing, 7112(111:1650)
    >>Interparliamentary delegations, 4436(69:1010)
    >>Liberal government (Chrétien), 5565(85:1555)
    >>Marine conservation areas, 7146(112:1245)
    >>National security, M. on supply (MacKay), 9552(154:1545)
    >>Privilege, LeBlanc (unparliamentary language), 7614(120:1505)
    >>>Divisions, recorded, 6220(95:1800)
    >>>Interparliamentary delegations, 4436(69:1010)
    >>>Quorum, 9552(154:1545)
    >>Remembrance Day (November 11), M. (Gallaway), 9057(145:1820-5)
    >>Throne Speech, Address in Reply, M. (Macklin), 56-7(3:1735)
    >>>M. (Herron), 9287-8(149:1825-30)
    >>>M.(Wayne), 9911-2(160:1805-10)
    >>Veterans Week
    >>>S.O. 31, 7088(111:1405)
    >>>Statement by Minister (Duhamel), 6972-3(110:1015)
    >>>Statement by Minister (Duhamel), 8087-9(129:1005-20
    >>Vimy Ridge Day Act (Bill C-409), 12867(208:1735-45)
    >>World War I, statement by Minister (Duhamel), 8088)129:1015)
    >>Youth Criminal Justice Act (Bill C-7), 4114-5(63:1620-30)
    >>Youth justice system, 4144-5(63:1620-30)

Plan Colombia see Colombia--Paramilitary death squads

Plan to Modernize Canada's Competition Regime see Industry, Science and Technology Standing Committee--Reports, Eighth

Planned Lifetime Advocacy Network (PLAN)

    >>Vancouver, BC, institute for citizenship and disability, $170,000 federal funding, S.O. 31, 9701(157:1100)

Planning deficit see Budget deficit--Possibility


    >>In vitro cultivars, Alma, QC, Economic Development Agency of Canada for the Regions of Quebec project, S.O. 31, 11443(186:1400)
    >>See also Biodiversity; Species at risk (endangered species)

Play structures see Lumber industry--Chromated copper aresenate

Plessisville, QC see Polyvalente La Samare; Volunteers--Morin family

PLI Environmental see Transitional jobs fund--Rosemont constituency

Plug In Gallery see Venice Biennale International Art Exhibition--Paradise Institute, The

Plum pox virus

    >>Fruit infection, preventing, measures, o.q., 3667(56:1455)

Plutonium see MOX fuels; Nuclear waste--Nuclear weapons plutonium; Nuclear weapons

PNR see Passenger Name Record (PNR)

Poaching see Abalone fishery; Fisheries

Poet Laureate see Parliamentary Poet Laureate

Point Edward, ON see Blue Water Bridge

Pointe-Claire, QC see Human rights--Thibault

Poison see Strychnine--Farmers, obtaining, Gophers


    >>1791 constitution, Constitution Day
    >>>210th anniversary, congratulations, S.O. 31, 3560(54:1405-10)
    >>>211th anniversary, congratulations, S.O. 31, 11121(181:1400)
    >>Martial law, 1981 declaration, rise of solidarity movement, 20th anniversary, S.O. 31, 8240(131:1405)
    >>See also Canadian Executive Service Organization (CESO)

Polar Bear Plate Junior C Tournament see Hockey--Nunavut

Polarization see Political process/system

Poldhu, England see Marconi, Guglielmo


    >>Animals, protecting, increasing measures see Cruelty to animals--Legislation (Bill C-15)(Bill C-15B), Law enforcement
    >>Disarming/attempting to disarm, criminal charge, establishing, maximum five year penalty, 482(10:1215), 3582(54:1625), 3646(56:1250), 3647(56:1300), 3651(56:1330), 5329(82:1030), 5333(82:1100), 5360(82:1625), 5362(82:1645), 5364(82:1655), 5365(82:1705), 5388(82:2020), 6313-5(97:1325-35)
    >>>See also Criminal Code (amdt.--attempting to disarm a peace officer)(Bill C-257); Criminal Law Amendment Act, 2001 (Bill C-15); Criminal Law Amendment Act, 2001 (Bill C-15A)
    >>Early pension entitlement see Canada Pension Plan (amdt.--early pension entitlement for police officers and firefighters)(Bill C-228)
    >>Funding, inadequate, provincial responsibility, etc., 8150-1(129:1740-50)
    >>Infectious disease exposure, right to know, 229(6:1510), 1168(21:1505-10), 3620(55:1210), 4124-32(63:1800-55)
    >>>See also Blood Samples Act (Bill C-217); Blood Samples Act (Bill C-347); Canada Health Act (amdt.--conditions for contributions)(Bill C-280)
    >>Killed in the line of duty
    >>>Government polices, relationship, o.q., 9546-7(154:1455)
    >>>Lax parole system, relationship, o.q., 9543(154:1440)
    >>>Tributes, S.O. 31, 9408-9(152:1105)
    >>>See also Audi, Const. Wael; Diotte, Const. Christine; Ellis, Const. Laura; Lécuyer, Const. Benoît; Seewald, Const. Jurgen Ziggy
    >>Powers, increase, Public Safety Act, 2002 (Bill C-55) provisions, invasive, Privacy Commissioner comments, 11133-49181:1500-5)
    >>See also Aboriginal peoples/communities--Policing; Air transportation security--Increase, Airport security; Borders, international--Security, Customs officers role; Canadian Peacekeeping Service Medal; Canadian Police Week; Diplomatic immunity--Foreign representatives of international organizations; Drug smuggling/trafficking--Border; G-8 Summit (Kananaskis, AB, June 2002)--Expenditures; International conferences--Security, Provincial and municipal police forces; National Police Week; National sex offender registry--Canadian Police Information Centre (CPIC), Registry--Ontario registry system; Ports/harbours; Public works and Government Services Department--Police; Summit of the Americas (April 2001, Quebec City, QC)--Security measures; Torture--Definition

Police and Peace Officer National Memorial

    >>Death in the line of duty, names, inscribed on Memorial, Parliament Hill, Sept. 30, 2001 ceremony, S.O. 31, 5658(87:1410), 5710(88:1055-100)

Police Officer of the Year

    >>Surrey BC Chamber of Commerce award
    >>>2001 recipients, S.O. 31, 3982(61:1405)
    >>>2002 recipients, S.O. 31, 11591(189:1410)

Police reporting and occurrence system (PROS)

Policing see National parks

Policy research initiative annual conference see Privy Council Office

Polio see Drugs and pharmaceuticals--Patent protection, Salk

Political correctness see Canadian Armed Forces--Personnel, Recruiting; Terrorism/terrorists--Causes

Political donations

    >>Charitable donations see Charitable donations
    >>Purpose, benefits, 2869(44:1540)
    >>Tax benefits, reducing, 2869(44:1545)
    >>See also Breweries--Microbreweries, Liberal Party; Canadian Alliance; Charitable and non-profit organizations--Income tax provisions, Charitable status; Drugs and pharmaceuticals--Pharmaceutical industry; Non-governmental organizations (NGOs)--Donations, Benefits

Political parties

    >>Agendas, pro-federalist, 969(17:1610)
    >>Deregistration, seizure and sale of property and assets in fewer than 50 candidates, Communist Party of Canada fighting as unconstitutional, Ontario Court, General Division agreeing, decision partially overturned by Ontario Court of Appeal, 1054-5(19:1540), 1111(20:1215)
    >>Financing, donations, campaign contributions, 928(17:1155), 970(17:1615), 12948-9(210:1340-50), 12964(210:1510)
    >>>Acceptability, standards, o.q., 11713(191:1125)
    >>>Ceiling/limits on contributions, 3185(49:1120)
    >>>Contributors/donors, names, publishing, 978(17:1710)
    >>>Corporations donating to traditional parties, influence, favours, consideration expected, 965(17:1535), 1063(19:1635)
    >>>Crown corporations, guidelines, Liberal government (Chrétien) establishing, 389(9:1050), 10530(170:1915)
    >>>Individual donations, limiting to
    >>>>Manitoba and Quebec legislation, etc., 12310(200:2025)
    >>>>Maximum of $5,000, no corporate donations, 965-6(17:1535), 1063(19:1635-40), 2822(44:1015)
    >>>Individuals/corporations, 3185(49:1120)
    >>>Limits, necessity, 12311(200:2040)
    >>>Political patronage, government contracts, link, 3184-5(49:1115)
    >>>Process, reform, Bloc Québécois proposals, 1274(22:1840), 3184(49:1115)
    >>>Quebec system, 3185(49:1120)
    >>>Tax credit, Saskatchewan, 1068(19:1710)
    >>>Tax credits, benefiting wealthy only, 3185(49:1125)
    >>>Transactions, return form see Chief Electoral Officer's reports
    >>>United States system, comparison, 12311(200:2035-40)
    >>>See also Air transportation security--Increase, Passenger surcharge; Charitable and non-profit organizations--Income tax provisions; Greenhouse gas emissions (climate change/global warming)--Reducing, Canada ratifying protocol, Oil and gas industry; Hydro One; Liberal Party
    >>Leadership campaigns
    >>>Cabinet ministers as candidates
    >>>>Fundraising activities, conflict of interest, ethical guidelines, Ethics Counsellor proposals, o.q., 10391(168:1445), 10646(173:1415-20), 10764(175:1430), 10835(176:1420), 11712(191:1115)
    >>>>Resigning portfolio, o.q., 10835(176:1420)
    >>>>The Ministry and Activities for Personal Political Purposes--Guidelines, Prime Minister Chrétien establishing, not Ethics Counsellor, o.q., 12671(205:1415)
    >>>>See also Liberal Party--Leadership campaign
    >>>Contributors/donors, names, publishing, 961-2(17:1510)
    >>>Financing, donations, disclosure, requiring, 12310(200:2025)
    >>Official party status see Elections--Political parties; House of Commons
    >>Party discipline see Members of Parliament--Independence
    >>Status, small parties, suspended parties, differences, 3180(49:1045)
    >>Uniting the right, co-operation, encouraging, S.O. 31, 10027-8(162:1110)
    >>Women as candidates, assistance, self-imposed quotas, etc., 963-4(17:1520-30)
    >>See also Bloc Québécois; Budget process; Canadian Alliance; Charitable and non-profit organizations--Income tax provisions; Liberal Party; Marijuana Party; New Democratic Party; Progressive Conservative Party

Political process/system

Political risk insurance see Export Development Corporation (EDC)

Political system, federal


Polling stations see Elections

Polls see Liberal government (Chrétien)

Polluter pay principle see Pollution


    >>Canada-United States cross border pollution, Environment and Sustainable Development Standing Committee study see Environment and Sustainable Development Standing Committee--Travel
    >>Canadian Council of Ministers of the Environment pollution prevention awards, recipients
    >>>Cambridge Memorial Hospital, S.O. 31, 11876(194:1415)
    >>>Irving Pulp and Paper, Limited and Irving Oil Limited, S.O. 31, 3869-70(59:1400)
    >>National Pollutant Release Inventory, role, expanding list of substances, air pollution/smog substances, o.q., 7713-4(122:1155)
    >>Polluter pay principle, 899(16:1720)
    >>>North America Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), removing, 59(3:1750)
    >>>See also Greenhouse gas emissions (climate change/global warming)--Reducing, Regions sharing burden; Nuclear waste--Fund
    >>See also Aboriginal peoples/communities; Air pollution/smog; Beluga whales; Drinking water contamination; Fishing--Lead fishing weights; Marine conservation areas; Marine environment--Land based activity/pollution; Persistent Organic Pollutants (POPs); Water/freshwater

Polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) see Toxic/hazardous waste--PCBs

Polyvalente la Samare

    >>Plessisville, QC, Ensemble theatre company, 14th anniversary production, S.O. 31, 9821(159:1355)

Pool, Austin see Humedica

Pooled investment funds see Banks and financial institutions

Pope & Talbot, Inc. see Canada-United States Softwood Lumber Agreement/dispute

Poppy campaign see Royal Canadian Legion

POPs see Persistent Organic Pollutants


    >>Adjustments see Equalization payments
    >>Decline, migration from smaller communities to urban centres, impact, 10815-7(176:1200-15)
    >>Growth see Government expenditures--Increase, Inflation
    >>See also Aging population; Newfoundland and Labrador

Porcupine caribou herd see Caribou

Pork chops see Equalization payments--Jackson


    >>Production, distribution, criminalizing, petitions, 7908(125:1525)
    >>See also Adult entertainment; Child pornography; Penitentiary inmates

Porpoises see Cetaceans

Port-aux-Basques, NF see Marine transportation--Labour factors, Strike/lockout

Port Hope, ON see VIA Rail Canada Inc.

Port Huron, MI see Blue Water Bridge

Port Moody--Coquitlam--Port Coquitlam constituency see Boats--Sewage dumping in public waters; Housing--British Columbia; Moore--References

Port state control program see Marine transportation

Portage--Lisgar constituency

    >>Description, history, 352(8:1520)
    >>Pallister, thanking constituents, 352(8:1520)

Portfolio investments see Banks and financial institutions--Holding companies

Portneuf, QC see Economy/economic conditions

Portneuf constituency

    >>Electing Liberal Member, S.O. 31, 217(6:1405)


    >>Billings Bay Float, Nelson Island, BC, divestiture, qu., 8792(141:1010)
    >>Border security, increasing, possible terrorist entry point, 8030(127:1415), 11957(195:1525), 11961(195:1605)
    >>>S.O. 31, 7606(120:1415)
    >>>See also Ports/harbours--Halifax, Security
    >>>Federal government responsibility/local control, o.q., 4845(75:1145-50)
    >>>S.O. 31, 6586(102:1410)
    >>Digby, NS wharf, not-for-profit society taking over, government funding flipped to private company, o.q., 4272(66:1440-5)
    >>Environmental assessment process, Hamilton, ON and Toronto, ON harbour commissions, 4302-3(66:1815)
    >>Fisheries and Oceans Department harbours, divestiture to harbour committees, Newfoundland, S.O. 31, 2854(44:1415)
    >>Fishing harbours, Gaspé region, QC, investing, increasing, S.O. 31, 2772(42:1410)
    >>Gabriola Island, BC, Green Wharf, retention, o.q., 9104(146:1500)
    >>Halifax, NS
    >>>Economic importance, 168(5:1230)
    >>>Fees, subsidizing ice breaking on St. Lawrence Seaway, 168(5:1230)
    >>>Security, lax, stowaways entering Canada undetected, S.O. 31, 7088(111:1405)
    >>>Sewage dumping, clean-up, federal-provincial-municipal co-operation, etc., 4057(62:1300)
    >>>>Federal funding, Infrastructure Canada Program, Strategic Infrastructure Foundation, etc., 8422(134:1235-40)
    >>>>>o.q., 6886(108:1140)
    >>>>Provincial government lack of support, 8422(134:1240)
    >>>>S.O. 31, 6586(102:1410), 7955(126:1400)
    >>Hamilton, ON
    >>>Bay, paving, solution, 3500(53:1615)
    >>>See also Ports/harbours--Environmental assessment process
    >>Harbour bottoms, government selling, o.q., 4844-5(75:1145)
    >>Harbour solutions project, infrastructure costs, federal, provincial, municipal funding, dividing, 316(7:1600)
    >>Infrastructure, improving, government ignoring, 490(10:1300), 8030(127:1415)
    >>Labour dipsutes/strikes
    >>>Alternative dispute settlement mechanism, necessity, 1510-1(26:1345-50)
    >>>See also Marine transportation--Labour factors; Ports/harbours--West coast ports
    >>Lewisporte, NF marine terminal, closure, job losses, ferry service reduction factor, government inaction, lack of assistance, etc., 12984-5(210:1740-50)
    >>>o.q., 11450(186:1440), 11497(187:1145), 11671(190:1445)
    >>Murdochville, QC see Noranda Inc.--Gaspé copper smelter
    >>>Ports police
    >>>>Disbandment, security companies taking over, o.q., 9656-7(158:1445)
    >>>>Re-establishing, 6273(96:1615)
    >>>Transfer to municipal police, impact, etc., 6538(101:1620), 6544(101:1705)
    >>>See also Drug smuggling/trafficking--Combatting
    >>Prince Rupert, BC, benefitting from Alaska to continental United States rail link, 490(10:1305)
    >>>See also Rail transportation/railways--Prince George, BC
    >>Regional ports/harbours, divestiture, etc., 383-4(9:1010), 4196-204(64:1715-810)
    >>>o.q., 7966(126:1455)
    >>>Quebec taking over, federal-provincial negotiations re funding, etc., o.q., 8064(128:1445)
    >>>See also Canada Marine Act (amdt.)(Bill C-253)
    >>>Increase, Budget 2001 measures, 8077(128:1610)
    >>>>o.q., 9757(158:1445)
    >>>Lack, S.O. 31, 6762(106:1415)
    >>>See also Ports--Policing
    >>Sewage dumping, 3712(57:1120)
    >>>See also Ports/harbours--Halifax, NS--Victoria, BC
    >>Small craft harbours
    >>>Maintenance and repairs
    >>>>$50 million expenditure, etc., o.q., 3935(60:1155), 4532(70:1155)
    >>>>Budget 2001 funding, $100 million over five years, 8181(130:1530-5), 8471(134:1810)
    >>>See also Fisheries--Small Craft Harbour Program funding; Fisheries and Oceans Standing Committee--Reports, Fifth
    >>St. John's, NF, pollution, clean-up, federal funding, availability/lack, election of non-Liberal Member of Parliament factor, etc.
    >>>Harbour in Environment Minister Anderson's constituency clean-up, relationship, o.q., 3057(47:1445), 3217(49:1445)
    >>>Infrastructure Canada Program funding, relationship, 4309-10(66:1920-5), 7924(125:1750)
    >>>>o.q., 3217(49:1445-50), 3798(58:1445)
    >>>M. (Doyle), 3776-84(57:1800-900)
    >>>>Dropped from Order Paper, 3784(57:1900)
    >>>o.q., 3056-7(47:1445-50)
    >>>Priority, governmental, low, 326(7:1705-10)
    >>>S.O. 31, 3210(49:1415), 3658(56:1410)
    >>>Strategic Infrastructure Foundation funding, 8881(142:1305)
    >>>>o.q., 12845(208:1500)
    >>Toronto, ON
    >>>Redeveloping, federal government commitment, Vancouver, BC, ignored, 379(8:1820-5)
    >>>See also Ports/harbours--Environmental assessment process
    >>Two Rivers, NS, Millbrook Band taking over rather than county, o.q., 7564(119:1445)
    >>Vancouver Port Authority, concrete plant construction agreement, Sterling site, etc., qu., 8401-2(134:1010) , 8490(135:1525)
    >>Victoria, BC, sewage dumping, 3764(57:1705), 4057(62:1300)
    >>West coast ports, labour disputes
    >>>Alternative dispute settlement mechanism, necessity, S.O. 31, 4837(75:1110)
    >>>Final offer arbitration, requiring, 2265(37:1000)
    >>>>See also Final Offer Arbitration in Respect of West Coast Ports Operations Act (Bill C-309)
    >>Wharves see Ferry service--Quebec--Wharves leased to operators; Ports--Digby, NS--Gabriola Island, BC
    >>See also Beauport Bay (St. Lawrence River);

Ports police see Ports--Policing


    >>Sampaio, President Jorge, state visit to Canada, May 24-June 1, 2001, S.O. 31, 4265(66:1410)

Portugal Day

    >>Portugal Canadians, celebrating, S.O. 31, 12389(202:1405)

Post offices

    >>Anthrax threat, testing mail from United States, releasing results, o.q., 7714(122:1155)
    >>Mail sorting terminals see Foot and mouth disease--Preventing
    >>Rural, closures, moratorium, o.q., 9658(156:1440)
    >>Terminals, North Sydney, NS, maintaining
    >>>o.q., 5088(78:1455), 7265(114:1450)
    >>>Petitions, 2623(41:1505)
    >>See also Anthrax (terrorist use, threat/cases)--Mail; Banks and financial institutions--Branch closures

Postage stamps

    >>48 cent Canadian stamp, printed in United States, North American Free Trade Agreement, violating, o.q., 12265(200:1440-5), 12267-8(200:1500)
    >>Printing, Ashton Potter facility moving to United States, terminate contract, request, petitions, 4714(73:1525)
    >>Summit of the Americas (April 2001, Quebec City, QC), commemorating, questioning, S.O. 31, 2853(44:1410)
    >>Trudeau, Right Hon. Pierre Elliott, former Prime Minister, commemorating, S.O. 31, 3923(60:1100)
    >>See also Daudelin, Charles; Stamp Month

Postal terminals see Post offices

Postal workers

Post-traumatic stress syndrome see United States, September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks--Victims

Postnatal assistants see Health care system--New mothers

Potash Corporation of Saskatchewan

    >>Privatization, 3170(48:1710)
    >>>Profitable before and after, 3159-60(48:1600)

Potash mining industry

    >>Exports see Beef--Brazilian beef, Retaliation
    >>Saskatchewan, S.O. 31, 2302(37:1410)

Potato industry

Potvin, Maryse see Media--English language media

Poulain, Olivier see TD Canada Trust Scholarship for Outstanding Community Leadership

Poultry industry see Egg and poultry industry; Shaver Poultry Breeding Farms Limited

Pound, Richard see Gold Medallion Award


    >>Budget 2001 not addressing, 8849(141:1720)
    >>>See also Poverty--gap between rich and poor
    >>Combatting, 9379(151:1605)
    >>>Club 2/3 demonstration, March 2/3, S.O. 31, 11490(187:1110)
    >>Definition, 9379(151:1600)
    >>>Other countries, comparison, 9380(151:1615)
    >>>Workable, qu., 3494(53:1545)
    >>Developing countries, combatting, world economic forum initiatives, o.q., 8758-9(140:1440)
    >>Eradication, 6673-4(104:1525-30)
    >>>Inter-American Institute for Cooperation on Agriculture, meeting, o.q., 7839(124:1455)
    >>>Renewed effort, need, S.O. 31, (97:1410)
    >>>See also Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA)--Mandate
    >>Gap between rich and poor
    >>>Budget 2001 not addressing, 8407(134:1035), 8414(134:1130), 8808(141:1240)
    >>>Government role, S.O. 31, 1763(30:1110)
    >>>Increase, 1471(25:1300), 8156(129:1830), 8780(140:1710), 8808(141:1240)
    >>>>Impact, etc., 8846(141:1700)
    >>>Reducing, increasing transfer payments to provinces, using budget surplus, o.q., 4098(63:1445), 4175(64:1445)
    >>Government initiatives, lack, (4:1145), 6852(107:1600)
    >>>Canadian Food Bank Association, report, o.q., 12392(202:1425)
    >>>o.q., 6259(96:1445)
    >>>Poor not voting factor, 8808(141:1240)
    >>Increase, 2343(37:1840), 6682(104:1640-5)
    >>Single mothers, 25% rate, National Council of Welfare report, S.O. 31, 8710(139:1405)
    >>Social issues, 6856(107:1640)
    >>Women, World March of women raising awareness, solutions, etc., 81-2(4:1145-50), 83(4:1155)
    >>See also Banks and financial institutions; Bread and roses poverty march (May 26, 1995); Budget surplus; Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA)--Success; Capital gains tax--Reduction; Child/family poverty; Credit unions/caisses populaires; Disabled and handicapped persons--Disadvantaged; Discrimination and racism; Drug and substance abuse; Employment insurance--Eligibility; Free trade; Globalization, global economy/marketplace; International Day for the Eradication of Poverty; North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA); Senior citizens; Telegdi--References; Terrorism/terrorists--Causes, Despair--Combatting; Trade; Trade agreements; Women--Senior citizens; World Partnership Walk

POWA see Program for Older Worker Adjustment (POWA)

Powell, Colin see United States

Power lines see Electricity transmission lines

Power of attorney see Elections

Power of disallowance see Constitution

Power of reservation see Constitution

Poy, William

    >>Veteran, father of Right Hon. Adrienne Clarkson, death, tribute, S.O. 31, 8711(139:1410)