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The Hansard Index is the key to information about what is said by Members of Parliament in the House of Commons during the 37th Parliament, 1st Session. The subject entries will either provide reference to a page number or, a combination of page number followed by the issue sitting number and time checks in the daily Hansard.

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37th Parliament, 1st Session   (January 29, 2001 - September 16, 2002)  Latest Session
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Incorporation of the Conference of Mennonites in Canada Act (amdt.)(Bill S-25)--Alcock

    >>Second reading, Committee of the Whole referral, committee stage, reported, concurrence, third reading, 4557-61(71:1105-30), agreed to, 4561(71:1135), passed.
    >>Royal Assent, 5114(78A:1700)
    >>See also Mennonite community--Mennonite Church of Canada

Indexing see Disabled and handicapped persons--Income tax provisions, Disability tax credit; Income tax; Old age security; Registered retirement savings plans (RRSPs)--Contribution limits; Social programs--Canadian benefit system


    >>Diplomatic relations with Canada, restoring, impact, o.q., 1984-5(33:1500)
    >>>See also Canada-Pakistan relations
    >>Earthquake, Gujarat State, January 22, 2001, 13,000 plus deaths, humanitarian/emergency aid, etc., Canada response, 278(7:1200)
    >>>Candlelight vigil in memory of victims, S.O. 31, 996(18:1400)
    >>>Families and orphans, assistance, visas, priority processing, o.q., 226(6:1450)
    >>>o.q., 32(3:1440-5), 159-60(5:1140)
    >>>S.O. 31, 23(3:1400), 25(3:1405), 102-3(4:1405-10)
    >>Free trade, benefits, 6573(102:1235)
    >>See also Agriculture; CANDU reactors--Export sales; Greenhouse gas emissions (climate change/global warming)--Reducing, International consultations; Kashmir; Trade

India-Pakistan relations

    >>Border disputes, rising tensions, threat of nuclear weapons use, peaceful settlement, Canada role, o.q., 12398(202:1450-5)
    >>>See also Kashmir

Indian Act

    >>Relevance, lack, reform, need, 3489-92(53:1510-30), 9387(151:1700)
    >>See also Indian bands/reserves--Elimination of reserve system and Indian Act--Land management

Indian Act (amdt.--election of chiefs and councils)(Bill C-307)--Benoit

Indian Affairs and Northern Development Department

    >>Atlantic regional office, Amherst, NS, relocation study, 11870-2(193:1910-5)
    >>>o.q., 9301(150:1500)
    >>>S.O. 31, 9409(152:1110), 9824(159:1410)
    >>Budget 2001 measures, 8117(129:1350)
    >>>See also Aboriginal peoples/communities--Budget 2001 measures
    >>Budget increases since 1993, 8416(134:1150)
    >>Estimates see Estimates--2000-2001, Supplementary (A)--2001-2002, Main
    >>Mismanagement and waste, 8211(131:1025)
    >>>Auditor General's findings, 8096(129:1115-20)
    >>See also Aboriginal peoples/communities--Education, Youth Indian bands/reserves--Financial management/accountability

Indian Affairs and Northern Development Minister see Nunavut--Land claims agreement of 1993

Indian and Inuit Affairs Program see Estimates--2000-2001, supplementary (A), Indian Affairs and Northern Development Department

Indian bands/reserves

    >>Democracy, lack, unelected, unaccountable chiefs, 85299136:1200)
    >>Elections, 12756-7(207:1235-40), 12788(207:1615)
    >>>Elections Canada supervising, 91(4:1250), 1989(33:1530)
    >>>>o.q., 1833-4(31:1450)
    >>>See also Indian Act (amdt.--election of chiefs and councils)(Bill C-307)
    >>Elimination of reserves system and Indian Act, 91(4:1250)
    >>Financial management/accountability
    >>>Alberta chiefs summit, addressing, 1811-2(31:1245)
    >>>Auditor General's findings, 8567(136:1650)
    >>>>April 1999 report, mismanagement allegations, 1813-4(31:1300-5), 1863-4(31:1805)
    >>>>Misuse of taxpayers money, 8096(129:1115)
    >>>Bloc Quebecois position, 1813-5(31:1300-10)
    >>>Business dealings, contract fulfilment, 1812-3(31:1255), 1821(31:1345)
    >>>>Government, third party management practices, impact, 8834(141:1525), 12852(208:1540-5)
    >>>>>o.q., 8870-1(142:1145-50)
    >>>Canadian Alliance position, 12755-6(207:1230-40)
    >>>Contribution agreements, use of funds, publicly reported, audited, M. on supply (Elley), 1805-22(31:1200-355), 1846-65(31:1605-815), agreed to, 1865(31:1815)
    >>>>Amdt. (Vellacott), 1809(31:1225), negatived, on division, 1865(31:1815)
    >>>First Nations Auditor, First Nations Ombudsman, establishing, 5723(88:1215), 8841(141:1620), 122976-84(210:1645-1740)
    >>>>See also First Nations Governance Review Act (Bill C-399)
    >>>>o.q., 12777(207:1450)
    >>>Forensic audit, government instituting, jurisdiction factor, o.q., 826(15:1145)
    >>>Government funds disappearing, 9600(155:1600)
    >>>Indian Affairs and Northern Development Department, responsibility, 435(9:1535), 1814-5(31:1305)
    >>>>o.q., 1327-8(23:1455), 1833(31:1450)
    >>>>S.O. 31, 1238(22:1405)
    >>>Lack, 8528-9(136:1155-200), 8657(138:1625)
    >>>Legislation see First Nations Governance Act (Bill C-61)
    >>>Private/public funds, co-mingling, Montana Band of Indians vs Canada, 1989 Federal Court decision, impact, 1856-7(31:1715-20), 1858-9(31:1730-5)
    >>>Subject to Access to Information Act, 85299136:1200)
    >>>See also Eskasoni Band; Membertou First Nation; Sagkeeng Indian Bank; Sayisi Dene Nation
    >>Kanesatake, Mohawk police station, shots fired at, Grand Chief Gabriel, federal government assistance, request, o.q., 7374(116:1435), 8248(131:1450)
    >>Kanesatake governance of the interim land base, agreement, tabled, 2265(37:1005)
    >>Lakeland aboriginal task force recommendations, 12785-6(207:1545-55)
    >>Land management, control, opting out of Indian Act, First Nations Land Management Act (Bill C-49)(36th Parl., 1st Sess.), 6877(108:1045)
    >>Law enforcement, unelected band councils, powers, o.q., 12776-7(207:1450)
    >>Non-status Indians see Aboriginal peoples--Métis and non-status Indians
    >>Private property ownership, allowing, 91(4:1250-55)
    >>See also Cigarette smuggling--Tobacco taxes, Resumption; Drinking water; Drinking water contamination--Aboriginal communities/Indian reserves; Early Childhood Development initiative--Federal contribution; Environmental assessment; Mohawk Internet technology park; Morricetown Band Council; Ports/harbours--Two Rivers, NS; Serpent Mounds Park; Waste--Industrial waste dumping

Indian Claims Commission

    >>Annual Report (1999-2000), tabled, 3262(50:1205)
    >>Annual Report (2000-2001), tabled, 9917(161:1005)
    >>Costs, $6 million, 12296(200:1840)
    >>Mandate, priorities, 12296(200:1840)
    >>Privy Council Office, relationship, 12296(200:1840)

Indigenous peoples/governments see Free Trade Area of the Americas--Aboriginal peoples; Summit of the Americas (April 2001, Quebec City, QC)

Indigo see Book-publishing industry--Corporate concentration

Industrial adjustment programs

    >>Human Resources Development Department, Industrial Adjustment Service (IAS), effectiveness, 6852(107:1600), 6854(107:1615)

Industrial contaminated sites see Brownfields (contaminated sites)

Industrial parks see Laval, QC

Industrial Research Assistance Program (IRAP)

    >>Small and medium business funding, benefits, 867(16:1350)
    >>>o.q., 10841(176:1455)

Industrial strategy see Shipbuilding industry--Government multisectoral industrial strategy

Industrial waste see Waste


    >>Government regulation, weakness, etc., S.O. 31, 9284(132:1115)
    >>See also Canada Foundation for Sustainable Development Technology--Legislation, Consultations--Private sector/business/industry role; Drinking water--Safety, Agricultural and industrial activity; Montreal, QC; Technology--Private sector/business/industry role

Industry Department

    >>Estimates see Estimates--2001-2002, Main--2001-2002, Supplementary (B)--2002-2003, Main
    >>Repayable contributions under department programs, 12232(200:1055)
    >>>See also Technology Partnerships Canada--Loans/investments
    >>See also Auberge Grand-Mère--Funding controversy, Grand Mère golf course; Canada Community Investment Plan (CCIP)--Shawinigan, QC; Colwood, BC--Rogers and Seacoast Communication transmission towers; Drugs and pharmaceuticals--Patent protection; Electronic commerce (Internet)--SourceCAN; Ethics Counsellor; Financial Consumer Agency of Canada--Consumer protection role; Government on-line services (Internet)--Strategis; Greenhouse gas emissions (climate change/global warming)--Reducing, Costs; Pratt & Whitney Canada Corp.

Industry, Science and Technology Standing Committee

    >>Chair, Whelan, opposition motion to call Jonas Prince, denying
    >>>Motion to report ruling to House, disallowing, 2541-2(39:1500-10)
    >>>Undemocratic, o.q., 2308-9(37:1445-50)
    >>Name, new, amending Standing Order 104(2)(k), M. (Lee), agreed to, by unanimous consent, 786(14:1545)
    >>Reports, presented
    >>>First (Patent Act (amdt.)(Bill S-17)), 4404(68:1505)
    >>>Second (Industry Department estimates, 2001-2002, main, 4404(68:1505)
    >>>Third (Canada Business Corporations Act and Canada Cooperatives Act (amdt.)(Bill S-11)), 4711(73:1505)
    >>>Fourth(Transparency in the Information Age: The Lobbyists Registration Act in the 21st Century), 4945-6(77:1005)
    >>>>g.r., tabled, 7218(113:1200)
    >>>Fifth (A Canadian Innovation Agenda for the Twenty-First Century), 4946(77:1010)
    >>>>g.r., tabled, 7217(113:1200)
    >>>Sixth (Getting Back to Business", United States, September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks, economic impact on Canada), 7531(119:1010)
    >>>Seventh (Competition Act and Competition Tribunal Act (amdt.)(Bill C-23)), 7907(125:1520)
    >>>Eighth (Plan to Modernize Canada's Competition Regime), 10683(174:1005)
    >>>Ninth (Industry Department, estimates, 2002-2003, main), 11997(196:1205)
    >>>Tenth (Canada's Innovation Strategy: Peer Review and the Allocation of Federal Research Funds), 12612(204:1510)
    >>>Eleventh (Competition Act (amdt.)(Bill C-248), consideration extension of time requested), 12612(204:1510)
    >>See also Auberge Grand-Mère--Funding controversy, Ethics Counsellor; Canada Business Corporations Act and Canada Cooperatives Act (amdt.)(Bill S-11); Competition Act and Competition Tribunal Act (amdt.)(Bill C-23); Drugs and pharmaceuticals--Generic drugs, Notice of compliance

Industry sector councils

    >>Government funding, Budget 2001 measure, 8189(130:1630), 8314(133:1310)
    >>See also Agriculture; Labour force--Training, Skills development

Infectious diseases

    >>Health Department role, 3751(57:1525)
    >>See also Canada Health Act (amdt.--conditions for contributions(Bill C-280); Canadian Science Centre for Animal and Human Health; Firefighters/emergency response personnel; National Microbiology Laboratory--Level four containment laboratory; Police

Infertility clinics see Reproductive and genetic technologies--Fertility/infertility clinics


    >>Decline, 9718(157:1240)
    >>International convention, Canada low inflation country, o.q., 4219(65:1120)
    >>Low and stable, 10(2:1530), 8346(133:1625), 8421(134:1225)
    >>Rate, 3.6%, May 18, 2001, Economic Statement 2001 forecast, relationship, o.q., 4218-9(65:1115-20)
    >>Targets, meeting, 8083(128:1655)
    >>See also Dollar exchange rate--Decline; Government expenditures--Increase; Income tax--Provincial income tax, Federal government collecting

Influence peddling see Liberal Party--Donations

Influenza pandemic

    >>Protecting Canadians against, Health Department plans, o.q., 6890(108:1200)

InfoInteractive see Information technology

Information and Communications Technology Week

Information Commissioner see Access to Information Commissioner

Information economy see Knowledge/information economy

Information system see Government

Information technology

    >>InfoInteractive, Halifax, NS, 168(5:1230)
    >>See also Digital Opportunities Task force (G-8); Health care system--Renewal; Information and Communications Technology Week; National Defence Department--Computer systems; Trade--China, AKD International

Information Technology Week


    >>1993, 1997 programs, municipality decisions, 365(8:1645-50)
    >>1993, Liberal government (Chrétien) election promises, follow through, questionable, 364(8:1640)
    >>Budget 2001 measures, 8114(129:1320-5), 8353(133:1730), 8406(134:1025-30), 8407(134:1035), 8430(134:1335), 8462(134:1705), 8462(134:1705-10), 8469(134:1755), 8768(140:1535)
    >>>See also Infrastructure--Federal government infrastructure; Infrastructure Canada Program; Strategic Infrastructure Foundation
    >>Deteriorating, Liberal government (Chrétien) responsibility, 364-5(8:1640)
    >>Federal government infrastructure, Budget 2001 funding, $250 million, health and safety factors, 8406(134:1030)
    >>Funds, spending, municipality decisions, 365-6(8:1650)
    >>Government funding
    >>>Distribution, regional equity, lack, 365(8:1645)
    >>>Inadequate, 3543(54:1205), 7104(111:1545)
    >>>Job creation role, 8780(140:1710)
    >>>Lack, impact, 9608(155:1740)
    >>>Role, importance, 8081(128:1645)
    >>>>S.O. 31, 2531-2(39:1410)
    >>>See also Gatineau, QC--Connor Building; Government expenditures--Necessity; Infrastructure--Quebec
    >>Government investment, need, 42(3:1540-5), 7110(111:1635)
    >>Government programs, administrative costs, $6.8 million, 8312(133:1255)
    >>Manley, Deputy Prime Minister/Infrastructure Minister, role, 8768(140:1535)
    >>>See also Strategic Infrastructure Foundation--Manley
    >>Municipalities, needs, federal government role, programs, etc., 8222(131:1155)
    >>>o.q., 8997(144:1450), 9582(155:1425-30), 12038(197:1450), 12717(206:1140)
    >>Neglect, 4061(62:1330)
    >>Protection, 9718(157:1245)
    >>>See also Office of Critical Infrastructure Protection and Emergency Preparedness
    >>>Federal government funding, 8318(133:1340)
    >>>>Election promises not kept, o.q., 8995(144:1435)
    >>>Provincial government funding, 8101(129:1150)
    >>>>o.q., 8868(142:1135)
    >>Strengthening, importance, municipal co-operation, 315(7:1550)
    >>United States spending, 490(10:1305)
    >>See also Airports; Atlantic Innovation Fund; Border, Canada-United States; Canada Foundation for Innovation--Research infrastructure funding role; Drinking water--Safety, Decline; Energy--Security of energy systems and infrastructure; Environment; L`@venue-Centre Internet communautaire; Marine infrastructure; Ottawa, ON; Ports/harbours--Harbour solutions project; Public transit; Rural/remote/natural resource communities/regions; Strategic Infrastructure Foundation; Summit of the Americas (April 2001, Quebec City, QC); Terrorism/terrorists--Domestic targets; Trans-Canada Highway; Transportation; Universities and colleges

Infrastructure Canada Program

    >>$6 billion program
    >>>Accelerating, federal-provincial negotiations, etc., 7923-4(125:1750-800)
    >>>o.q., 6377(98:1200)
    >>Arena, Winnipeg, MB, privately owned, funding proposal, o.q., 4588-9(71:1445)
    >>Atlantic Canada, underfunded, o.q., 6623(103:1140)
    >>Auditor Canada auditing, 9424(152:1230)
    >>Budget 2001 measures, 8108(129:1240)
    >>>Environmental projects, etc., possibility, o.q., 6935(109:1455-500)
    >>>Reaffirming commitment, 8347(133:1640)
    >>>See also Strategic Infrastructure Foundation
    >>Bureaucratic delays, Saskatchewan, etc., o.q., 3662-3(56:1435), 3747(57:1455)
    >>Canada-Nunavut agreement, signed, o.q., 8011(127:1155)
    >>Canada-Quebec agreement/program
    >>>Argenteuii--Papineau--Mirabel constituency projects, Ripon, QC, Montpelier, QC, Mirabel, QC, S.O. 31, 10232(165(1405)
    >>>Kénogami curling club, Joncquière constituency, funding, S.O. 31, 12874(209:1405)
    >>>o.q., 6482-3(100:1455)
    >>>Quebec City, QC projects, Charlesbourg--Jacques-Cartier constituency, S.O. 31, 10452-3(169:1410)
    >>>Rivière-des-Milles-Îles constituency projects, S.O. 31, 10300(166:1355)
    >>>S.O. 31, 6474-5(100:1405-10), 8003(127:1110)
    >>>Saint-Hyacinthe, QC, multi purpose performance space, S.O. 31, 11442(186:1355)
    >>>See also Corporation de développement communautaire Drummond
    >>Effectiveness, economic stimulus role, etc., 7923-4(125:1750, 9719(157:1255)
    >>>o.q., 6376-7(98:1200)
    >>Environmental/green projects, 7924(125:1750-5), 7925(125:1800)
    >>>o.q., 4704(73:1430), 6522(101:1425)
    >>>Provincial and municipal matching funds requirement, o.q., 4529-30(70:1135)
    >>>See also Infrastructure Canada Program--Budget 2001 measures
    >>Establishment in 1994, role, etc., 84(4:1205)
    >>Federal-provincial-municipal funding, 291(7:1330)
    >>Federation of Canadian Municipalities request for major investments, o.q., 6667-8(104:1455)
    >>Government expenditures
    >>>$2.65 billion over six years, 315(7:1550), 1922(32:1540), 8081(128:1645), 8353(133:1730)
    >>>>o.q., 607(12:1455), 4093(63:1415)
    >>>$600 million over three years, 8101(129:1155)
    >>Job creation role, 8189(130:1630), 9424(152:1230)
    >>Local decision-making factor, 3118(47:2155)
    >>>Benefitting, projects, $2 billion, etc., 315(7:1550), 316(7:1600)
    >>>>o.q., 1249(22:1500), 3877(59:1430-5), 3932(60:1140-5), 4175(64:1440), 11129(181:1440), 12678(205:1455)
    >>>Consultations, 7924(125:1755)
    >>>Role, Finance Minister Martin remarks, 8857(142:1020)
    >>New program, need for, S.O. 31, 5711-2(88:1105)
    >>Newfoundland and Labrador, 7923-4(125:1750-5)
    >>Philippine Canadian Centre, Winnipeg, MB, funding, o.q., 4988(77:1440)
    >>Project selection process, 7924-5(125:1800)
    >>Recreation centre, North Preston community, Halifax, NS, funding lack, o.q., 6623(103:1140)
    >>Regions, investments, 8857-8(142:1025)
    >>Rural municipalities, designated funds, 3091(47:1850-5), 3093(47:1905)
    >>>o.q., 4529(70:1135)
    >>Special interest groups benefitting, 8860(142:1045)
    >>Sports facilities, funding, 9424(152:1230)
    >>United States, September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks, relationship, o.q., 5661(87:1425), 5907(91:1425)
    >>See also Drinking water--Municipal water and sewage systems; Environment; Farm income crisis--Funding, Availability; Fraser River--Pollution clean-up; Highways and roads--Federal government expenditures--New Brunswick--Quebec; Ports/harbours--Halifax, NS--St. Johns, NF; Public transit--Federal government funding; Strategic Infrastructure Foundation; University of Waterloo--Architecture school building--High technology research

ING Bank of Canada see Banks and financial institutions--Virtual banks

Ingstad, Helge

    >>Archaeologist, explorer, L'Anse aux Meadows Viking settlement discoverer, death, tribute, S.O. 31, 2610(41:1400)

Inhalants and sniff products

    >>Sale for purpose of intoxication, making criminal code offence, 3803(58:1510)
    >>>See also Criminal Code (amdt.--sale of intoxicating products)(Bill C-349)

Inno-Centre Alberta see Western Economic Diversification Canada--Alberta

Innovaction see Health Department


    >>Atlantic Canada, importance, 290(7:1325)
    >>Budget 2001, relationship, 8407(134:1035), 8856(142:1010)
    >>Federal government funding see Government expenditures--New initiatives
    >>Importance, economic, social and environmental well-being, 324(7:1650), 357(8:1555), 374(8:1750), 852(16:1200), 853-5(16:1210-20)
    >>>Importance, 178-9(5:1330-5)
    >>>Tax reductions, 2652(41:1820)
    >>Innovation agenda/strategy, 8145(129:1700)
    >>>o.q., 8917-8(143:1415), 10604(172:1155), 11452-3(186:1450)
    >>>Stakeholders, involving, o.q., 7711-2(122:1145)
    >>>See also Canadian Academies of Science; Cintec International Limited; Industry, Science and Technology Standing Committee--Reports, Tenth; Internet--Government expenditures; Western Economic Development Canada--Alberta
    >>Quality of life, relationship, 70(4:1025), 374(8:1750)
    >>Taxation, relationship, 2847(44:1335)
    >>See also Agriculture--Research and development; Atlantic Innovation Fund; Canada Foundation for Sustainable Development Technology; Capital tax--Eliminating; Corporations; Economy/economic conditions; Farm income crisis--Research and development; Industry, Science and Technology Standing Committee--Reports, Fifth; Natural resource industries--Technology; Sustainable development--Technology; Technology--Northumberland constituency


    >>First Nation status, granting, government action, requesting, S.O. 31, 818(15:1105-10)

Insectarium de Montréal

    >>Insect museum, largest in North America, prestigious collection, S.O. 31, 4065(62:1400)

Insects see Bees; Beetles

Insider trading see Corporations

Institut Armand Frappier see Health research

Institut Nazareth et Louis-Braille

    >>French language school for blind youth, 140th anniversary, tribute, S.O. 31, 6659(104:1410)

Institute for Research on Public Policy see Elections--Proportional representation

Institute of Kidney and Urinary Tract Diseases see Kidney disease--Research

Instrument landing systems see Airports--Terrace, BC


    >>Diabetes treatment
    >>>Access, public inquiry requesting, o.q., 8760(140:1450)
    >>>Discovery by Sir Frederick Banting, 75th anniversary, tribute, S.O. 31, 470(10:1110)
    >>>Genetically modified, harmful, physician/diabetics complaints, animal insulin, providing, government ensuring, o.q., 604(12:1440)
    >>>Synthetic insulin, adverse health effects, deaths, etc.
    >>>>o.q., 8759-60(140:1440-50)
    >>>>S.O. 31, 9407(152:1055)


    >>Importance, 540(11:1525)
    >>See also Air transportation--United States, September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks; Automobile insurance; Banks and financial institutions; Boats--Recreational; Credit unions/caisses populaires; Disability insurance; Farm income crisis; Marine transportation--Shipowners liability for carriage of goods/passengers; Oil spills--Shipowners liability; Risk insurance; United States, September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks--Aircraft

Insurance companies

    >>Demutualized insurance companies, acquisitions or mergers, possibility, qu., 8178-9(130:1520)
    >>Establishing new companies, easier, lower capital requirements, 540(11:1525)
    >>International markets, Americas, potential, 759(14:1310), 2372(37:2205)
    >>See also Life insurance companies

Integrated environmental information system see Sustainable development--Sustainable development indicators

Integrity see Liberal government (Chrétien)

Intellecutual Disability Week

    >>Quebec, awareness campaign, S.O. 31, 9537(154:1405)

Intellectual property

    >>Commercializing, 2644(41:1725)
    >>Legislation, modernizing, Throne Speech statement, 12(2:1530)
    >>Rights, protecting, importance
    >>>Bloc Québécois position, 3673-4(56:1530-5)
    >>>Canadian Alliance position, 3672(56:1520)
    >>>Government position, lack, 3676(56:1550)
    >>>Trade agreements, 2347(37:1905)
    >>Trade-Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights agreement (TRIPS), General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (GATT), Uruguay Round, 3675(56:1545), 3849(59:1130)
    >>See also Canada Foundation for Sustainable Development Technology; Copyright; Drugs and pharmaceuticals--Research and development; Health research; Knowledge/information economy

Intelligence services

    >>Government funding, cutbacks, 5496(84:1555)
    >>Sharing of information among agencies and with United States, Progressive Conservative Party/Democratic Representative Caucus Coalition proposal, 7717-8(122:1220-5), 7946(126:1245)
    >>See also National security; Terrorism/terrorists, combatting--Non-military components; United States, September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks

Inter-American Conference of Ministers of Labour

    >>12th, Ottawa, ON, October 2001, goals, etc., o.q., 6261(96:1500).

Inter-American Convention to Prevent and Punish Torture

Inter-American Democratic Charter

    >>Organization of American States (OAS), adopting, o.q., 5981(92:1455)
    >>See also Free Trade Area of the Americas--Democracy

Inter-American Development Bank

    >>Fortaleza, Brazil meeting, agenda, o.q., 9711(157:1200)

Inter-American Institute for Cooperation on Agriculture see Poverty--Eradication

Interactive video and computer games see Violence/violent offences

Interbasin water transfers see Water exports--Banning

Interdiction program see Immigration

Interest see Income tax--Provincial income tax, Federal government collecting; Mortgages--Early repayment without interest penalty

Interest Act (amdt.--interest payable on repayment of a mortgage loan before maturity)(Bill C-223)--Nystrom

    >>First reading, 259(7:1005)
    >>See also Mortgages--Early repayment without interest penalty

Interest rates

Intermediate zones see Income tax--Rural and remote communities

Intergenerational equity see Environment

Interim orders see Air transportation security--Increase

Internal audits see Public Accounts Standing Committee--Reports, Seventh

International agencies, organizations

    >>Canadian membership, criteria/costs, 1016-7(93:1040-50), 7430-1(117:1225)
    >>Environmental, human rights, labour standards, maintaining, 3026(47:1130), 3027(47:1140)
    >>See also Arctic Council; Diplomatic immunity

International agreements, conventions, and treaties

    >>Consultations with provincial governments, 2440-1(38:1520-5)
    >>>See also Conclusion of Treaties Act (Bill C-317)
    >>Implementation, measures, 6036-7(93:1250-1300), 7430(117:1220), 12682(205:1520)
    >>Number signed, implemented, increase, 5724(88:1215)
    >>Parliamentary ratification, 804-5(14:1740-5), 806-7(14:1755-805), 2008(33:1725), 2026(33:1920), 2052(33:2220), 5708-9(88:1050), 5724(88:1215)
    >>>Bloc Québecois proposals, 797-8(14:1700), 6561-2(102:1055-100)
    >>>Canadian Alliance position, examples cited, etc., 741-3(14:1110-20), 5957(92:1135)
    >>>Committees, Parliamentary, role, 803(14:1735)
    >>>International comparison, 804(14:1745), 805(14:1750), 807(14:1800), 1322(23:1425)
    >>>Lack of process, 746(14:1140)
    >>>Public hearings prior to, 2440(38:1520)
    >>>>See also Treaty Approval Act (Bill C-315)
    >>>See also Environment; Free Trade Area of the Americas--Parliament; Income tax agreements, conventions and treaties; North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA)--Progressive Conservative government (Mulroney) role; North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO)--Expansion; Terrorism/terrorists--Combatting, Anti-terrorism Act (Bill C-36); Trade agreements
    >>Provinces role, federal-provincial jurisdiction factor, 745(14:1135), 807(14:1800), 5709(88:1050), 6562(102:1100)
    >>>Quebec participating in negotiations, European Union examples, etc., o.q., 1457-8(25:1135), 2363(37:2105)
    >>>See also Free Trade Area of the Americas--Federal-provincial jurisdiction factor
    >>Publication of treaties, 2440(38:1520)
    >>>See also Treaty Publication Act (Bill C-316)
    >>Sovereignty, relationship, 762-3(14:1330)
    >>Tabling in House of Commons, 2440(38:1520)
    >>>See also Tabling of Treaties Act (Bill C-314)
    >>Treaties in force
    >>>1999 list, with CD-ROM text, tabled, 2081(34:1005-10)
    >>>2000 list, with CD-ROM text, tabled, 8873(142:1205)
    >>>2001 list, tabled, 12194(199:1520)
    >>See also Airlines--International flights; Antarctica--Antarctic treaty system; Biological Diversity Convention; Canada-United States Air Quality Agreement; Human rights--Regional treaties; Inter-American Convention to Prevent and Punish Torture; Marine Transportation--Safety factors--Shipowners liability for carriage of goods/passengers; Oil spills--Shipowners liability; Quebec separation/sovereignty; Toxic/hazardous waste--Transboundary movement; Trade agreements; Treaties Act (Bill C-313) United Nations conventions

International aid see Foreign aid; Humanitarian/emergency aid

International Air transport Association (IATA) see Air transportation security--Increase, Passenger surcharge

International armed conflict/war

    >>Preventing, Canadian measures, 171-2(5:1250)
    >>See also Children; Water/freshwater; Women

International Association of Firefighters see Firefighters/emergency response personnel--Early pension entitlement--Toxic/hazardous substances

International Astronomy Day

    >>Celebrations, S.O. 31, 3250-1(50:1105)

International Atomic Energy Agency

    >>Membership, North Korea, withdrawal, rejoining, Canada encouraging, o.q., 697-8(13:1455)

International Awareness Day for Chronic Immunological and Neurological Diseases

International Boundary Waters Treaty Act (amdt.)(Bill C-6)--Minister of Foreign Affairs (Manley)

International capital markets/financial transactions

International Centre of Human Rights and Democratic Development

    >>Allmand, Hon. Warren, President, retirement, replacement, o.q., 11948(195:1430)

International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) see Air transportation security

International co-operation see Borders, international--Security

International competitiveness

    >>Canadian ranking, World Economic Forum and Harvard University, o.q., 6841(107:1445)6931(109:1440)
    >>Decline, 11464(186:1625)
    >>>o.q., 3051(47:1415)
    >>Government failure to address issue, o.q., 9192(148:1415)
    >>Other countries, comparison, 9599(155:1630)
    >>>KPMG January 2002 report, 10944-5(178:1545-50)
    >>See also Air transportation security--Increase, Air marshals; Banks and financial institutions; Dollar exchange rate--Decline, Productivity; Export Development Corporation (EDC)--Balanced approach; Greenhouse gas emissions (climate change/global warming)--Reducing; Income tax; Natural resource industries--Legislation; Securities industry--Securities and derivatives clearing houses; Tax reductions--Necessity; Taxation--High taxes

International conferences

International Convention for the Suppression of Terrorist Bombings see Terrorism/terrorists--Bombings

International Convention for the Suppression of the Financing of Terrorism see Terrorism/terrorists--Funds/assets

International Convention on the Elimination of all Forms of Racial Discrimination see Discrimination and racism

International Criminal Court

    >>Accountability, 10271-2(166:1005)
    >>Canadian sovereignty, impact, Canadian peacekeepers, etc., 742-3(14:1115-20)
    >>Establishing, Rome statute of International Criminal Court, treaty
    >>>Preparation meetings, The Hague, Netherlands, Canada participation, S.O. 31, 9652(156:1405)
    >>>Ratification, 5876(90:1535)
    >>>>60th state, deposit with United Nations
    >>>>>S.O. 31, 10232-3(165:1405)
    >>>>>Statement by Minister (Graham), 10271-3(166:1005-15)
    >>>>S.O. 31, 526(11:1410), 10301(166:1400)
    >>>>United States failure/refusal, 10272-3(166:1010-5)
    >>>>>o.q., 10236(165:1430)
    >>>Syria, ratification and implementation, S.O. 31, 7158(112:1410)
    >>International criminal lawyers' association, creating, conference, S.O. 31, 7894(125:1405-10)
    >>Role/purpose, trying genocide, crimes against humanity and war crimes, 10271-2(166:1005)
    >>>Canadian involvement, 171(5:1245-50), 5872(90:1505), 7316(115:1205)
    >>See also Crimes against humanity--Perpetrators; Terrorist/terrorists--Combatting--Crime/criminalization; United States, September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks--Criminals

International criminal lawyers' association see International Criminal Court

International Criminal Tribunal

International Dance Day

International day see Regional development

International Day for Biological Diversity

International Day for the Abolition of Slavery

    >>December 2, marking, S.O. 31, 7705(122:1110)

International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination

    >>March 21, importance, 2041(33:2100-5)
    >>>Campaign, 5838(90:1055)
    >>>Canadian Heritage Department sponsored youth video competition, winners and participants, congratulations, S.O. 31, 9947-8(161:1410)
    >>>o.q., 1982(33:1445)
    >>>S.O. 31, 1975-6(33:1410), 9948(161:1410)
    >>>Youth, participation, 5838(90:1055)

International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women

International Day for the Eradication of Poverty

International Day of Disabled Persons

International Day of Families

International Day of Older Persons

    >>Senior citizens, contribution to society, acknowledging, S.O. 31, 5765(89:1400)

International Day of Tolerance

    >>November 16, United Nations declaration, S.O. 31, 7329-30(115:1400)

International Day of Volunteers

    >>December 5, United Nations declaration, S.O. 31, 7893-4(125:1405)

International development see Foreign aid; Horizons of Friendship

International Development Associations see Estimates--2001-2002, Main, Finance Department

International Development Research Centre

    >>Estimates see Estimates--2001-2002, Main, Foreign Affairs and International Trade Department

International Development Week

    >>Public and private institutions, role, recognition, S.O. 31, 419(9:1405)

International economic development organization

    >>New organization, "Marshall plan", need for, 8107(129:1230)

International financial institutions see Bank for International Settlements (BIS); Regional development banks (international)

International financial reporting guidelines and standards for the public sector see Public Accounts Standing Committee--Reports, Second

International financial transactions see International capital markets/financial transactions

International Geographic Olympiad see Great Canadian Geography Challenge--D'Amours

International Human Rights Day

    >>United Nations Declaration of Human Rights, 1948 adoption, anniversary, tribute, S.O. 31, 8056-8(128:1400-10)

International IMPAC Literary Award see MacLeod, Alistair

International Institute for Management and Development see Economy/economic conditions--International ranking

International Institute for Sustainable Development

    >>Winnipeg, MB location, funding reduction, impact of Canadian Institute for Sustainable Development Technology, 892(16:1625), 893-5(16:1635-45), 899(16:1715-20), 2882(44:1705)
    >>See also Free Trade Area of the Americas--Investor-state dispute settlement provisions, Sovereignty; North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA)--Investor-state dispute settlement provisions, Sovereignty;

International Joint Commission

    >>Estimates see Estimates--2001-2002, Main, Foreign Affairs and International Trade Department
    >>See also Water exports--Banning, Great Lakes

International Labour Conference see International Labour Organization (ILO)

International Labour Organization (ILO)

    >>Canadian position on conventions and recommendations adopted at 87th and 88th sessions of International Labour Conference, tabled, 7645(121:1005)
    >>Canadian sovereignty, relationship, 762(14:1330)
    >>See also Disabled and handicapped persons--Employment equity; Trade agreements--Social concerns, Excluding from agreements

International law

International Maritime Organization see Marine transportation--Safety factors

International Monetary Fund (IMF)

    >>Democratic accountability, establishing, 8107(129:1230)
    >>See also Economy/economic conditions; Terrorism/terrorists--Funds/assets

International Mother Language Day

    >>Canadian Museum of Civilization, exhibition, "Nuvisavik: the Place Where We Weave, commemorating, S.O. 31, 9095(146:1405)
    >>February 21, United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) proclaiming, cultural diversity, celebrating, S.O. 31, 9094(146:1405)

International Museums Day

    >>May 18, "Museums: Building Communities" 2001 theme, S.O. 31, 4215(65:1100)

International Music Day

    >>October 1, S.O. 31, 5764-5(89:1400)

International Network on Cultural Policy see Cultural diversity

International Noise Awareness Day

    >>Hearing loss, prevention, promoting, S.O. 31, 10761(175;1410)

International Nurses Day

International Office of Epizootics see Food safety/inspection system

International oil pollution compensation fund see Oil spills--Shipowners liability

International Olympic Committee see Olympic and paralympic games, 2008 summer games--Toronto, ON bid

International Organization of Securities Commissions (IOSCO) see Securities industry--Securities and derivatives clearing houses

International organizations see Diplomatic immunity; International agencies, organizations; Montreal, QC

International Plowing Match

    >>2004, Bruce--Grey--Owen Sound constituency, hosting, S.O. 31, 1157(21:1405)

International Project Return see Children--Missing children

International Space Station

    >>Canadarm II role, 70(4:1025), 3021(47:1055)
    >>>Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield space walk, etc., 3022(47:1110)
    >>>>Conestoga College student Cynthia DeWitt designer of flight suit patch, contest winner, S.O. 31, 3047(47:1400)
    >>>>S.O. 31, 2959(46:1355), 3046-7(47:1355-400)
    >>>Canadian astronaut Steve MacLean space walk, etc., S.O. 31, 9253-4(149:1405)
    >>Destiny Science Lab, attachment, S.O. 31, 870(16:1405)
    >>Mobile base station/rail system, Wardrop Engineering, Winnipeg, MB and MD Robitics, Brampton, ON, roles
    >>>o.q., 12267(200:1455)
    >>>S.O. 31, 12709-10(206:1100)

International Standards Organization see ISO standards

International trade see Trade

International Trade Commission (United States) see Canada-United States Softwood Lumber Agreement/dispute--Expiry of agreement, Export Development Canada (EDC) role, Customs bond; Steel industry--Dumping

International Trade Minister see Export Development Corporation (EDC)--Canada Account--Environmental review process

International Trade, Trade Disputes and Investment Subcommittee see Canada-United States Softwood Lumber Agreement/dispute; Foreign Affairs and International Trade Standing Committee--Reports, First; Free trade Area of the Americas--Foreign Affairs and International Trade Standing Committee

International Translation Day

    >>House of Commons translators, tribute, 5710(88:1100)

International Union of Elevator Constructors

    >>Anniversary, 100th, S.O. 31, 4982(77:1405)

International Week of Science and Peace

    >>Week of September 11, 2001, S.O. 31, 7330(115:1405)

International Women in Law Enforcement Award see Anderson, Isobel

International Women's Day

    >>Burlington, ON, International Women's Day breakfast
    >>>Barrett, Reverend Allison, speaker, S.O. 31, 1397-8(24:1400)
    >>>Davis, Jill, speaker, S.O. 31, 9358-9(151:1400)
    >>March 8, celebrating, S.O. 31, 1450-1(25:1100-5), 9359(151:1400), 9406-7(152:1055-100)
    >>Parkdale--High Park constituency residents, honouring, S.O. 31, 1449(25:1055), 9750(158:1410)
    >>See also Discrimination and Racism--Montreal, QC

International Women's Week

International Workers Day (May Day)

International Working Group on Anti-Doping in Sport see Sports--Amateur, Anti-doping strategy

International Year of Freshwater

International Year of Mountains

    >>United Nations designation, sustainable development promotion role, S.O. 31, 8238-9(131:1355)

International Year of Volunteers

    >>Volunteer medals, recipients
    >>>Brome--Missisquoi constituency, constituents, S.O. 31, 8281(132:1100)
    >>>Fredericton constituency, constituents, S.O. 31, 7603(120:1400)
    >>>Vancouver Kingsway constituency, constituents, S.O. 31, 7369(116:1415)
    >>Year 2001, United Nations designating, S.O. 31, 214-5(6:1355), 1400(24:1410), 1514(26:1405), 7705(122:1105)


    >>Access, increasing, 76-7(4:1110), 315(7:1550)
    >>Budget 2001 see Internet--CA*net 4--Government expenditures--High speed/broadband
    >>CA*net 4, research network, government funding, $110 million, Budget 2001 measure, 8080(128:1635), 8452(134:1555)
    >>>o.q., 11051(180:1455)
    >>Cable/satellite signals, retransmission, Copyright Act, application, o.q., 7963(126:1440-5)
    >>Canadian connectivity, international comparison, 11(2:1530)
    >>>o.q., 2917(45:1155)
    >>Children, safety/protection, legislation, 3581(54:1620)
    >>>Canadian Alliance blocking passage, playing petty politics, o.q., 4583(71:1415-20), 4658(72:1420), 4785(74:1435)
    >>>Contained in omnibus criminal law amendment bill, separating out, speedy passage, o.q., 4583-4(71:1415-20), 4592(71:1500), 4658-60(72:1420-30), 4785(74:1430-5)
    >>>Liberal government (Chrétien) playing politics, o.q., 4664(72:1450), 4986(77:1430)
    >>>New bill, introducing, request, o.q., 4583(71:1415-20)
    >>>o.q., 2173(35:1140-5), 4071-2(62:1425-30)
    >>>See also Child sexual abuse/assault/exploitation--Internet luring; Criminal Law Amendment Act, 2001 (Bill C-15)
    >>Connecting Canadians initiative, making Canada most connected country in world, S.O. 31, 11222(183:1405)
    >>Farms, connecting, purpose, 353(8:1525)
    >>French language, promoting, government commitment, 316(7:1555)
    >>>$500 million arts and culture spending, receiving $108 million, purpose, 3553(54:1325)
    >>Globalization, tool, 357(8:1555)
    >>Government expenditures, Industry Minister Tobin $1 billion innovation agenda, high speed/broadband, etc., 7626(120:1620)
    >>>Budget 2001 measure, $110 million, 6827(107:1320), 6829(107:1335), 8095(129:1110), 8096(129:1115), 8109(129:1250), 8118(129:1350), 8189(130:1630), 8209(131:1015), 8454(134:1610)
    >>>>Including, o.q., 8065(128:1450)
    >>>Delaying, Canadian Advanced Technology Alliance position, S.O. 31, 7156(112:1400)
    >>>Liberal Party leadership campaign, relationship, 8454(134:1610)
    >>>>o.q., 7376(116:1445-50)
    >>>o.q., 6662(104:1425), 6663(104:1430), 7606(120:1415-20)
    >>Growth, potential, 170(5:1240-5)
    >>High speed/broadband
    >>>Availability, increasing, government commitment, $4 billion project, every community/household by 2004, 11(2:1530), 179(5:1335)70(4:1020-5), 263(7:1025), 274(7:1135), 325(7:1700), 357-8(8:1555-600), 6811(107:1115), 6861(107:1715), 8155(129:1820), 8209(131:1015)
    >>>>Low-income earners, affording computers, service, 321(7:1630), 371(8:1725)
    >>>>Private sector alternative, o.q., 5084(78:1435)
    >>>>Rural and remote communities, 70(4:1020-5), 266(7:1040), 6824-5(107:1300), 7799(124:1020), 8217(131:1115), 8413-4(134:1120-5), 8414(134:1135), 8415(134:1140), 8416(134:1145), 8859(142:1030), 8860(142:1045)
    >>>>Target date moved to 2005, Budget 2001 measure, 8081(128:1635), 8415(134:1140), 8416(134:1145)
    >>>Budget 2001
    >>>>Expenditures, 8184(130:1555)
    >>>>Leak, o.q., 8004(127:1115)
    >>>See also Internet--High speed/broadband, Availability
    >>>Government/private sector role, Tobin position, Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development report, etc., o.q., 7501-2(118:1450)
    >>>National Broadband Task Force, role, 11-2(2:1530)
    >>>See also Community Access Program (Internet)--Broadband access; Health care system--Diagnostic and medical equipment; Internet--Government expenditures; SchoolNet (Internet)--Broadband access
    >>Libraries, all libraries in Canada connected, 8155(129:1820)
    >>Radio and television signals, rebroadcast/retransmission, copyright violation, addressing, 9155-63(147:1230-335), 12846-50(208:1500-30)
    >>>See also Copyright Act (amdt.)(Bill C-48)
    >>Rural and remote communities, access
    >>>And Northern Canada, importance, 8189(130:1630)
    >>>o.q., 7502(118:1455)
    >>>See also Internet--High speed/broadband
    >>Schools, all schools in Canada connected, 70(4:1025), 179(5:1335), 8155(129:1820), 8452(134:1555)
    >>Web sites see World Wide Web sites
    >>Wireless e-mail see Research In Motion Limited (RIM)--Blackberry
    >>See also Canada Customs and Revenue Agency; Child pornography; Clean Internet Act (Bill C-210); Community Access Program (Internet); Computer hackers; Cultural policy; Disabled and handicapped persons--Disability WebLinks; Discrimination and racism; Drugs and pharmaceuticals--Imports; Electronic commerce (Internet); Environmental assessment; Government on-line services (Internet); Hate propaganda--Deletion--Discriminatory practice; Income tax--Returns; Internet Child Pornography Prevention Act (Bill C-212); Liberal Party--Leadership campaign, Globe and Mail Internet survey; Lobbyists Registration Act; Mohawk Internet Technology Park; Multilateral Agreement in Investment (MAI)--Failure--Secrecy of negotiations, Text; SchoolNet (Internet); Small and medium business--Trade with United States; Technology--Quebec program for low-income families; Terrorism/terrorists; Water exports--Six sites

Internet Child Pornography Prevention Act (Bill C-212)--Stoffer

    >>First reading, 228(6:1505)
    >>See also Child pornography--Internet access/distribution

Internet crime

    >>Combatting, enhanced law enforcement tools, government providing, 170(5:1245)
    >>>Throne Speech commitment, 14(2:1530)

Internet service providers (ISPs) see Child pornography--Internet access/distribution

Internment/internees see World War I

Interparliamentary delegations

Interparliamentary Forum of the Americas see Free Trade Area of the Americas; Interparliamentary delegations--Reports; Virtual Parliament

Interparliamentary meetings/discussions

Interparliamentary relations

    >>Extending to provinces, 1995(33:1605)
    >>International relations, parliamentary associations, close relationship, maintaining, 1995(33:1605)

Interparliamentary Union see Interparliamentary delegations--Reports

Interpretive centres see Prince Edward Island National Park

Interpol see Criminals

Interprovincial trade

Inthavong, Boujam Aai see Immigrants--Criminals, Deportation

Intrinsix Corp. see Air transportation security--Increase

Inuit see Nunavut--Land claims agreement of 1993

Inuit children see Aboriginal peoples/communities

Inuit language see Cannes Festival--Atanarjuat: The Fast Runner

Inuit sled dogs

    >>Killing, 1950 to 1969 period, government policy
    >>>Inquiry, requesting, petitions, 12916(210:1010)
    >>>qu., 12226(200:1015)

Inuit Tapiriit Kanatami

    >>Inuit Tapirisat of Canada, former name, 30th anniversary, S.O. 31, 7954(126:1355)
    >>Logo, unveiling, S.O. 31, 11123(181:1405)
    >>See also Species at risk (endangered species)--Aboriginal peoples/communities

Inuktitut see Nunavut--Land claims agreement of 1993

Inuvialuit Final Agreement

    >>Annual report (1998-1999), tabled, 3618(55:1205)
    >>Annual report (1999-2000), tabled, 3938(60:1215)
    >>Annual report (2000-2001), tabled, 12886(209:1515)
    >>See also Aboriginal self-government

Inventory of Radioactive Waste in Canada see Nuclear waste--Disposal


    >>Branding strategy, government launching, Throne Speech statement, 12(2:1530)
    >>Budget 2001 measures, lack, 8770(140:1550)
    >>Capital leaving Canada, 8449(134:1535)
    >>Developing countries, benefitting, 3365-6(52:1135-40)
    >>>Government measures, 176-7(5:1320)
    >>>Tax reduction, necessity, 2847(44:1335)
    >>>Throne Speech statement, 12(2:1530)
    >>>Union members, 10756(174:1920)
    >>Ethical investment, ensuring, 3860-1(59:1255), 3866(59:1330)
    >>>Pension funds, 5325(82:1005)
    >>>>Legislation, Pension Benefits Standards Act, 1985 (amdt.--investment criteria)(Bill C-394), Canadian Labour Congress, Ken Georgetti, president, supporting, S.O. 31, 7705(122:1110)
    >>>>o.q., 8292(132:1155)
    >>>>See also Canada Pension Plan Investment Board; Pension Benefits Standards Act, 1985 (amdt.--investment criteria)(Bill C-394)
    >>Investment Team Canada missions, launching, Throne Speech statement, 12(2:1530)
    >>>See also Investment--Branding strategy--Investment Team Canada mission
    >>See also Dollar exchange rate--Strengthening, Private sector role; Foreign investment/ownership; Free trade--United States; Free Trade Area of the Americas; General Agreement on Trade in Services (GATS)--World Trade Organization (WTO); General Motors of Canada Limited; Natural resource industries--Legislation; North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA)--Investor-state dispute settlement provisions; Nunavut--Land claims agreement of 1993, Economic development; Registered retirement savings plans (RRSPs)--Foreign investment limits; Small and medium business; Venture capital investments

Investment dealers see Tax havens

Investment funds see Banks and financial institutions--Pooled investment funds

Investment Team Canada see Investment

Investor confidence see Economy/economic conditions--Consumer and investor confidence; General Motors of Canada Limited--Boisbriand, QC plant, Quebec separation/sovereignty

Investor-state dispute settlement provisions see Canada-Costa Rica Free Trade Agreement; Free Trade Area of the Americas; Metalclad Corporation; North American Free Trade agreement (NAFTA)

Invisible work see Labour force

Iodine deficiency disorders

    >>Eliminating, treating, Kiwanis International, efforts, congratulating, S.O. 31, 7494(118:1410)

Iogen Corporation see Gasoline--Ethanol blended fuel

IOSCO see International Organization of Securities Commissions (IOSCO)

Ipperwash Provincial Park see Stoney Point First Nation

Iqaluit, NU

    >>Water licence, appropriateness, enforcement difficulties, Nunavut water Board role, 5609(86:1620), 5671(87:1530)
    >>See also Arctic Winter Games 2002; Multiculturalism Department--Conference; Nunavut Trade Show; TD Canada Trust Scholarship for Outstanding Community Leadership

IRA see Irish Republican Army (IRA)

Iran see Afghanistan--Refugees; Médécins du Monde Canada--Humanitarian efforts; Iraq--Central Intelligence Agency (CIA)

Iranian New Year see Norouz

IRAP see Industrial Research Assistance Program (IRAP)


    >>Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), supporting Saddam Hussein in war against Iran, 5850(90:1235)
    >>Hussein, Saddam, overthrow, United States President George W. Bush mandating Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), pre-emptive attack, Canada position, o.q., 12778(207:1500), 12843(208:1445), 12880-1(209:1440)
    >>International weapons inspections, United Nations Resolution, military enforcement, United States President George W. Bush statement, Canada position, o.q., 7561(119:1430)
    >>United Nations economic and military sanctions, 7505(118:1515)
    >>>Canada supporting, o.q., 8991-2(144:1415-20)
    >>>Lifting economic sanctions, improving humanitarian situation, 5176(79:1845), 5177(79:1900), 5406(82:2220), 6651(104:1310), 6654(104:1330), 6674(104:1530)
    >>>>M. (Robinson), 3903-12(59:1730-830)
    >>>>>Dropped from Order Paper, 3912(59:1830)
    >>>>o.q., 1046(19:1450), 8996(144:1440), 9887(160:1445)
    >>>>Peterborough constituency, vigil, 5157(79:1630)
    >>>>Petitions, 911(17:1005), 1204(22:1005-10), 1463(25:1205), 1872(32:1020), 2178(35:1205), 2233(36:1510), 3152(48:1510), 3994(61:1505), 4278(66:1510), 4594(71:1515), 8070(128:1520)
    >>>>S.O. 31, 947-8(17:1355), 997(18:1405), 9945(161:1400), 10645(173:1410)
    >>United States and United Kingdom bombing raids, Baghdad, outside exclusion zones, February 16, 2001, civilian casualties, etc., 961(17:1510)
    >>>Canada position, o.q., 881(16:1500), 1046(19:1445-50), 8991-2(144:1415)
    >>>Canada support, impact on grain producers/exporters, S.O. 31, 1099(20:1105-10)
    >>>Emergency debate under S.O. 52 (Lalonde), serious matter, emergency requirements/criteria not met, not accepted, 884(16:1515-20)
    >>>S.O. 31, 948(17:1355)
    >>United States attacking, imminent
    >>>Canada opposing, change of policy, o.q., 8921(143:1435)
    >>>Canada position
    >>>>Graham, Foreign Affairs Minister, Prime Minister Chrétien, differing positions, o.q., 8991-2(144:1415-20)
    >>>>Manley, Foreign Affairs Minister, Prime Minister Chrétien, differing positions, o.q., 7609(120:1435)
    >>>Helms, United States Senator Jesse, statement, o.q., 5486(84:1440)
    >>Weapons of mass destruction program, stopping, military action, Canadian participation
    >>>Canada-United States joint operation, discussions, o.q., 8993(144:1425), 8999(144:1500)
    >>>Conditions/criteria, o.q., 8999(144:1455), 9025(145:1430-5), 9258(149:1430-5)
    >>>o.q., 8996(144:1440)
    >>See also Biological and chemical weapons/terrorism; Middle East conflict--Syria; Terrorism/terrorists, combatting--Anti-terrorism coalition--Extending; United States, September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks


    >>Ambassador, Paul Dempsey, retiring, S.O. 31, 948(17:1400)
    >>See also Economic growth; Elections--Proportional representation; Gross Domestic Product (GDP)--Increase; Tax reductions--Economic benefits

Irish Republic Army (IRA) see Northern Ireland--Peace process; Terrorism/terrorists--Combatting, United States legislation

Iron Ore Company of Canada

    >>Sept-Îsles, QC, pellet plant refurbishment discontinued, job losses, etc., S.O. 31, 6415(99:1410)

Irrigation see Aral Sea; Drought--Alberta; Water/freshwater

Irving Oil Limited see Pollution--Canadian Council of Ministers of the Environment pollution prevention awards

Irving Pulp and Paper, Limited see Pollution--Canadian Council of Ministers of the Environment pollution prevention awards

Isfled, Mark R. see Mark R. Isfled Secondary School


    >>Bryden, Timbuktu experience, 5854(90:1305-10)
    >>>Danger, 5882(90:1635)
    >>>Percentage, rare, 5882(90:1635)
    >>Non-violent, 5854(90:1310), 5858(90:1335), 5882(90:1635), 5886(90:1700)
    >>See also Eid ul-Adha--Festival of Islam; Terrorism/terrorists--Causes; United States, September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks

Islamic Canadians

    >>Backlash against, 5423(83:1030)
    >>>See also United States, September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks

Islamic Jihad see Middle East conflict--Hamas

Ismaili community see Citizenship--Ceremonies, Kitchener, ON

Island 22 community see Fraser River--Gravel in river bed

Isle Haute, NS

    >>National wildlife area, designating, endangered species factor, etc., o.q., 4530(70:1140-5), 13002-3(211:1145)

Îles-de-la-Madaleine see Gaspé and Îles-de-la-Madaleine region, QC

ISO 9001 standard see Shipbuilding industry--Lévis, QC shipyard

ISO standards see Government departments, boards, agencies and commissions


    >>1948 establishment as independent state
    >>>53rd anniversary, S.O. 31,3207(49:1400)
    >>>54th anniversary, S.O. 31, 10493(170:1410)
    >>Katsav, Moshe, President, Canadian visit, S.O. 31, 9360(151:1410)
    >>Occupied territories see Free trade--Israel
    >>Terrorist attacks, Jerusalem and Haifa, 26 deaths, condemning
    >>>o.q., 7959(126:1420)
    >>>S.O. 31, 7831-2(124:1410-5)
    >>>See also Middle East conflict
    >>Ze'evi, Rehavam, Tourism Minister, assassination, impact of peace process, etc.
    >>>o.q., 6323(97:1425)
    >>>S.O. 31, 6253(96:1415)
    >>See also Air transportation security--Increase; Elections--Proportional representation, Pure list system; Free trade; Middle East conflict; Middle East peace process; Peres, Shimon

Issue table see Canada Foundation for Sustainable Development Technology--Women's concerns

Italian Cultural Centre Society see Italian Week--Vancouver, BC

Italian Relay Team for Peace, Friendship and Solidarity see Italian Week

Italian Week

    >>Ottawa, ON, Italian Relay Team for Peace, Friendship an Solidarity, welcoming to city, S.O. 31, 4835(75:1100)
    >>Vancouver, BC, Italian Cultural Centre Society, celebrating, S.O. 31, 12994(211:1100)

Italy see Canada-Italy Business Council

ITER Canada see Nuclear fusion technology--Tokamak project

IUCN World Conservation Congress see Marine conservation areas--International example