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The Hansard Index is the key to information about what is said by Members of Parliament in the House of Commons during the 37th Parliament, 1st Session. The subject entries will either provide reference to a page number or, a combination of page number followed by the issue sitting number and time checks in the daily Hansard.

To use the Index, select one of the alphabetical ranges below. When you have located your subject entry, click on the numbers within brackets to access the relevant text in the Debates. You may also use the “Publication Search” tool for content published after January 2001.

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37th Parliament, 1st Session   (January 29, 2001 - September 16, 2002)  Latest Session
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House of Commons pages

    >>Tribute, 4983(77:1415), 12876(209:1415)
    >>See also Prostitution; Soccer--Members of Parliament-House of Commons pages

House of Commons proceedings

    >>Adjournment proceedings, late show
    >>>Member asking question not showing up, Table failure to report change to Parliamentary Secretary, 10800(176:1010), 10843-4(176:1505-10)
    >>>Minister attending to answer questions, 2041(33:2105)
    >>>Prepared answers by Parliamentary Secretaries, 3098(47:1940)
    >>>Replies, debate, 5951(92:1045)
    >>Air conditioning services shutdown
    >>>Audio system, possible damage, turning off microphones on desks, Members using earpieces to monitor debate, 11884(194:1505)
    >>>Members' dress code, relaxing, 11884(194:1505)
    >>Attendance, 5962(92:1210)
    >>Bell ringing episode (March 1982) see Legislative process--Report stage, Abuse
    >>>Both official languages, availability, 3492(53:1530)
    >>>Distribution, improving, 3468-9(52:2235-40)
    >>Cellular telephones interrupting, 5952-3(92:1055-1100), 8691(139:1140)
    >>Complex, long term issues, one evening per week debate, current legislative issues excluded, not subject to party discipline, Caccia proposal, 2051(33:2210-5)
    >>Confidence convention, 2035(33:2025), 2037(33:2035), 2075(33:2500)
    >>>Definition, tightening/redefining, 2025(33:1915), 2077(33:2515),, 2079(33:2525-30), 5949(92:1025), 5953-4(92:1105-10), 5963-4(92:1215-20)
    >>>See also House of Commons proceedings--Votes
    >>Daily adjournment, early, use, 7720-1(122:1245), 7725(122:1320)
    >>>Arguments, development, 1033(166:1745)
    >>>Formal exercise, limited meaning, 2067(33:2405)
    >>>Government Members, few present, 9483(153:1650)
    >>>Healthy, constructive exchange of ideas, 2061(33:2325)
    >>>Improvement, 1264(22:1725), 1271(22:1815), 2054(33:2235), 3458-9(52:2120-5), 3471(52:2255)
    >>>>Canadian Alliance proposal, 1261(22:1705)
    >>>Non-votable items, waste of time, raising expectations needlessly, Canadian Alliance position, 921-2(17:1110-5), 924(17:1125), 926(17:1140), 929(17:1155-200)
    >>>Relevance rule, 1292-3(22:2045-55), 7432(117:1240)
    >>>Take note debates, criticism, 1278(22:1910)
    >>>See also Communications Security Establishment--Legislation; Supply motions--New Democratic Party
    >>Decorum, 2078(33:2520)
    >>Emergency debates
    >>>Criteria/emergency requirements, flexibility, 2026(33:1925)
    >>>Making votable, 2006(33:1710), 2062(33:2330)
    >>>Amending, 2049(33:2200)
    >>>Approval without examination, 2049(33:2155-200)
    >>>Committee referral, votable motion, 1996(33:1610)
    >>>Control, Business of Supply: Completing the Circle of Control, report, government ignoring, 2049(33:2155-200)
    >>>Main, Leader of the Official Opposition referral of estimates of two department to Committee of the Whole, Minister required to defend estimates, 5 hours debate, 5946(92:1010), 5949(92:1025), 5953(92:1105)
    >>>Scrutiny, lack, 2068(33:2410)
    >>Free votes, 62(3:1815), 435(9:1540), 495-7(10:1340-50), 498(10:1400), 581(12:1220), 922-3(17:1115-20), 931(17:1215), 941(17:1320), 943(17:1330), 973-4(17:1640), 1152(21:1330-5), 1288(22:2020), 1289(22:2030), 2000(33:1635), 2002(33:1645), 2015-6(33:1810-5), 2022(33:1850), 2025(33:1915), 2034(33:2015), 2038(33:2040), 2044-6(33:2125-40), 2051-2(33:2215-20), 2056(33:2250), 2067(33:2405), 2073(33:2445), 2079(33:2530), 3464(52:2205), 3470(52:2245), 5949(92:1025), 7969(126:1520-5), 9427(152:1300)
    >>>Canadian Alliance proposal, 5956(92:1130), 7650(121:1045)
    >>>Day position, difference from when Alberta Legislature Government House Leader, o.q., 3793(58:1415)
    >>>Government fearing, 2015(33:1810)
    >>>Government members voting against party, 931-2(17:1215-20)
    >>>>Nunziata example, 932(17:1220)
    >>>Increasing number, 946(17:1345), 2015(33:1810), 5381(82:1915)
    >>>Liberal government (Chrétien) record, o.q., 3793(58:1415)
    >>>o.q., 111(4:1450), 2964(46:1415), 3739(57:1415)
    >>>Progressive Conservative Party position, 932(17:1220)
    >>>Secret ballot, 923(17:1120)
    >>>United Kingdom comparison, 2037(33:2040), 2039(33:2050)
    >>>See also Drinking water--National standards, Progressive Conservative Party supply motion; Free Trade Area of the Americas--Parliament; Parliamentary reform; Species at risk (endangered species)--Legislation
    >>Languages spoken, other than two official see Members of Parliament
    >>Legislation, government bills
    >>>Consideration, timetable, establishing, six month's trial period, 5946(92:1010)
    >>>Minimum one representative from each recognized party to speak at each stage, 2025(33:1920)
    >>>Minister making statement prior to tabling, 5947(92:1020)
    >>>Omnibus bills, dividing, Speaker/committee authority, etc., 5950(92:1030)
    >>>Question and comment period following speech of Minister at second and third readings, 5949(92:1025)
    >>>Report stage motions, restricting ability of Members to submit, 5948(92:1020)
    >>Liberal government (Chrétien), concentration of power/control, 1276-9(22:1855-1915), 1287-8(22:2015-20), 1290(22:2035), 1291-2(22:2045), 1305(22:2225), 5007(77:1645), 7654(121:1120), 7656(121:1130-5), 7657(121:1140), 7658(121:1150)
    >>Member (K. Martin) ordered to appear before Bar of House, 10770(175:1505)
    >>>Martin, K., apology to Speaker and House for actions, invited to take his seat, 10770(175:1505)
    >>Members attacking departmental officials during debate, officials unable to defend/reply, breach of decorum, 2213(36:1320)
    >>Ministerial statements, making in House, encouraging, 2008(33:1720-5), 2040-1(33:2100-5), 5947(92:1020), 5952-3(92:1005-1100), 5955(92:1120)
    >>>Liberal government (Chrétien) failure, 2035(33:2025), 2037(33:2035)
    >>>Prime Minister, inclusion, 5949(92:1025), 5953(92:1100), 5955(92:1125)
    >>>See also House of Commons proceedings--Legislation
    >>Modernization, 2000-1(33:1635), 8019(33:1830), 2027(33:1925-30), 2039(33:2055), 2041-2(33:2105-10), 2053(33:2230), 2079(33:2525)
    >>>37th Parliament, failure, 2001(33:1640)
    >>>Bloc Québécois position, 2060-1(33:2320)
    >>>Technology, role, 2023(33:1900)
    >>>See also House of Commons proceedings--Rules (Standing Orders)
    >>Moment of silence, 298(7:1415), 1320(23:1415), 3252(50:1115), 5115(79:1105), 6973-4(110:1025), 7958(126:1415), 8130(129:1510), 8891(143:1105), 9460(153:1415), 10121(164:1005), 10134(164:1415), 10539(171:1015), 10878(177:1115), 11445(186:1410)
    >>>See also Canadian Armed Forces--Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry (PPCLI)--Afghanistan mission; Iftody, David; Molgat, Hon. Senator Gildas; National Day of Mourning; Princess Margaret; Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mother; United States, September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks; Veterans Week; Westray Mine disaster; Women--Violence against, National Day of Mourning
    >>Motions, amendments and subamendment, right to move, recognition of fourth and fifth parties, 2009(33:1730)
    >>Municipalities, non-partisan councils, comparison, 2030(33:2020)
    >>Officers, Privacy Commissioner, Information Commissioner and Official Languages Commissioner, permanent witnesses to all committees, 2014(33:1805-10), 2017(33:1820)
    >>Opposition role, 2061(33:2325)
    >>Oral Question Period
    >>>Answers, lacking honesty, cover-ups, inquiry requested, S.O. 31, 12953(210:1410)
    >>>Answers, letters since April 1, 2001, M. (Thompson, G.), 8740-7(139:1810-910)
    >>>>Dropped to bottom of order of precedence on Order Paper, 8747(139:1910)
    >>>Cabinet Ministers, presence, 1251(22:1555)
    >>>Circus, 2067(33:2405)
    >>>Improvements, elimination of discussion related to individual members, 3471(52:2255)
    >>>Public perception, 3460-1(52:2135-40), 3468(52:2235)
    >>>Responses, 1278(22:1905)
    >>>Thematic days
    >>>>Opposition parties designating themes, 1997(33:1615)
    >>>>United Kingdom example, 1997(33:1615), 2077(33:2510)
    >>>Value, 3460(52:2130-5)
    >>Oral questions, relating to ministerial regional/provincial responsibility, acceptability, 11841-2(193:1500-5)
    >>Parliamentary calendar
    >>>Amending, deleting some constituency weeks, 2051(33:2215)
    >>>Fridays, better use of time, 2003(33:1650), 2026(33:1920)
    >>>March, 2 week break, coinciding with school breaks, 1997(33:1610)
    >>>Revamping, 2026(33:1920), 2027(33:1930)
    >>>25 signatures requirement, abolishing, 2014(33:1805)
    >>>Debate on subject after threshold number received, 2072(33:2440)
    >>>Filing through e-mail, 2016(33:1815), 2054(33:2230)
    >>>Government action, lack, 2068(33:2410)
    >>>Prescribed form, flexibility in use, 2026(33:1925)
    >>Private Members' Business
    >>>100 signature rule, 4961(77:1150-5)
    >>>Consideration, improving procedures, M. on supply (Breitkreuz), 4950-79(77:1030-355), 5000-22(77:1555-830), agreed to, 5022(77:1830)
    >>>Fridays, devoting to, 4960-2(77:1145-200), 4963-4(77:1210), 5013-4(77:1730)
    >>>Modernization and Improvements to the Procedures of the House of Commons Special Committee, not dealing with, 5947(92:1020), 5949(92:1030)
    >>>Subcommittee on Private Members' Business, role, 4965-7(77:1220-30), 4970(77:1250-5), 5007(77:1645), 5010-1(77:1705-15), 5012(77:1720-5), 5014-5(77:1735), 5018-9(77:1800-5)
    >>>Value, 4956(77:1110-5)
    >>>Votable items
    >>>>All items, designating votable, 2003(33:1650), 2014(33:1805), 5950(92:1030), 5964(92:1225)
    >>>>Procedure and House Affairs Standing Committee recommendations, referral to Modernization Committee, 1997(33:1615)
    >>>Voting procedures, voting from back row to front row, 2073(33:2445)
    >>Procedures, official documents, publishing in both official languages, 1727(29:1515)
    >>Question and comment period, rebuttal time, allowing, 2055(33:2240)
    >>Questions on the Order Paper
    >>>Delay in answering, 2040(33:2100), 2070-1(33:2425-30)
    >>>>Exceeding 45 day deadline, matter referred to standing committee for review, committee not calling witnesses, 8561-3(136:1550-610), 8664-5(138:1720-30)
    >>>Exceeding deadline for reply, matter referred to standing committee, additional question allowed, 5947-8(92:1015-20)
    >>>Four per Member limit, 2070(33:2425)
    >>>>Abolishing, 2017(33:1820)
    >>>>Government slow in replying, denial of opportunity of place more questions on Order Paper, 2030-1(34:1525-30), 3701-2(57:1010)
    >>>Replies, quality and time limits, 2003(33:1650), 2017(33:1820)
    >>>United Kingdom, comparison, 2070(33:2425)
    >>Questions raised in House, responses, letters of instruction from Government House Leader/Clerk of Privy Council to ministers/deputy ministers, M. for Production of Papers (Thompson, G.), called and transferred for debate, 3496(53:1545), 9722-3(157:1315-30), negatived, on recorded division, 9890-1(160:1505-15)
    >>Quorum, 5962(92:1210)
    >>>Increasing, 2042(33:2110)
    >>Record, computer links, establishing, 2016-7(33:1815-20)
    >>Reform, 437(9:1550), 2007(33:1715)
    >>>Lefebvre Committee recommendations, 2012(33:1750)
    >>>Necessity, 11470(186:1710)
    >>>Procedure and House Affairs Standing Committee review, 2016(33:1815)
    >>Relevance of debate, maintaining, Speaker role, 2064(33:2345)
    >>Relevancy, questioning, Lee Morrison, former Member of Parliament, remarks, etc., 589(12:1310), 9454(153:1330)
    >>Routine Proceedings, at opening of daily sitting, 2054(33:2235)
    >>Rules (Standing Orders)
    >>>British parliamentary democracy tradition, evolution, 1279(22:1915-20), 1281(22:1930), 2019(33:1830-5), 2046(33:2140)
    >>>Changes, 2021(33:1850)
    >>>>2/3 of Members approval necessary, 2005(33:1710)
    >>>>Consensus, 2005-6(33:1710)
    >>>>Government ramming through using closure, 2001(33:1640)
    >>>Government cherry picking from other parliaments and legislatures, missing context, 1153(21:1340)
    >>>>See also Legislative process--Report stage, Motions; Parliamentary reform--United Kingdom
    >>>McGrath Committee role, 2001(33:1640)
    >>>Modernization, 1994(33:1550), 2003(33:1650-5), 2024-5(33:1910), 2033(33:2010), 2038(33:2045), 2052-3(33:2225), 3437(52:1855)
    >>>>Balance, maintaining, 5950(92:1035)
    >>>>"Building Trust", Canadian Alliance proposals, 2002(33:1640-5)
    >>>>Debate, objective and non-partisan, 5950(92:1035)
    >>>>Fairness, 2004(33:1655)
    >>>>Proposals, Committee take note, M. (Boudria), 3437-73(52:1855-2305)
    >>>>Second phase, possibility, 5946(92:1010), 5948(92:1020)
    >>>>Sincere or window dressing, 2030(33:1950)
    >>>>Throne Speech commitment, 1994(33:1555)
    >>>>Unanimous recommendations, 2003(33:1655), 5951(92:1040)
    >>>>United Kingdom example, 1995(33:1600)
    >>>Modernization and Improvement of the Procedures of the House of Commons Special Committee
    >>>>Members, co-operation, input, etc., tribute, 5946(92:1010), 5948(92:1020)
    >>>>Recommendations, unanimous decisions, 2022(33:1855), 5946(92:1010), 5959-60(92:1150)
    >>>>Report, omissions, 5949(92:1025), 5960(92:1150), 5962(92:1215)
    >>>Solicitor-client privilege concept, including, 2063(33:2340)
    >>Sitting days, Fridays, 2026(33:1920), 5960-1(92:1200)
    >>Sitting hours, extending, 2017(33:1825)
    >>Speaker role, 2064(33:2345)
    >>>Allotted time, shortening, extending question and comment period, 2077(33:2510)
    >>>Interruptions, length of time before resumption, 6343-4(97:1650)
    >>>Leadoff speakers, time limits, 1997(33:1610)
    >>>>Recognition of fourth and fifth parties, 2009(33:1730)
    >>>Question and comment period, reform, 1259(22:1645), 3467(52:2225)
    >>>Reading/not using notes, unwritten tradition, 2054(33:2235), 2078(33:2520), 3467(52:2225-30)
    >>>>Ménard, congratulating, 3454-5(52:2055), 3456(52:2110)
    >>>Speaking time, allocation based on number of seats of each party, 1259(22:1645), 3454(52:2050)
    >>>See also Legislative process--Private Members' Bills
    >>Supply motions/opposition/allotted days
    >>>Amendment, requires agreement of party moving motion, 5951(92:1045)
    >>>Confidence/non-confidence convention, 2008-10(33:1725-35)
    >>>Government amending, attempting to hijack process, alter intent of motion, etc., 390-5(9:1100-30), 396(9:1140)
    >>>Making all votable, 2014(33:1805)
    >>>Member moving motion moving an amendment, preventing other amendments, 2045(33:2135)
    >>>Member moving motion splitting time with other party member, second member moving amendment to motion, making motion unamendable, 1996(33:1610)
    >>>Not amendable, 2006(33:1710), 2026(33:1925)
    >>>Notice provisions, backing up to 10 a.m. from 6 p.m., 1996(33:1610)
    >>>Opposition attempting to embarrass or trip-up government, 1610(27:1600-5)
    >>>Replacing estimates examination in House, government Members absence from Chamber, 1566(27:1120)
    >>>Subject matter, Chair and government informed one hour prior to opening of sitting day prior to opposition day, 5947(92:1015)
    >>>Unamendable by party sponsoring motion, 2062(33:2330)
    >>>Votable/not votable, allocation agreement
    >>>>Violation, 9508-14(154:1005-55)
    >>Suspension of sitting, October 4, 2001, "government could not bring forward a bill", 6033(93:1225-30)
    >>Take note debates, value, 2008(33:1725)
    >>>Conducting in Committee of the Whole, 5947(92:1020)
    >>>See also Special debates
    >>Time allocation/closure motions
    >>>30 minute question and comment period, Minister justifying reasons for motion, 2002(33:1645), 5946(92:1010), 5948-9(92:1020-5), 5952(92:1045), 5953(92:1100-5), 5955(92:1120)
    >>>>Cauchon, Justice Minister, failure/refusal to answer legitimate questions, 8651(138:1525)
    >>>60 minutes debate/question and comment period, 2061(33:2325)
    >>>Abuse/overuse, 2025(33:1915), 2061(33:2325)
    >>>Mini-question period, justification for motion, 1997(33:1605), 2025(33:1915)
    >>>Speaker denying motion being put, authority, 2014(33:1805), 2017(33:1820), 2025(33:1915), 2061(33:2325), 5949(92:1025), 5953(92:1105)
    >>>Vote, starting time, 2001(33:1635)
    >>United Kingdom, comparison, 5948(92:1020)
    >>>11 p.m. deadline, shortening, 1996(33:1605)
    >>>Abstentions, 2005(33:1705)
    >>>Confidence/free votes, 2040(33:2100)
    >>>>Criteria, outlining in Standing Orders, 2039(33:2050)
    >>>Confidence/non-confidence votes, numbers, reducing, 404(9:1230), 947(17:1355), 974(17:1640), 1148-9(21:1300-10), 1277(22:1900), 2037-8(33:2040), 2044(33:2130), 3464(52:2205)
    >>>Holding immediately following Oral Question Period, 2067(33:2405), 2077-8(33:2510-20), 5946(92:1010)
    >>>Recorded divisions, deferral to 3 p.m. Tuesdays, 1997(33:1615)
    >>>Relevance, foregone conclusion, 925-6(17:1130-5)
    >>>Roll-call votes, archaic, 5960(92:1155)
    >>>Scheduling, 1276(22:1900)
    >>>Unnecessary voting, 1300(22:2145-50)
    >>>Voting against party, discipline prohibiting in Standing Orders, 2073(33:2450)
    >>Voting procedures, modernizing, 2061-2(33:2330)
    >>>Electronic voting, 435(9:1540), 933(17:1220), 942-3(17:1325-30), 946(17:1345), 1254-5(22:1615-20), 1259(22:1650), 1291(22:2040), 1566(27:1120), 2005(33:1705), 2054(33:2230), 2061(33:2330), 2079(33:2525), 2141(34:1645-50), 3462(52:2145), 3463(52:2155), 5960(92:1155), 5962(92:1245-50), 8540(136:1335)
    >>>>o.q., 109(4:1440)
    >>>Members voting from constituencies, 923(17:1115), 924-5(17:1125-30)
    >>>Proxy voting, New Zealand model, 925(17:1130)
    >>>Throne Speech statement, 16(2:1530), 5960(92:1150)
    >>See also Committees, Parliamentary; Deaf and hearing impaired persons

House of Commons vacancies

    >>Bertier--Montcalm (resignation of Michel Bellehumeur), 11519(188:1005)
    >>Bonavista--Trinity--Conception (resignation of Brian Tobin), 8297(133:1100)
    >>Calgary Southwest (resignation of Preston Manning), 8581(137:1000)
    >>Gander--Grand Falls (resignation of George Baker), 10059(163:1100)
    >>Lac-Saint-Jean--Saguenay (resignation of Stéphan Tremblay), 11264(184:1010)
    >>Saint Boniface (resignation of Ronald Duhamel), 8297(133:1100)
    >>Saint-Léonard--Saint Michel (resignation of Alfonso Gagliano), 8297(133:1100)
    >>Verdun--Saint-Henri--Saint-Paul--Pointe Saint-Charles (resignation of Raymond Lavigne), 10059(163:1105)
    >>Windsor West (resignation of Herb Gray), 8297(133:1100)

House of Commons visitors

    >>Afghanistan, Her Excellency Dr. Sima Samar, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister responsible for Women's Affairs, transitional government, 8176(130:1500)
    >>Albania, Republic of
    >>>Dokle, His Excellency Namik, Speaker of the People's Assembly, 9547(154:1500)
    >>>Majko, His Excellency Pandeli, Defence Minister, 7452(117:1500)
    >>Antioch, Orient, His Beatitude Mar Nasrallah Pierre Cardinal Sfeir, Patriarch, 1725(29:1500)
    >>Bangladesh, People's Republic of
    >>>Foreign Affairs Minister Morshed Khan, 11997(196:1200)
    >>>Speaker Muhammad Jamiruddin Sircar, 11564(188:1520)
    >>Bhutan, Kingdom of, His Excellency Lyonpo Jigmi Y. Thinley, Minister of Foreign Affairs, 11133(181:1500)
    >>Bolivia, Republic of, His Excellency Claudio Mansilla, Foreign Trade and Investment Minister, 4482(69:1500)
    >>Bulgaria, Republic of, Minister of Foreign Affairs, Dr. Solomon Isaac Passy, 10842(176:1500)
    >>>29th Canadian Armoured Reconnaissance Regiment, South Alberta Regiment, 11178(182:1200)
    >>>Air Cadets, 9446(153:1140)
    >>>Alberta, Clint Dunford, Human Resources and Employment Minister, 6329(97:1500)
    >>>British Columbia
    >>>>Bowbrick, Graeme, Attorney General and Minister responsible for Human Rights, 881(16:1500)
    >>>>Campbell, Gordon, Premier, 4838(75:1115)
    >>>>De Jong, Michael, Forests Minister, 8873(142:1200)
    >>>>Farnsworth, Mike, Social Development and Economic Security Minister, 536(11:1500)
    >>>>Stevenson, Tim, Employment and Investment Minister, 308(7:1500)
    >>>>van Dongen, Hon. John, Agriculture, Food and Fisheries Minister, 11306(184:1505)
    >>>>Waddell, Ian, various portfolios, 1525(26:1500)
    >>>Canadian Medical Hall of Fame laureates, 9302(150:1505)
    >>>Children's Miracle Network 2002 Champions, 10036-7(162:1200)
    >>>Gerhard Herzberg Canada Gold Medal for Science and Engineering winner, Professor David Schindler, 6935(109:1500)
    >>>Governor General's Awards in commemoration of the Persons Case, recipients, 6329(97:1500)
    >>>Governor General's Awards in Visual and Media Arts
    >>>>2001 recipients, 2126(34:1500)
    >>>>2002 recipients, 9957(161:1500)
    >>>Governor General's Caring Canadian Award recipients, 3151(48:1500)
    >>>Governor General's Performing Arts Awards 2001 and other awards, recipients, 6843-4(107:1500)
    >>>Hawkes, Jim, former Member of Parliament, 12035(197:1430)
    >>>Hockey, Paul Henderson, 10502(170:1500)
    >>>Inuit Tapiriit Kanatami, Jose Kusugak, President, 11133(181:1500)
    >>>>Ashton, Steve, Transportation and Government Services Minister, 164(5:1200), 10037(162:1205)
    >>>>Lathlin, Oscar, Conservation Minister, 1835(31:1500)
    >>>>Sale, Tim, Family Services and Housing Minister, 8554(136:1500)
    >>>>Selinger, Greg, Finance Minister, 3220(49:1500)
    >>>Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council Award of Excellence, Dr. Donald Mackay and Dr. Richard Puddephatt, 6935(109:1500)
    >>>New Brunswick
    >>>>Harrison, Bev, Speaker of the Legislative Assembly, 7(1:1610)
    >>>>Mockler, Percy, Transportation Minister, 9302(150:1505)
    >>>Newfoundland and Labrador
    >>>>Aylward, Joan Marie, Finance Minister, 3220(49:1500)
    >>>>Lush, Tom, Intergovernmental Affairs Minister, Government House Leader, 4276(66:1500)
    >>>>Snow, Lloyd, Speaker of the House of Assembly, 7(1:1610)
    >>>Northwest Territories
    >>>>Hansen, Glenna, Commissioner of the Northwest Territories, 10242(165:1500)
    >>>>Kakfwi, Hon. Stephen, Premier, Hon. Jim Antoine, Deputy Premier and Hon. Joseph Handley, Government House Leader, 10385(168:1415)
    >>>>Whitford, Tony Speaker of the Legislative Assembly, 7(1:1610), 1525(26:1500)
    >>>Nova Scotia
    >>>>Hamm, John, Premier, 349(8:1500)
    >>>>MacDonald, Rodney, Tourism and Culture Minister, 3262(50:1200)
    >>>>Purves, Jane, Education Minister, 5775(89:1500)
    >>>>Scott, Murray, Speaker of the Legislative Assembly, 7(1:1610)
    >>>NSERC Steacie Fellowships, the Howard Alper Postdoctoral Prize and the Doctoral Prize 2001 recipients, 6935(109:1500)
    >>>>Anawak, Jack, Community Government and Transportation Minister, 164(5:1200)
    >>>>O'Brien, Kevin, Speaker of the Legislative Assembly, 7(1:1610)
    >>>>Picco, Edward, Health and Social Services Minister, 349(8:1500)
    >>>Olympic, Paralympic, Special Olympic team members, 3059(47:1500)
    >>>>Clark, Brad, Transportation Minister, 2311(37:1500)
    >>>>Ecker, Janet, Education Minister, 1725(29:1500)
    >>>Prince Edward Island
    >>>>Binns, Pat, Premier, 9580(155:1415)
    >>>>Dover, Mildred, Speaker of the Legislative Assembly, 7(1:1610)
    >>>Saidye Bronfman Award recipients, 7378(116:1500)
    >>>>Axworthy, QC, Chris, Intergovernmental Affairs Minister, Justice Minister and Attorney General, Aboriginal Affairs Minister, 1410(24:1500), 6735(105:1500)
    >>>>Kowalsky, P. Myron, Speaker of the Legislative Assembly, 4534(70:1200)
    >>>>Osika, Ron, Speaker of the Legislative Assembly, 7(1:1610)
    >>>Smith, Ernest Alvia, last surviving Victoria Cross recipient, 7098(111:1500)
    >>>>Duncan, Pat, Premier, 4078(62:1500), 7452(117:1500)
    >>>>Edelman, Sue, Tourism Minister, 4179(64:1500)
    >>>>Kent, Scott, Energy, Mines and Resources Minister, Minister responsible for Infrastructure, 9469(153:1500)
    >>Commonwealth Parliamentary Association, Mr. Art Donahoe, Secretary General, delegation, 7266(114:1500)
    >>China, People's Republic, His Excellency Duojy Cairang, Civil Affairs Minister, 12611(204:1500)
    >>Costa Rica, His Excellency Tomas Duenas, Foreign Trade Minister, 1985(33:1500)
    >>Denmark, Her Excellency Karen Moustgaard Jesperson, Interior Minister, 699(13:1500)
    >>El Salvador, Republic of, His Excellency Carlos Quintanilla Schmidt, Vice-President, 4101(63:1500)
    >>Eritrea, State of, His Excellency Ali Said Abdallah, Foreign Affairs Minister, 3220(49:1500)
    >>European Parliament's Delegation for Relations with Canada, Hon. Robert Sturdy, head, 6080(94:1500)
    >>Finland, Hon. Suivi-Anne Siimes, Finance and Environment (Housing) Minister, 9890(160:1505)
    >>>Loncle, François, various portfolios, 1916(32:1500)
    >>>Queyranne, His Excellency Jean-Jack, Parliamentary Relations Minister, 7683(121:1500)
    >>>Sapin, Michel, Public Service and Government Reform Minister, 5489(84:1500)
    >>Germany, Federal Republic of, His Excellency Wolfgang Thierse, Bundestag President, 10134(164:1420)
    >>Ghana, Republic of
    >>>Adjetey, Hon. Peter Ala, Speaker, 11011(179:1500)
    >>>Kufuor, His Excellency John Agyekum, President, 6935(109:1500)
    >>Greece, Hellenic Republic of, Mr. Grigoris Niotis, Foreign Affairs Deputy Minister, 1645(28:1500)
    >>>S.O. 31, 1635(28:1410)
    >>>Mitchell, His Excellency Dr. Keith, Prime Minister, 8926(143:1500)
    >>>Strachan, Sir Curtis, House of Representatives' Speaker, 7266(114:1500)
    >>Guinea, Republic of
    >>>Camara, His Excellency Cheick Amadou, Economy and Finance Minister, 5489(84:1500)
    >>>Kamara, His Excellency Lamine, Employment and the Public Service Minister, 5489(84:1500)
    >>Hungary, Republic of
    >>>Harrach, His Excellency Péter, Social and Family Affairs Minister, 4790(74:1500)
    >>>Martonyi, His Excellency Janos, Foreign Affairs Minister, 881(16:1500)
    >>>Sandor, His Excellency Pinter, Interior Minister, 2541(39:1500)
    >>>Varga, His Excellency Mihaly, Finance Minister, 6424(99:1500)
    >>Bjarnason, Bjorn, Culture and Science Minister, 1916(32:1500)
    >>Blondal, Halldor, Althingi President, 12042(197:1510)
    >>India, Republic of, The Honourable Suresh Prabhu, Power Minister, 4710(73:1500)
    >>Iran, His Excellency Mr. Mazaheri, Economic Affairs and Finance Minister, 7267(114:1500)
    >>Italy, Senator Roberto Castelli, Justice Minister, 8830(141:1500)
    >>Japan, Diet of Japan delegation, 3399(52:1500)
    >>Jordan, Hashemite Kingdom of
    >>>Toukan, His Excellency Dr. Khaled, Education Minister, 1007(18:1500)
    >>>Zu'bi, His Excellency Dr. Fawaz, Post and Communications Minister, 1007(18:1500)
    >>Kenya, Hon. Peter Oloo Aringo, head of the Parliamentary Service Commission for the National Assembly, and delegation, 4666(72:1500)
    >>Latvia, Republic of
    >>>Kristovskis, Girts Vladis, Defence Minister, 1835(31:1500)
    >>>Vike-Freiberga, Her Excellency Dr. Vaira, President, 12611(204:1500)
    >>Lebanon, Republic of, His Excellency Mr. Rafic Al-Hariri, Prime Minister, 3320(51:1500)
    >>>Banda, His Excellency, Health and Population Minister, 2541(39:1500)
    >>>Mpasu, Hon. Sam, Speaker, 11600(189:1600)
    >>Mali, Republic of, General Tiécoura Doumbia, Security and Public Protection Minister, 7167(112:1500)
    >>>Bermudez, Ms. Sari, National Council of Culture and the Arts President, 2711(42:1500)
    >>>Castaneda, His Excellent Dr. Jorge G., Foreign Affairs Secretary, 9149(147:1200)
    >>>Frenk, Dr. Julio, Health Minister, 7013(110:1500)
    >>>Hernandez, Senator, Silvia, 11500(187:1200)
    >>Morocco, Kingdom of, His Excellency Abdeslam Zenined, Transportation and Shipping Minister, 8926(143:1500)
    >>Netherlands, Her Excellency Annelies Verstand, Secretary of State for Social Affairs and Employment, 5667(87:1500)
    >>Niger, Republic of, His Excellency Nassirou Sabo, Foreign Affairs, Co-operation, and African Integration Minister, 3882(59:1500)
    >>Nigeria, Hon. Dubem Onyia, Foreign Affairs Minister of State, 3571(54:1500)
    >>Organization of American States, Labour Ministers, 6262(96:1505)
    >>Palestinian Legislative Council, His Excellency Ahmed Qurei, Speaker, 8830(141:1500)
    >>Parliamentary Assembly of the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe President, His Excellency Adrian Severin, 4992(77:1500)
    >>Russian Federation, His Excellency Mr. Gennady Seleznev, Chairman of the State Duma and delegation, 4357(67:1500)
    >>Saudi Arabia, Kingdom of, Dr. Abdulaziz Al Fayez, head of Foreign Affairs Committee of the Consultative Council, the Shura, and delegation, 4711(73:1505)
    >>Sign language communicators, 4382(67:1820)
    >>Slovak Republic
    >>>Migas, His Excellency Jozef, National Council president and delegation, 3059(47:1500)
    >>>Stank, His Excellency Jozef, Defence Minister, 5090(78:1500)
    >>South Africa, Republic of
    >>>Frasr-Moleketi, Hon. Geraldine, Minister for the Public Service and Administration, 11178(182:1200)
    >>>Ginwala, Hon. Dr. Frene, National Assembly Speaker, 5000(77:1555)
    >>>Lekota, The Hon. Mosiuoa Gerard Patrick, National Defence Minister, 2541(39:1500)
    >>>Ngubane, His Excellency Ben, Arts, Science, Culture and Technology Minister, 4711(73:1500)
    >>>Sahlin, Her Excellency Mona, Industry Minister, 6080(94:1500)
    >>>Thalén, Her Excellency Ingela, Social Security Minister, 8486(135:1500)
    >>Syria, His Excellency Makram Obaid, Transport Minister, 5914(91:1500)
    >>>Rohoviy, His Excellency Vasyl, Vice-Prime Minister, 5983(92:1500)
    >>>Zlenko, His Excellency Anatoliy, Foreign Affairs Minister, 2232(36:1500)
    >>United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
    >>>Queensbury, Baroness Cox, House of Lords Deputy Speaker, 11384(185:1505)
    >>United States
    >>>Ashcroft, John, Attorney General, 7769(123:1500)
    >>>Knowles, Tony, Governor of Alaska, 4482(69:1500)
    >>>Ridge, Governor Thomas, Homeland Security Council Director, 8130(129:1500)
    >>>Souder, Mark E., Indiana Congressman, 7503(118:1500)
    >>Vietnam, Justice Minister Dr. Nguyen Dinh Loc, 11884(194:1500)
    >>World Health Organization, Dr. Gro Harlem Brundtland, Director-General, 6202(95:1500)
    >>Yugoslavia, Federal Republic of, His Excellency Goran Svilanovic, Minister of Foreign Affairs, 11011(179:1500)
    >>See also Saskatchewan School Trustees Association--Nikolegsin

House of Lords see United Kingdom

House of Representatives see United States

House take note debates see Special debates

Household debt see Family

Housekeeping tax credit see Disabled and handicapped persons--Income tax provisions


    >>50% of income spent on housing, families spending, increasing, 2299(37:1355), 2313-4(37:1515), 2315(37:1525), 3943(60:1240)
    >>Affordable, 7113(111:1650)
    >>>Affordability and Choice Today (ACT), Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation, grants, S.O. 31, 10875(177:1100)
    >>>Budget 2001 measures, $680 million over four years, 8082(126:1645), 8143(129:1645-50), 8157(129:1940), 8313(133:1300), 8355(133:1755), 8406(134:1030), 8429(134:1325), 8431(134:1335), 8461(134:1655), 8467(134:1740), 8470(134:1755)
    >>>>Inadequate, 8157(129:1835)
    >>>>Northern Canada, role, 8179(130:1520), 8180(130:1525)
    >>>>o.q., 8170(130:1430), 11716(191:1140), 12038(197:1450)
    >>>>Previous commitments maintained, 8114(129:1320)
    >>>Davies, report, "Housing and Homelessness: Still an Unnatural Disaster", S.O. 31, 8003(127:1105)
    >>>Definition, workable
    >>>>M. (Goldring), 4863-71(75:1330-425)
    >>>>>Dropped from Order Paper, 4871(75:1425)
    >>>>qu., 3494(53:1545)
    >>>Federal-provincial jurisdiction role, 3710-1(57:1110)
    >>>>Provincial governments neglecting responsibility, 8157(129:1840)
    >>>Federal-provincial-territorial framework agreement, 8082(128:1645), 8157(129:1835)
    >>>>National Housing and Homelessness Network, report card, o.q., 11716(191:1140)
    >>>>o.q., 01650(173:1440)
    >>>>Ontario, signing
    >>>>>o.q., 12103(198:1420)
    >>>>>S.O. 31, 11985(196:1100)
    >>>Government measures, o.q., 12103(198:1420-5)
    >>>Housing ministers, provincial-territorial-federal, Quebec City, QC meeting, national strategy agreement, 7110(111:1635)
    >>>>Framework agreement, o.q., 7768(123:1455)
    >>>>Prospects, o.q., 7611(120:1445)
    >>>National housing strategy, 11861-9(193:1755-1855)
    >>>>See also Housing Bill of Rights Act (Bill C-416)
    >>>Need for, 960-8(155:1740)
    >>>Ontario government position, federal-provincial relationship factor, 4502(69:1710)
    >>>Peterborough Community Housing Development Corporation, refurbished low income rental properties, S.O. 31, 12950(210:1355)
    >>>Right, legislating, 4593(71:1505), 7615(120:1510)
    >>>>See also Canadian Bill of Rights (amdt.--right to housing)(Bill C-371)
    >>>Toronto, ON, 2042(33:2115)
    >>>Urban Manor, Edmonton, AB, 12611(204:1505)
    >>>Urban strategy task force, interim report, recommendations, o.q., 11131(181:1450)
    >>>See also World Habitat Day
    >>British Columbia
    >>>Co-operative housing, federally funded, building envelope failure, government action, need, petitions, 8489(135:1525)
    >>>Leaking condominium file, homeowners
    >>>>Delegation, Ottawa visit, relief request, Montreal homeowners, pyrite damage relief, comparison, S.O. 31, 6251-3(96:1405-10)
    >>>>Public Works and Government Services Minister Gagliano, meeting request, o.q., 3801(58:1500)
    >>>Port Moody--Coquitlam constituency, leaking and rotting homes, federal government taxing, Barrett commission, etc., 4497(69:1640)
    >>Budget 2001 measures
    >>>Lack, 8106(129:1230)
    >>>See also Housing--Affordable
    >>>Canada-United States Softwood Lumber Agreement/dispute, relationship, constructing housing to aid industry, o.q., 11126(181:1425), 11171(182:1125)
    >>Co-operative housing, federal government role, 8355-6(133:1755)
    >>>Withdrawal, reinstituting, 8355(133:1750)
    >>>See also Housing--British Columbia
    >>Construction starts, increase, o.q., 1039(19:1415), 1908(32:1420), 3874(59:1420)
    >>Disabled and handicapped persons, lack, 12644(205:1010)
    >>Economic impact, 6820(107:1225), 6822(107:1245), 7110(111:1630), 7112(111:1650)
    >>Federal-provincial consultation, progress, 8154(129:1815)
    >>>o.q., 1407(24:1445), 1724-5(29:1455-500)
    >>Financing, Canada mortgage bonds, Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CHMC), announcement, o.q., 2710-1(42:1500), 3393(52:1430)
    >>Goods and Services Tax (GST)/Harmonized Sales Tax (HST) provisions
    >>>Rebates on new housing, residences, bed and breakfasts, etc., 1442(25:1015), 2947(46:1220)
    >>>>See also Sales Tax and Excise Tax Amendments Act, 2001 (Bill C-13)
    >>>See also Housing--Rental housing
    >>Government leadership, need, o.q., 5721(88:1155-200)
    >>Government support, increase, McKay role, promoting, 92-3(4:1305)
    >>Home maintenance, Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC), home maintenance manual, S.O. 31, 6615-6(103:1100)
    >>Liberal Party task force of 1990, Paul Martin chair, report ignored when elected to government, 8156(129:1830), 8157(129:1840)
    >>Martin, Finance Minister, supporting/not supporting, 500(10:1410)
    >>>See also Housing--Liberal Party task force of 1990
    >>Municipalities, leaders, government consulting, 8451(134:1550)
    >>National housing strategy, implementation, 6820(107:1225), 6852-3(107:1605-10), 7110(111:1630), 11276(184:1130)
    >>>Budget expenditure, additional 1%, petitions, 4911(76:1505), 12400(202:1505)
    >>>Government action
    >>>>Failure, o.q., 4787-8(74:1445), 7448(117:1440)
    >>>>Red Book commitment, o.q., 7448(117:1440)
    >>>Petitions, 7616(120:1515)
    >>>Population requesting, o.q., 476-7(10:1140-5)
    >>>>o.q., 3393(52:1430), 4788(74:1445)
    >>>>r.o., 5439(83:1205)
    >>>Throne Speech omission, 59-60(3:1755), 371(8:1725), 500(10:1410)
    >>New Homes Month, April, Canada Mortgage and Housing (CHMC), promoting, S.O. 31, 2772-3(43:1415), 10452(169:1410)
    >>Nunavut, shortage, crisis, addressing, 7112(111:1645)
    >>>S.O. 31, 525-6(11:1405)
    >>Rental housing
    >>>Affordable, increasing, government role, 9484(183:1655)
    >>>>Federal-provincial consultation, 3945(60:1255)
    >>>>>o.q., 3487(53;1500)
    >>>>Inadequate, non-profit housing, low/moderate income Canadians, targetting, need, S.O. 31, 3657(56:1410)
    >>>>One Post Road, Toronto, ON, exclusive condominiums, Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC), financing aid, rationale, 4943(76:1905)
    >>>>>o.q., 3316(51:1440-5), 3392-3(52:1425-30)
    >>>>Throne Speech statement, 14(2:1530), 113-4(4:1505)
    >>>Encouraging, 911(17:1000)
    >>>>See also Sales Tax and Excise Tax Amendments Act, 2001 (Bill C-13)
    >>>Rent payments, 50% of income, 800,000 households, 8157(129:1835)
    >>>Residential rental property rebate, Goods and Services Tax (GST)/Harmonized Sales Tax (HST) 2.5% rebate, 1442-3(25:1015), 1446(25:1040), 2945(46:1205), 2947(46:1220), 2948(46:1230)
    >>>>See also Sales Tax and Excise Tax Amendments Act, 2001 (Bill C-13)
    >>>Shortage, private sector constructing, providing tax incentives, 2949(46:1235-40)
    >>>Women, difficulties faced, unique, government addressing, need, S.O. 31, 3309(51:1410)
    >>Shortage, 8143(129:1645-50)
    >>Social housing
    >>>Budget surplus, use, 2315(37:1530)
    >>>Election campaign, government promise, 1492(38:1915-20)
    >>>>o.q., 1248-9(22:1455)
    >>>Federal government withdrawal in 1993/1994, impact, etc., 4464(69:1320), 8143(129:1650), 8157(129:1835)
    >>>Funding, 6815(107:1145), 7110(111:1630-5), 11277-8(184:1145-50)
    >>>>Commitment, 82(4:1150), 2492(38:1920)
    >>>>>o.q., 1407(24:1445)
    >>>>Cutbacks, 2459(38:1725)
    >>>>Increase, federal government only, 8355(133:1750)
    >>>>Quebec share, shortfall, o.q., 4986(77:1430)
    >>>>S.O. 31, 2426-7(38:1405-10)
    >>>Government action, lack, 2299(37:1355), 2313-5(37:1515-25), 3943(60:1240), 3945(60:1255)
    >>>Private subsidy funding, government approach, condemning, S.O. 31, 2612(41:1405)
    >>>Quebec Budget 2001 (November 1, 2001) funding, 7112(111:1650)
    >>>Residential Rehabilitation Assistance Program (RRAP), o.q., 1407(24:1445)
    >>>See also Costa Rica
    >>Toronto, ON, affordable, lack, 113(4:1505)
    >>See also Aboriginal peoples/communities; Canada-United States Softwood Lumber Agreement/dispute--Expiry of agreement; Canadian Armed Forces--Bases, stations and camps; James Bay Cree--Chisasibi community; Senior citizens; Shelters (housing)

"Housing and Homelessness: Still and Unnatural Disaster" see Housing--Affordable, Davies

Housing Bill of Rights Act (Bill C-416)--Davies

    >>First reading, 7615(120:1510)
    >>Second reading, 11861-9(193:1755-1855)
    >>See also Housing--Affordable, National housing strategy

Hovercraft see Vancouver International Airport

Howard Mackie Awards see Sports

Hreljac, Ryan

    >>Water and sanitary projects in developing countries, need, raising public awareness, fundraising efforts, etc., tribute, S.O. 31, 8478(135:1410)

Hubbard, Charles (Lib.--Miramichi)

    >>Agricultural subsidies, o.q., 7336(115:1440)
    >>Agriculture, 5691(87:1800)
    >>>o.q., 8331(133:1500)
    >>Agriculture and Agri-Food Standing Committee, 4135(64:1005), 4946(77:1010), 11384(185:1510), 12195(199:1520), 12493(203:1005)
    >>Biological and chemical weapons/terrorism, o.q., 6375(98:1150)
    >>Canada-United States Softwood Lumber Agreement/dispute
    >>>M. to adjourn under S.O. 52 (Crête), 7058-9(110:2005-10)
    >>>o.q., 6328(97:1455)
    >>Child pornography, petitions, 12890(209:1545)
    >>Farm Credit Corporation, o.q., 10239(165:1445)
    >>Farm income crisis, emergency debate, committee take note, M. (Hilstrom), 5690-1(87:1755-800)
    >>Forest industry, 7058-9(110:2005-10)
    >>National missile defence system, petitions, 4911(76:1505)
    >>National unity, petitions, 4911(76:1505)
    >>Nuclear Safety and Control Act (amdt.)(Bill C-57), 12122(198:1630)
    >>Nuclear waste, 12122(198:1630)
    >>Organ donations/transplants, S.O. 31, 10714(174:1400)
    >>>Committees, Parliamentary, 12493(203:1005)
    >>>Divisions, recorded, 1941(32:1805)
    >>Trade, 7058(110:2005)

Hudson, QC see Pesticides--Cosmetic use, Banning

Huey helicopters see Defence equipment--Military helicopters

Hughes, Clara see Olympics, 2002 Winter Games (Salt Lake City, United States)--Canadian team--Speed skating

Hughes Report see Royal Canadian Mounted Police--Independence

Hughes, Justice Ted see Auberge Grand-Mère--Funding controversy, Independent inquiry

Hugo, Victor

    >>Birthday bicentennial, February 26, 2002, S.O. 31, 9252(149:1400)

"Hugs for Peace" project see Peace

Hull--Aylmer constituency see Canada Millennium Scholarship Foundation--Excellence awards; Leamy Lake Park; Proulx--References

Hull Canadiens see Hockey

Hull--Ottawa see Francophone Games

Human being see Abortion

Human cloning see Reproductive and genetic technologies

Human deficit see Budget deficit

Human genome code see Reproductive and genetic technologies

Human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) see HIV/AIDS

Human resource development labour adjustment program see Banks and financial institutions

Human Resources Development and the Status of Persons With Disabilities Standing Committee

    >>Employment Insurance Act and the Employment Insurance (Fishing) Regulations (amdt.)(Bill C-2)
    >>>Dividing into separate bills, M. (Crête), 1011-5(18:1515-1620)
    >>>Witnesses, questioning, Members crossing party lines on issues, Mahoney remarks, 1296(22:2120)
    >>Reports, presented
    >>>First (Employment Insurance Act and the Employment Insurance (Fishing) Regulations (amdt.)(Bill C-2)), 2177(35:1205)
    >>>Second (Main Estimates 2001-2002), 4031(62:1005)
    >>>Third (Beyond Bill C-2: A Review of Other Proposals to Reform Employment Insurance), 4435(69:1005)
    >>>>Concurrence, M. (Crête), 8521-6(136:1030-100)
    >>>>g.r., tabled, 6528(101:1500)
    >>>>See also Employment insurance--Reform, Human Resources Development and Status of Disabled Standing Committee
    >>>Fourth (A Common Vision), 4945(77:1005)
    >>>>g.r., tabled, 7218(113:1205)
    >>>Fifth (Access to Higher Education and Training), 4945(77:1005)
    >>>>g.r., tabled, 7218(113:1205)
    >>>Sixth (The Guaranteed Income Supplement: The Duty to Reach All), 7797(124:1005)
    >>>>>M. (M. Gagnon), 7929-33(126:1005-35)
    >>>>>M. (M. Gagnon), 11500-10(187:1205-325)
    >>>>g.r., tabled, 11054(180:1515)
    >>>Seventh (Getting It Right for Canadians: The Disability Tax Credit), 9918(161:1010)
    >>>>Concurrence, M. (Crête), 12915-6(210:1005-10), 12920-30(210:1025-35)
    >>>>Concurrence, M. (Lill), 12643-8(205:1005-120)
    >>>>See also Disabled and handicapped persons--Income tax provisions, Disability tax credit
    >>>Eighth (Building on Success), 12612(204:1510)
    >>>>Comprehensive response requested pursuant to S.O. 109, 12612(204:1510)
    >>>Ninth (Promotion Equality in the Federal Jurisdiction: A Review of the Employment Equity Act), 12722(206:1200)
    >>Grants, appeal process, secret and invisible parallel political process, 384(9:1020)
    >>See also Canada-United States Softwood Lumber Agreement/dispute--Expiry of agreement, Employment Insurance benefits; Employment Equity Act; Employment insurance--Reform; Procedure and House Affairs Standing Committee--Reports, Forty-fifth

Human Resources Development Department

    >>Access to information, information requests, internal review committee, establishment, stonewalling
    >>>Increased requests, matter well in hand, Information Commissioner comments, o.q., 5088(78:1455)
    >>>o.q., 4788(74:1450), 4846(75:1155), 4908(76:1450), 5088(78:1455), 11953(195:1455-500)
    >>>Placeteco file, information approval, documentation, status, o.q., 4908-9(76:1450)
    >>Chaos, dysfunctional, 8809(141:1240-5)
    >>Employees, hard-working, thanking, 181(5:1350)
    >>Employment competition poster, employment opportunity based on race, aboriginals, non-Caucasian excluded, discrimination, o.q., 1247(22:1450)
    >>Estimates see Estimates--2001-2002, Main
    >>Executives, performance pay, receiving, o.q., 4176(64:1445)
    >>Government mismanagement, misspending
    >>>Auditor General's reports, government ignoring, 492(10:1315-20)
    >>>Program management, assessment criteria, adherence, failure, Auditor General's report, o.q., 7836(124:1435-40)
    >>Job bank web site, United States job postings, brain drain, promoting, o.q., 3932(60:1145), 3989(61:1440)
    >>See also Auberge Grand-Mère--Funding controversy; Borders, international--Security, Customs officers role; Canada Career Week; Employment insurance--Administration--Recipients; Government grants and contributions; Industrial adjustment programs; Liberal Party--Donations; Public Accounts Standing Committee--Reports, Ninth; Seasonal workers; Unemployment rate--Statistics

Human rights

    >>Africa, o.q., 10459(169:1450)
    >>Burlington, ON, May 25, 2001 human rights forum, S.O. 31, 4263(66:1400)
    >>Liberal government (Chrétien) role, 2821-2(44:1015-20)
    >>Protecting, 2396(37:2440)
    >>>Canadian position, international reputation, 170(5:1240), 171(5:1250), 2821-2(44:1015)
    >>>Economic controls, leverage, using, 2388(37:2350)
    >>>Government, active citizens, achievements, 2358(37:2025)
    >>>Internet, use, 170(5:1245)
    >>Regional treaties, Canada not ratifying, S.O. 31, 10644(173:1410)
    >>Thibault, Roger and Théo Wouters, Pointe-Claire, QC same-sex couple, neighbour not accepting lifestyle, 3000 supporter marching to defend fundamental rights and dignity of couple, S.O. 31, 4265(66:1410)
    >>Trade, economic interests, relationship, 182-3(5:1400), 800(14:1720)
    >>>o.q., 824(15:1140), 828(15:1155-200)
    >>>Activities of Canadian companies contributing, preventing, 2785(43:1520-5)
    >>>>o.q., 3395(52:1440)
    >>>>See also Special Economic Measures Act (amdt.)(Bill C-332)
    >>>Countries, international organization's activities
    >>>>Canada, intervention, 7507(118:1650)
    >>>>Conditions, placing, 172(5:1250-5), 6039(93:1320)
    >>>See also Afghanistan; Algeria; Burma; Cambodia; Canadian Armed Forces--Recruiting; China; Colombia; Cuba; Foreign aid; Foreign and trade policies; Inter-American Convention to Prevent and Punish Torture; Nigeria; Saudi Arabia--Bombing; Sierra Leone; Sudan; Summit of the Americas (April 2001, Quebec City, QC); Terrorism/terrorists--Combatting; Torture; Turkey; Vietnam; Zimbabwe
    >>See also Corporations; Disabled and handicapped persons--Rights; European Union--Democracy; Export Development Corporation (EDC); Free trade; Free Trade Area of the Americas; Health care system; Income tax agreements, conventions and treaties; North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA); Tibet; Trade--China; Trade agreements--Social concerns

Human Rights and International Development Sub-Committee see Zimbabwe--Human rights violations

Human Rights Institute of Canada

Human security see Budget 2001--Security focus; Terrorism/terrorists

Humane societies see Animals

Humanitarian/emergency aid

    >>Contributions, increasing, 2314(37:1520)
    >>Enhanced response, need for, 8200(130:1755)
    >>Importance, 6647(104:1240), 6692(104:1810)
    >>Women, involvement, importance, 6681(104:1640), 6688(104:1730)
    >>See also Afghanistan--Drought--United States/United Kingdom special anti-terrorism operations; El Salvador--Earthquake; India--Earthquake; Mozambique--Floods

Humanities and Social Sciences Federation of Canada

    >>Role, importance of humanities and social science research, S.O. 31, 6925(109:1400)

Humanities research see Humanities and Social Sciences Federation of Canada


    >>Canada's Window to the World, Ecuador 2001, students, Jeff Fadway, Kaitlin Kazmierowski, Austin Pool, Allyn Norris, participation, S.O. 31, 4521(70:1100)

Hungarian Revolution

    >>1956 uprising, 45th anniversary, tributes, S.O. 31, 6473(100:1400)


    >>World hunger
    >>>Alleviating, Canada participation, o.q., 6201(95:1455)
    >>>Deaths, 8860(142:1040)
    >>See also Child/family poverty; World Hunger Day

Hunger strikes see Sydney tar ponds and Coke Ovens

Hunt, Neil see Ontario Technical Skills Design Competition--Anderson High School

Hunter, Bill see Saskatchewan Sports Hall of Fame

Hunter, Ed see Atlantic Journalism Awards--CBC Fredericton


    >>Duck hunters, regulating, 8211(131:1025)
    >>See also Gun control/guns--Registration system


    >>Dogs, use, importance, 5336(82:1125), 5336(82:1330)
    >>>See also Cruelty to animals--Legislation (Bill C-15), Hunting
    >>Rights see Grey whale; Métis
    >>See also Moose; Species at risk (endangered species)--Endangered species Wolves--Algonquin red wolf;

Huntingdon's Disease Awareness Month

    >>Inherited brain disorder, no cure/treatment, research, etc., S.O. 31, 3561(54:1410), 3982(61:1410-5)

Huntington Society of Canada see Walker, Ralph

Huot, Guy

    >>Musician, death, tribute, S.O. 31, 12766-7(207:1400)

Huot, Juliette

    >>Quebec artist, social activist, death, tribute, S.O. 31, 1823(31:1355), 1825(31:1410)

Huron--Bruce constituency

    >>Steckle, thanking constituents, 279(7:1210)
    >>See also Agriculture; Salt--Sifto

Huron nation see Historic/heritage buildings, sites and monuments--Old Wendake

Huron-Wendat nation see Tsawenhohi, Ignace-Nicolas Vincent

Hussein, Liban see Terrorism/terrorists, combatting--Preventive arrest/detention

Hussein, Saddam see Iraq--Central Intelligency Agency (CIA)

Husseini, Safiya see Nigeria--Human rights violations

Hydro-electric power

    >>Clean, inexpensive energy source, 8268-9(131:1745-50)
    >>Climate, effect, 8269(131:1755)
    >>Environmental impact, 5613(86:1700), 12128(198:1725)
    >>Government assistance, lack, 12089(198:1240), 12118(198:1600), 12125(198:1655)
    >>Microhydro projects, tax measures, Budget 2001, 8199(130:1745)
    >>Quebec use, Hydro-Québec, 3579(54:1605), 8269(131:1755)
    >>>Exports to United States, 898(16:1710)
    >>>Greenhouse gas emissions reduction role, 897-8(16:1705-10)
    >>>Toulnustouc River project, job creation, federal government delaying, o.q., 7378(116:1455)
    >>Transmission line from Labrador to markets, Quebec corridor, federal government position, 792-3(14:1630)
    >>Use, increasing, 8269-70(131:1750-5)
    >>See also Aluminim industry--Canadian success; Churchill River hydro-electric power plant; Energy--Exports to United States; Export Development Corporation (EDC)--China--Colombia; Kemano hydro-electric power plant; Nuclear energy--Energy alternatives

Hydro One

    >>Political donations to Ontario Progressive Conservative and Liberal parties, 12117(198:1550)
    >>Privatization by Ontario government, court ruling preventing, etc., 12083(198:1145)


    >>Transelec of Chile, ownership of, 759(14:1310), 2372(37:2205), 2393(37:2420)
    >>See also Hydro-electric power--Quebec use; Ice Storm 1998; Nuclear waste--Waste management organization, Members

Hydrogen see Automobiles/motor vehicles

Hydromet refining process see Voisey's Bay, NF nickel mining project (Inco Ltd.)