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The Hansard Index is the key to information about what is said by Members of Parliament in the House of Commons during the 37th Parliament, 1st Session. The subject entries will either provide reference to a page number or, a combination of page number followed by the issue sitting number and time checks in the daily Hansard.

To use the Index, select one of the alphabetical ranges below. When you have located your subject entry, click on the numbers within brackets to access the relevant text in the Debates. You may also use the “Publication Search” tool for content published after January 2001.

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37th Parliament, 1st Session   (January 29, 2001 - September 16, 2002)  Latest Session
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Habibi, Shah Ismatullah

    >>Afghan refugee, cultural and immigrant services, Quebec citizenship week, Jacques Couture award recipient, S.O. 31, 7604(120:1410)

Habitat for Humanity

    >>Volunteers, home building project, Kamloops, Thompson and Highland Valleys constituency, tribute, S.O. 31, 8434-5(134:1405)

Habitat preservation see Species at risk (endangered species)

Haché, Pierrot see National Responsible Fisheries Awards and Roméo Leblanc Medal--Recipients

Hackers see Computer hackers

Hadassah-WIZO Organization of Canada

    >>85th anniversary, S.O. 31, 10383(168:1400)

Hadfield, Col Chris

    >>Canadian astronaut, Meritorious Service Cross recipient, tribute, S.O. 31, 8056(128:1405)
    >>See also International Space Station--Canadarm II role

Hague-Visby rules see Marine transportation--Shipowners liability for carriage of goods/passengers, International agreements

Haida Nation see Aboriginal land claims--British Columbia, Resource based industries

Haidar, John

    >>2001 Citation for Citzenship, S.O. 31, 6415(99:1410)


    >>Free trade, rice, economic misfortune, 4647(72:1315)
    >>See also Literacy--Fondation Paul Gérin-Lajoie; Summit of the Americas (April 2001, Quebec City, QC)--Democracy

Haldane Elementary School see Earth Day/Week

Haley Industries Limited

    >>Government loan, o.q., 4402(68:1455)

Haliburton Real Estate Board see Species at risk (endangered species)--Habitat preservation, Compensation

Halifax explosion (1917) see Veterans' benefits/pensions--World War I; World War I

Halifax Gazette

    >>250th anniversary, first newspaper in Canada, S.O. 31, 9879(160:1405)

Halifax initiative working group see Export Development Corporation (EDC)--Legislation

Halifax International Airport see Air transportation security--Increase, Passenger surcharge; Borders, international--Security, Airport customs operations

Halifax, NS

    >>Economic boom, etc., S.O. 31, 11945(195:1410)
    >>See also Afghanistan--United States/United Kingdom special anti-terrorism operations, Canadian Armed Forces participation; Airlines--Fares; Arts and culture; Biotechnology industry--MedMira Laboratories; High technology industry; Hockey--Women's World Hockey Championships 2004; Homelessness--Metro Non-Profit Housing Association; Information technology--InfoInteractive; Infrastructure Canada Program--Recreation centre; Middle East peace process--Conference; Motorcycle (biker) gangs; Pesticides--Cosmetic use, Banning; Ports/harbours; Public Works and Government Services Department; Trade agreements--Investor-state dispute, Municipalities; VIA Rail Canada Inc.--Atlantic service

Halifax West constituency

    >>Description, 167-8(5:1225-30)
    >>Infrastructure, 1291(22:2040)
    >>See also Canada Millennium Scholarship Foundation--Excellence awards Employment rate

Hall, Howard see Immigration

Halloween see Mount Royal, QC; United Nations International Children's Emergency Fund (UNICEF)

Halton, ON see United States, September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks--Islamic/Arab communities

Halton-Peel region, ON see Health care system--Service delivery

Hamas see Middle East conflict; Terrorism/terrorists--Funds

Hamblin, Kevin see Curling--Canadian Junior Men's Championship

Hamburg rules see Marine transportation--Shipowners liability for carriage of goods/passengers, International agreements

Hamelin, Most Reverend Jean-Guy

    >>Bishop of the Diocese of Rouyn-Noranda, retirement, S.O. 31, 7956(126:1405)

Hamilton, Christine

    >>Geritol Follies creator, death, tribute, S.O. 31, 9748(158:1400)

Hamilton Health Sciences Corporation

    >>Executive directors, terminations/hirings, golden handshakes, costs, 86(4:1220)

Hamilton, ON

    >>Hindu temple, firebombing, condemning
    >>>Reconstruction, fundraising event, community support, tribute, S.O. 31, 8055(128:1400)
    >>>S.O. 31, 5547(85:1400)
    >>See also Black History Month; Canada Millennium Scholarship Foundation--Excellence awards; Citizens of the Year awards; Ebola virus; Highways and roads--Ontario; John C. Munro Hamilton International Airport (YHM); Juno Awards; Martin, Paul--References; Ports/harbours; Sewage systems

Hamilton Professional Firefighters Association

    >>Alam, Soni, India, burn victim, recovery, education assistance, tribute, S.O. 31, 12032(197:1415)

Hamilton West constituency see Canada Millennium Scholarship Foundation--Excellence awards

Hamm, John

    >>Premier of Nova Scotia see Public Service--Employment opportunities/postings

Hancox, William

    >>Community leader, Order of Canada recipient, death, tribute, S.O. 31, 8636(138:1400)

Handcuffs see Penitentiaries--Drumheller Institution

Hands Across the Border: Working Together at Our Shared Border and Abroad to Ensure Safety, Security and Efficiency see Citizenship and Immigration Standing Committee--Reports, Second

Hanger, Art (CA--Calgary Northeast)

Hansard (Official Debates of the House of Commons)

    >>Accuracy, maintaining, 6735(105:1500)
    >>Corrigenda, Issue 171; Issue 173
    >>See also Clark--References, Chrétien


    >>Jewish festival of lights, celebrating, S.O. 31, 8056-7(128:1405)

Harb, Mac (Lib.--Ottawa Centre)

    >>Academy Awards, S.O. 31, 9292(150:1410)
    >>Access to Information Act, 7551-2(119:1325-30)
    >>Afghanistan, 9718(157:1245)
    >>>o.q., 9415(152:1140), 9587(155:1455)
    >>Agricultural subsidies, 1899-900(32:1325-35)
    >>Agriculture, 1899-900(32:1325-30)
    >>Air transportation security, 8346(133:1630), 9474-5(153:1540), 9718-9(157:1245-50)
    >>>o.q., 8826(141:1440)
    >>Alternate Dispute Resolution Act (Bill C-422), 8333(133:1510)
    >>Anti-terrorism Act (Bill C-36), 7551-2(119:1325-30)
    >>Auberge Grand-Mère
    >>>M. to adjourn under S.O. 52 (MacKay), 2180(35:1220)
    >>>M. on supply (Day), 2714-5(42:1525), 2724(42:1625)
    >>Automobiles/motor vehicles, 4850(75:1210)
    >>Balance of payments, 8346(133:1625)
    >>Border, Canada-United States, 9719(157:1255)
    >>>M. on supply (Day), 6493-5(100:1615-25)
    >>>o.q., 8012(127:1200)
    >>Borders, international, 8346(133:1630-5), 9718(157:1240-5)
    >>Breweries, 10943-6(178:1535-1600)
    >>Budget 2001, 9474(153:1540), 9475(153:1545), 9718(157:1240)
    >>>M. for approval (Martin, Paul), 8345-8(133:1625-55)
    >>Budget deficit, 291(7:1335), 4535-6(70:1210), 8345(133:1625)
    >>Budget Implementation Act, 2001 (Bill C-49), 9474-5(153:1540-5), 9717-20(157:1240-305)
    >>Budget surplus, 9718(157:1240)
    >>Cabinet Ministers, o.q., 9708(157:1140)
    >>Canada-Costa Rica Free Trade Agreement Implementation Act (Bill C-32), 6380(98:1220)
    >>Canada Health and Social Transfer (CHST)
    >>>M. on supply (Loubier), 9776-8(158:1705-20), 9779-80(158:1730-5)
    >>Canada National Marine Conservation Areas Act (Bill C-10), 6984-5(110:1145-200)
    >>Canada Pension Plan (CPP), 8346(133:1630)
    >>Canada Pension Plan (amdt.)(Bill C-475), 12494(203:1010)
    >>Canada Public Safety Information Network (CPSIN), 8686-7(139:1055-100)
    >>Canada Seat Belt Act (Bill C-366), 4536(70:1210)
    >>Canada-United States Softwood Lumber Agreement/dispute,
    >>>M. on supply (Paquette), 1689(29:1120-5)
    >>>M. to adjourn under S.O. 52 (Crête), 7038-9(110:1730-5)
    >>>S.O. 31, 2555(40:1110)
    >>Canadian Armed Forces, 8346(133:1635), 8348(133:1655), 9718(157:1245), 9720(157:1305)
    >>Canadian Avalanche Association, S.O. 31, 8436(134:1415)
    >>Canadian Bill of Rights (amdt.--right of literacy)(Bill C-365), 4536(70:1210)
    >>Canadian Bill of Rights (amdt.--right to education)(Bill C-362), 4535(70:1210)
    >>Canadian Bill of Rights (amdt.--right to housing)(Bill C-371), 4593(71:1505)
    >>Canadian Child Rights Act (Bill C-370), 4593(71:1505)
    >>Canadian Commercial Corporation Act (amdt.)(Bill C-41), 7715(122:1200)
    >>Canadian Peacekeeping Service Medal and Memorial Act (Bill C-356), 4535(70:1205)
    >>Canadian Police Association, S.O. 31, 9538(154:1405)
    >>Canadian Police Information Centre (CPIC), 8686(139:1055)
    >>Caring Canadians Award, S.O. 31, 997(18:1405)
    >>Census, 4850(75:1210)
    >>Child Abuse and Neglect Prevention Month, S.O. 31, 6365-6(98:1100)
    >>Child sexual abuse/assault/exploitation, M. on supply (Spencer), 10712(174:1350)
    >>Children, 4593(71:1505), 4849-50(75:1210-5) , 6891(108:1205), 8784(140:1740), 8788(140:1815)
    >>Children in Law Act (Bill C-384), 4850(75:1215)
    >>Chrétien, references, S.O. 31, 10493-4(170:1410-5)
    >>Commission on the Future of Health Care in Canada (Romanow), 12319-20(200:2150-5)
    >>Commuter rail service, 9720(157:1255)
    >>Competition Act (amdt.--vertically integrated gasoline suppliers)(Bill C-358), 4535(70:1205)
    >>Computer hackers, M. (Pankiw), 7472-3(118:1135-40)
    >>Consumer Credit Information Act (Bill C-367), 4536(70:1210)
    >>Corporate income tax, 10945(178:1550)
    >>Credit records, 4536(70:1210)
    >>Criminal Code (amdt.--cruelty to animals and firearms) and Firearms Act (amdt.)(Bill C-15B), 12046-7(197:1540-5)
    >>Criminal Code (amdt.) and Modernization of Benefits and Obligations Act (amdt.)(Bill C-408), 6891(108:1205), 8784(140:1740), 8788(140:1815)
    >>Criminal Code (amdt.)(Bill C-368), 4592(71:1500)
    >>Crohn's and Colitis Awareness Month, S.O. 31, 7703(122:1100)
    >>Crown corporations, 4536(70:1210)
    >>Deaf and hearing impaired persons, M. (St-Hillaire), 12360-1(201:1235-40)
    >>Deficit Prevention Act (Bill C-363), 4535-6(70:1210)
    >>Departmental Internal Audit Act (Bill C-364), 4536(70:1210)
    >>Developing countries, o.q., 9145(147:1135), 10883(177:1140)
    >>Disabled and handicapped persons, 4535(70:1205)
    >>Discrimination and racism, S.O. 31, 10594(172:1100)
    >>Divorce, 4850(75:1215)
    >>Divorce Act (amdt.--right of spouses' parents to access to or custody of child)(Bill C-383), 4850(75:1215)
    >>Early Childhood Development initiative, 8346(133:1635)
    >>Economic growth, 292(7:1340), 9718(157:1240)
    >>Economy/economic conditions, 290-1(7:1330-5), 8345-6(133:1625-30), 8347(133:1640)
    >>Education, 291(7:1335), 4535(70:1210), 4850(75:1215)
    >>Education Standards Act (Bill C-379), 4849(75:1210)
    >>Emergencies/disasters, 12493(203:1010)
    >>Emergency preparedness, 8346(133:1635), 9718(157:1245), 9720(157:1305)
    >>Environment, 4593(71:1505)
    >>Estimates, M. (Robillard), 12319-20(200:2150-5)
    >>Excise Act, 2001 (Bill C-47), 10943-6(178:1535-600)
    >>Excise taxes, 10944(178:1540)
    >>Export Development Act (amdt.)(Bill C-31), 6627(103:1205)
    >>Farm income crisis, M. on supply (Day), 1898-900(32:1320-35)
    >>Federal-Provincial Fiscal Arrangements Act (amdt.--school-leaving age)(Bill C-382), 4852(75:1215)
    >>Films, S.O. 31, 9292(150:1410)
    >>Fisheries, o.q., 11719(191:1155)
    >>Food banks, 4592(71:1505)
    >>Foreign Affairs and International Trade Standing Committee, 2499(39:1010), 4711(73:1505), 6380(98:1220), 6627(103:1205), 7715(122:1200), 10605(172:1200), 12722(206:1205)
    >>Foreign Service/Diplomatic Corps, S.O. 31, 10382(168:1355)
    >>Forest fires, o.q., 4529(70:1140)
    >>Free trade, 2377-8(37:2240)
    >>>o.q., 6422(99:1450)
    >>Free Trade Area of the Americas, 2380(37:2255), 8348(133:1650)
    >>Funerals, 4535(70:1210)
    >>Gasoline, 4535(70:1205)
    >>Government, 8348(133:1655)
    >>Government departments, boards, agencies and commissions, 4536(70:1210)
    >>Government finances, 8348(133:1655)
    >>>o.q., 2619(41:1440)
    >>Health care funding, 8346(133:1635), 12319(200:2150)
    >>Health care system, 12319(200:2150), 12320(200:2155)
    >>Henry, Ron, S.O. 31, 8546(136:1410)
    >>Highways and roads, 8347(133:1640)
    >>Homeless, S.O. 31, 7440(117:1400)
    >>House of Commons, S.O. 31, 8282(132:1105)
    >>Housing, 4593(71:1505)
    >>Immigration, 8346(133:1635), 9718(157:1245)
    >>Impaired driving
    >>>o.q., 824-5(15:1140)
    >>>S.O. 31, 7675(121:1410)
    >>Income Tax Act (amdt.--donations to food banks)(Bill C-369), 4592(71:1505)
    >>Income Tax Act (amdt.--tax credit for mental or physical impairment)(Bill C-360), 4535(70:1205)
    >>Income Tax Act (amdt.--to provide for the deduction of funeral expenses)(Bill C-361), 4535(70:1210)
    >>Income Tax Act, Members of Parliament Retiring Allowances Act, Public Service Superannuation Act, Royal Canadian Mounted Police Superannuation Act (amdt.--dependent beneficiaries)(Bill C-378), 4849(75:1210)
    >>Inflation, 8346(133:1625), 9718(157:1240)
    >>Infrastructure, 9718(157:1245)
    >>Infrastructure Canada Program, 291(7:1330), 8347(133:1640), 9719(157:1255)
    >>Interest rates, 291(7:1330), 8346(133:1630), 9718(157:1240)
    >>Insulin, S.O. 31, 470(10:1110)
    >>Italian Week, S.O. 31, 4835(75:1100)
    >>Keeping, Max, S.O. 31, 4901(76:1415)
    >>Kids Help Phone, S.O. 31, 2164-5(35:1100)
    >>Kilger, references, 464(10:1040)
    >>Labour force, 291(7:1335)
    >>Land mines (anti-personnel mines), S.O. 31, 2850-1(44:1355-400)
    >>Literacy, 291(7:1335), 4536(70:1210), 4849(75:1210)
    >>Marine conservation areas, 6984-5(110:1145-55)
    >>Maximum Speed Control Device Act (Bill C-381), 4850(75:1210)
    >>Members of Parliament, 4804-6(74:1635-40)
    >>Members of Parliament pensions, 4804-5(74:1635)
    >>Middle East conflict, S.O. 31, 4981(77:1400)
    >>Middle East peace process, S.O. 31, 10349(167:1055)
    >>Montgomery Legion, S.O. 31, 818(15:1105)
    >>National Archives of Canada Act (amdt.)(Bill C-380), 4850(75:1210)
    >>National Child Day, S.O. 31, 1451(25:1105)
    >>National Civil Defence Force Act (Bill C-476), 12494(203:1010)
    >>National criminal justice index (NCJI), 8686(139:1055)
    >>National debt, 291(7:1335), 8345-6(133:1625), 8347(133:1650), 9718(157:1240)
    >>National Dystonia Awareness Week, S.O. 31, 5428(83:1110), 6191(95:1355)
    >>National Environmental Standards Act (Bill C-372), 4593(71:1505)
    >>National Family Week, S.O. 31, 5860(90:1355)
    >>National Fire Prevention Week, o.q., 6029(93:1200)
    >>National Flag Day, S.O. 31, 9019(145:1400)
    >>National Literacy Standards Act (Bill C-376), 4849(75:1210)
    >>National Missing Children's Day, S.O. 31, 11709(191:1100)
    >>National security, 8346(133:1630-5), 9475(153:1545), 9718(157:1240-5), 9720(157:1305)
    >>>M. on supply (MacKay), 9564-6(154:1710-25)
    >>National sex offender registry, M. on supply (White, R.), 8686-7(139:1055-110)
    >>New York Festivals, S.O. 31, 8588(137:1100)
    >>Nunavut, 6877(108:1050)
    >>Nunavut Waters and Nunavut Surface Rights Tribunal Act (Bill C-33), 6877(108:1050)
    >>Oil and gas industry, 4535(70:1205)
    >>Oil and Gas Ombudsman Act (Bill C-359), 4535(70:1205)
    >>Olympics, 2002 Winter Games (Salt Lake City, United States), S.O. 31, 9094(146:1405)
    >>Ottawa International Air Show, S.O. 31, 12709(206:1055)
    >>Parliament of Canada Act, Members of Parliament Retiring Allowances Act and Salaries Act (amdt.)(Bill C-28), 4804-6(74:1635-40)
    >>Parliamentary reform, 130(4:1700)
    >>Parole, 8686(139:1100)
    >>Peacekeeping, 4535(70:1205)
    >>Pensions, 12494(203:1010)
    >>People's Republic of China Accession to Agreement Establishing World Trade Organization Act (Bill C-50), 10605(172:1200)
    >>Pest Control Products Act (Bill C-53), 10416(168:1805)
    >>Pesticides, 10416(168:1805)
    >>Police reporting and occurrence system (PROS), 8686(139:1055)
    >>Political process/system, 10945(178:1550)
    >>Political system, federal, M. on supply (Reynolds), 11642(190:1130), 11654(190:1255), 11657-9(190:1315-30)
    >>Procedure, speeches, 8784(140:1740)
    >>Prostitution, 4592(71:1500), 8687(139:1105)
    >>Protection of Privacy (Social Insurance Numbers) Act (Bill C-357), 4535(70:1205)
    >>Public Service, 291(7:1330)
    >>Quebec separation/sovereignty, 464(10:1040), 2380(37:2255)
    >>References see Prostitution--Decriminalizing
    >>Refugees, 8346(133:1635), 9718(157:1245)
    >>Registered education savings plans (RESPs), 291(7:1335)
    >>Saudi Arabia, S.O. 31, 4780(74:1405)
    >>Seat belts, 4536(70:1210)
    >>Shute, Wallace, S.O. 31, 9702-3(157:1110)
    >>Social programs, 9718(157:1240)
    >>Strategic Infrastructure Foundation, 9719-20(157:1255)
    >>Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) Awareness Month, S.O. 31, 6657-8(104:1400)
    >>Summit of the Americas (April 2001, Quebec City, QC), M. (Boudria), 2377-8(37:2240), 2380(37:2255)
    >>Taekwondo, S.O. 31, 10927(178:1355)
    >>Tax reductions, 8346(133:1635), 9718(157:1240)
    >>Terrorism/terrorists, 5852-3(90:1250-5), 7551-2(119:1330)
    >>Terrorism/terrorists, funds/assets, 9718(157:1245)
    >>Throne Speech, Address in Reply, M. (Macklin), 130(4:1700), 290-2(7:1330-40), 464(10:1040)
    >>Thyroid Month, S.O. 31, 12345(201:1110)
    >>Trade, 1689(29:1120)
    >>>o.q., 12264(200:1435)
    >>>S.O. 31, 4218(65:1110-5)
    >>Transfer payments to provinces, 8347(133:1635-40)
    >>United States, 5853(90:1305)
    >>United States, September 11, 2001 terrorists attacks
    >>>M. (Chrétien), 5167-9(79:1750-1800)
    >>>M. on supply (McDonough), 5852-4(90:1250-305)
    >>>S.O. 31, 5136(79:1355), 5710(88:1100), 8000-1(127:1055)
    >>World Trade Organization (WTO), Committee take note, M. (Boudria), 6963(109:1820-5)
    >>Yukon Act (Bill C-39), 6923(109:1345-50)

Harbour bottoms see Ports/harbours

Harbour solutions project see Ports/harbours

Harbours see Ports/harbours

Harcourt, Mike

    >>Former Premier, British Columbia, resignation, ethical conduct relationship, 405-6(9:1240)

Harel, Louise see Quebec National Assembly

Harker report see Sudan--Human rights violations

Harmonized Sales Tax (HST) see Goods and Services Tax (GST)/Harmonized Sales Tax (HST)

Harness racing

    >>Breeders' Crown, Charlottetown, PE, S.O. 31, 6517(101:1400)

Harper, Michael see Fair, Dana

Harper, Stephen (CA--Calgary Southwest; elected in by-electionMay 13, 2002; Leader of the Opposition as of May 21, 2002)

Harrington Lake see Prime Minister's Residence

Harris, David see Terrorism/terrorists--Domestic attacks

Harris, George see Private family trusts

Harris government see Ontario--Progressive Conservative government (Harris)

Harris, Michael see Penitentiaries--Conditions

Harris, Hon. Michael see Ontario

Harris, Richard (CA--Prince George--Bulkley Valley)

Harrison, George

Harrison, James Merritt

    >>Canadian Mining Hall of Fame induction, etc., S.O. 31, 1633(28:1400)

Harrison, Shirley

    >>Volunteer, Russian fashion house, marketing/administrative guidance, tribute, S.O. 31, 816(15:1100)

Hart, Benjamin Corey see Sex offenders/pedophiles

Hart, Jim

Hartley, Bruce see Auberge Grand-Mère--Funding controversy, Grand Mère golf course

Harvard aircraft see Canadian Armed Forces--Aircraft--Tutors

Harvard, John (Lib.--Charleswood St. James--Assiniboia)

    >>Aeronautics Act (amdt.)(Bill C-44), 7934-5(126:1120-5)
    >>Aircraft industry, o.q., 7167(112:1455)
    >>Airlines, o.q., 5255(80:1455)
    >>Border, Canada-United States, 8189(130:1630)
    >>British Columbia, S.O. 31, 4166(64:1400)
    >>Broadcasting Act (amdt.)(Bill S-7), 5307(81:1620), 6382-4(98:1245-55)
    >>Budget 2001
    >>>M. for approval (Martin, Paul), 8189(130:1630)
    >>>o.q., 6886(108:1140)
    >>Canada Health and Social Transfer (CHST)
    >>>M. on supply (Loubier), 9775-6(158:1700)
    >>Canada Millennium Scholarship Foundation, S.O. 31, 12342(201:1100)
    >>Canadian Executive Service Organization (CESO), S.O. 31, 868(16:1355)
    >>Canadian Heritage Standing Committee
    >>>M., 12224(200:1010)
    >>>Reports, 12042(197:1510)
    >>Canadian Institute for Advanced Research, 8189(130:1630)
    >>Canadian olympic/paralympic team, S.O. 31, 10384-5(168:1410)
    >>Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC), 6382-4(98:1245-55)
    >>Child pornography, petitions, 13006(211:1205)
    >>Criminal Code (amdt.--selling wildlife)(Bill C-292), 13013-(211:1300-5)
    >>Cultural diversity, o.q., 5774(89:1455)
    >>Curling, S.O. 31, 10082(163:1405)
    >>Drewery, John, S.O. 31, 8820(141:1405)
    >>Drinking water, o.q., 3747(57:1455)
    >>Elections, 974-5(17:1645)
    >>Electoral reform, M. on supply (McDonough), 974-5(17:1645)
    >>Employment Insurance Act and the Employment Insurance (Fishing) Regulations (amdt.)(Bill C-2), 246(6:1715)
    >>Foreign Affairs and International Trade Standing Committee, 7218(113:1205)
    >>Foreign Missions and International Organizations Act (amdt.)(Bill C-35), 7218(113:1205)
    >>G-8 Summit (Kananaskis, AB, June 2002), S.O. 31, 12995(211:1105)
    >>Godin, references, 1284(22:1950)
    >>Gold Medallion Award, S.O. 31, 11666(190:1410)
    >>Government, 975(17:1645)
    >>Gun control/guns, S.O. 31, 1399(24:1405)
    >>Health care system, S.O. 31, 1590(27:1405)
    >>Heating Expenses One Time Relief, 118(4:1540)
    >>Hewes, Bettie, S.O. 31, 7158-9(112:1410)
    >>House of Commons proceedings, 1291-2(22:2045-50)
    >>Iftody, David, S.O. 31, 338(8:1405)
    >>Industry sector councils, 8189(130:1630)
    >>Infrastructure Canada Program, o.q., 3747(57:1455)
    >>Internet, 8189(130:1630)
    >>Interparliamentary delegations, 2819(44:1000), 9761(158:1510)
    >>Legislative process, 1291-3(22:2045-55)
    >>Middle East conflict, M. to adjourn under S.O. 52 (Lalonde), 10199-200(164:2230-5)
    >>Molgat, Hon. Senator Gildas, S.O. 31, 1317(23:1400)
    >>Motorcycle (biker) gangs, S.O. 31, 2532(39:1410)
    >>National missile defence system, petition, 3994(61:1505)
    >>North American Indigenous Games (Winnipeg, MB, 2002), S.O. 31, 3307(51:1400)
    >>Olsen, Hon. Bud, S.O. 31, 8914(143:1400)
    >>Parliament, 1291-2(22:2045)
    >>Portugal, S.O. 31, 4265(66:1410)
    >>Privilege, prima facie, Pallister (false/misleading statements), M. (Pallister), 8611-3(137:1320-35)
    >>>Committees, Parliamentary, 12043(197:1515), 12224(200:1010)
    >>>Motions, 12224(200:1010)
    >>Research and development, 8189(130:1630)
    >>Skilled trades and technology workforce, o.q., 7683(121:1500)
    >>Southern Africa, S.O. 31, 12995(211:1105)
    >>Species at Risk Act (Bill C-5), 8906-7(143:1300-5)
    >>Species at risk (endangered species), 8906-7(143:1300-5)
    >>Standing Orders, M. (Boudria), 1284(22:1950), 1291-3(22:2045-55)
    >>Stefansson, Baldur, S.O. 31, 8433-4(134:1400)
    >>Strategic Infrastructure Foundation, 8189(130:1630)
    >>Terrorism/terrorists, 5198(79:2150)
    >>>Committee take note, M. (Boudria), 6130-1(94:2150-55)
    >>>o.q., 6594(102:1455)
    >>>Petitions, 4713(73:1520)
    >>Throne Speech, Address in Reply, M. (Macklin), 118(4:1540)
    >>>M. on supply (Duncan), 11854-6(193:1630-45)
    >>United States, September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks, 6130(94:2150)
    >>>M. (Chrétien), 5197-9(79:2145-2200)
    >>University research, 8189(130:1630)
    >>>S.O. 31, 5550(85:1415)
    >>World Press Freedom Day, S.O. 31, 3560(54:1405)

Harvard University see International competitiveness--Canadian ranking

Harvest Jazz and Blues Festival

    >>Fredericton, NB, S.O. 31, 5342(82:1410)

Harvey, André (Lib.--Chicoutimi--Le Fjord; Parliamentary Secretary to Minister of Transport as of September 13, 2001)

Hastings--Frontenac--Lennox and Addington constituency

    >>Rural investment, receiving, 1922(32:1540)

Hate see Terrorism/terrorists--Combatting

Hate crimes

    >>Cemeteries, including as targets in legislation, 7699(122:1030), 7942(126:1210)
    >>Condemning, Muslim, Christian and Jewish clerics, press conference statement, S.O. 31, 12526(203:1410)
    >>International, increasing, 170(5:1240)
    >>Internet, voicing, use, 170(5:1245)
    >>Offenders, prosecuting, measures, 172(5:1255)
    >>Victims, race and ethnicity attributes, combatting discrimination and racism, government measures, 6290-1(96:1900-5)
    >>>o.q., 607(12:1455-500)
    >>See also Religion--Places or objects of worship

Hate propaganda

    >>Deletion of publicly available hate messages from computer systems, Internet, etc., courts ordering, Criminal Code amendment, Anti-terrorism Act (Bill C-36) provision, 6164(95:1015), 6169(95:1050), 6178(95:1205), 6181-2(95:1230-5), 6240(95:2035), 6273(96:1625), 6281(96:1725), 7508(118:1535), 7619(120:1525)
    >>>Internet service providers, liability, concerns, 6178(95:1205)
    >>Discriminatory practice, use of new technology (Internet) for communicating, Canadian Human Rights Act amendment, 6164(95:10-15)
    >>Identifiable group, Criminal Code provisions, sexual orientation, inclusion, 7416(117:1040), 8163-4(129:1920-30), 11903-8(194:1730-1810)
    >>>o.q., 7374(116:1440)
    >>>See also Criminal Code (amdt.--hate propaganda)(Bill C-415)
    >>Mischief offence, Criminal Code provision, bias or hated basis, offence committed against place of religious worship or associated religious property, 6164(95:1015), 6178(95:1205)

Hatred see Terrorism/terrorist--Causes

Havana, Cuba see British Columbia--New Democratic Party

Have-not provinces see Equalization payments

Have provinces see Equalization payments

Hawk aircraft see Canadian Armed Force--Aircraft, Tutors

Hay, Donald Alexander see Sex offenders/pedophiles

Hay report see Radio-Canada--Employee-management relations

Hayer, Tara Singh see Terrorism/terrorists--Combatting, Immigration

Hazardous Materials Information Review Commission

    >>Estimates see Estimates--2001-2002, Main, Health Department

Hazardous Products Act (amdt.--Fire-safe cigarettes)(Bill C-236)--McKay

    >>First reading, 261(7:1015)
    >>See also Cigarettes--Fire-safe cigarettes

Hazardous substances see Toxic/hazardous substances

Hazardous waste see Toxic/hazardous waste

Headstart program see Aboriginal peoples/communities--Aboriginal Head Start program; Child/family poverty--Combatting; Drug and substance abuse


    >>Economic, social conditions, relationship, 4763(74:1215), 12571(203:1950), 12597(203:2250)
    >>Environmental factors, 9008(144:1615)
    >>Federal government regulatory programs see Public Accounts Standing Committee--Reports, Sixteenth
    >>Obesity, youth, increase, 10398(168:1540), 10900(177:1355), 12567(203:1925)
    >>See also Aboriginal peoples/communities--Economic/social conditions, Third world; Alcohol--Consumption; Beef--Brazilian beef--Mad cow disease; Canadian Science Centre for Animal and Human Health; Cellular telephones--Transmission towers; Children's Environmental Health II: A Global Forum for Action; Depleted uranium; Drinking water contamination; Energy--Nova Scotia government energy strategy review; Gasoline--MMT; General Agreement on Trade in Services (GATS); Giant Gold Mine; Greenhouse gas emissions (climate change/global warming)--Reducing; Herbal remedies; Infrastructure--Federal government infrastructure; Lumber industry--Chromated copper arsenate; Marijuana; Mercury pollution--English and Wabigoon Rivers; National Microbiology Laboratory; Nordby, Erika; Nuclear waste; Occupational health and safety; Pesticides; Spinal cord injuries; Sydney tar Ponds and Coke Ovens; Toxic/hazardous substances; Toxic/hazardous waste; Virology laboratories

Health awareness

    >>Importance, 702(13:1520), 5046(77:2055-100), 9004(144:1545)
    >>>See also Canada Well-Being Measurement Act (Bill C-268)
    >>See also Aging population; Allergy-Asthma Awareness Month; Alzheimer's Awareness Month; Cancer; Cardiovascular Disease Awareness Month; Celiac Awareness Month; Crohn's and Colitis Awareness Month; Cystic Fibrosis Month; DES Action Awareness Week; Disease prevention; Drug and substance abuse--Combatting; Eating Disorder Awareness Week; Epidermolysis Bullosa (EB) Awareness Week; Heart Disease Awareness Month; Hepatitis Awareness Month; Hepatitis C Awareness Month; Huntingdon's Disease Awareness Month; Lupus Awareness Month; MedicAlert Month; Meningitis; Mental health--Promotion; Mental Health Week; National AIDS Awareness Week; National Congenital Heart Defect Awareness Day; National Down Syndrome Awareness Week; National Dystonia Awareness Week; National Epilepsy Month; National Hemophilia Month; National Occupational Safety and Health Week; National Organ and Tissue Donor Awareness Week; National Palliative Care Week; National Spina Bifida and Hydrocephalus Awareness Month; Organ donations/transplants; Osteoporosis Awareness Month; Parkinson's Disease Awareness Month; Physical fitness; Spinal cord research; Sports; Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) Awareness Month; Tobacco products--Use; White Cane Week; World AIDS Day; World Asthma Day; World Health Day; World Tuberculosis Day

Health and safety see Asbestos--Chrysotile asbestos; Occupational health and safety

Health Canada see Food safety/inspection system--Fish; Youth--Free youth conference

Health care facilities see Senior citizens--Housing and health care facilities

Health care funding