43rd Parliament, 2nd Session (September 23, 2020 - August 15, 2021) Current Session

The House of Commons Standing Committee on Public Safety and National Security reviews the legislation, policies, programs and expenditure plans of government departments and agencies responsible for public safety and national security, policing and law enforcement, corrections and conditional release of federal offenders, emergency management, crime prevention and the protection of Canada's borders.

Standing Order 108 sets out the mandate of standing committees. These committees are empowered to examine and enquire into all matters referred to them by the House of Commons and to report to the House. They are authorized to send for persons, papers and records, and to delegate all or any of their powers to subcommittees. Members may meet while the House of Commons is in session and during adjournment periods. They also have the power to sit jointly with other standing committees.

Each committee has a general mandate to study and inquire into matters as it considers necessary and that fall within its area of responsibility. The Standing Committee on Public Safety and National Security may accordingly examine the policies, programs and statutes relating to the following departments and agencies:

The Standing Orders of the House of Commons also provide that the committee may review and report on:

  • Legislation proposed by the government or Members of Parliament;
  • Immediate, medium and long-term expenditure plans, and the effectiveness of their implementation by the department;
  • An analysis of the relative success of the relevant department, as measured by the results obtained as compared with its stated objectives; and
  • Other matters relating to the mandate, management, organization or operation of the department in question, as the Committee deems fit.

Further information regarding the powers and roles of House of Commons standing committees is available in Our Procedure and in Chapter XIII of the Standing Orders of the House of Commons.