News Releases

42nd Parliament, 1st Session (December 3, 2015 - September 11, 2019) Current Session
Government of Canada Did Not Manage Its Call Centres Properly June 19, 2019 The Government of Canada Was Deficient in Processing Asylum Claims June 19, 2019 RCMP Was Found to Be Deficient in the Distribution, Training, and Maintenance of Special Protective Equipment June 17, 2019 CMHC Maintained Good Systems and Practices, but Was Deficient in Some Aspects of Corporate Governance June 12, 2019 Government of Canada Did Not Adequately Conserve Federal Heritage Properties June 12, 2019 Correctional Service Canada Did Not Provide Enough Community Housing or Supervison to Offenders April 9, 2019 Government of Canada Found to Be Deficient in Developing a National Broadband Connectivity Strategy April 9, 2019 Global Affairs Canada Had Not Taken All Measures Needed to Keep Pace with Evolving Security Threats at Missions Abroad April 9, 2019 Canada’s Fighter Force Could Not Meet the Government’s Nato and Norad Commitments March 22, 2019 Operation Honour Increased Awareness of Inappropriate Sexual Behaviour Within the Canadian Armed Forces, but Had a Fragmented Approach to Victim Support March 22, 2019 The Government of Canada Properly Reported Its Overall Financial Performance for the 2017–2018 Fiscal Year February 6, 2019 Certain Federal Organizations Did Not Always Dispose of Surplus Goods and Equipment in a Manner That Maximized Benefits, While CRA Followed Best Practices February 6, 2019 The Canada Revenue Agency Did Not Consistently Apply Tax Rules When Auditing or Reviewing Taxpayers’ Files February 6, 2019 Employment and Social Development Canada Did Not Manage Two Aboriginals Employment Training Programs Satisfactorily Enough to Demonstrate Their Efficiency December 6, 2018 National Defence Did Not Administer the Military Justice System Efficiently December 6, 2018 Indigenous Services Canada Did Not Satisfactorily Measure Canada’s Progress in Closing the Socio-Economic Gaps Between First Nations People and Other Canadians November 27, 2018 Building and Implementing Phoenix-The Federal Public Service’s New Pay System-Was An Incomprehensible Failure of Project Management and Oversight November 19, 2018 Federal Government Needs to Examine Accountability Regime or Risk Future Failures October 24, 2018 The Government of Canada Was Slow in Making the Decision to Invest in the New Champlain Bridge October 4, 2018 Global Affairs Canada Needs to Improve Assistance and Review Communications and Outreach Activities October 1, 2018 NCC Has Good Corporate Practices but Needs to Improve Risk Management June 8, 2018 Atomic Energy of Canada Limited's Significant Deficiency and Weaknesses Have Been Addressed June 8, 2018 Changes Needed by Correctional Service Canada to Ensure the Timely and Successful Reintegration of Women Offenders into the Community May 30, 2018 RMC Needs to Better Integrate and Balance Military Training and Academic Education May 10, 2018 Health Canada Needs to Improve How it Administers and Assesses the Effectiveness of Oral Health Programs for Inuit and First Nations Canadians May 3, 2018 SYRIAN REFUGEES WERE PROVIDED WITH SETTLEMENT SERVICES, BUT IT WAS DIFFICULT TO FULLY MONITOR THEIR PROGRESS March 28, 2018 SINCE THE LAUNCH OF THE PHOENIX PAY SYSTEM, PUBLIC SERVICES AND PROCUREMENT CANADA FAILED TO PROVIDE DEPARTMENTS AND AGENCIES WITH THE NECESSARY INFORMATION AND SUPPORT TO RESOLVE PAY PROBLEMS March 22, 2018 THE CANADA BORDER SERVICES AGENCY WAS UNABLE TO ACCURATELY ASSESS THE NATURE OF GOODS COMING INTO CANADA AND THE CUSTOMS DUTIES OWED TO THE GOVERNMENT December 13, 2017 FRESHWATER FISH MARKETING CORPORATION FAILED TO MEET ITS RESPONSIBILITIES FOR OVERSIGHT AND MANAGEMENT December 13, 2017 EMPLOYMENT AND SOCIAL DEVELOPMENT CANADA IMPLEMENTED MEASURES THAT HELPED REDUCE THE NUMBER OF TEMPORARY FOREIGN WORKERS, BUT MORE NEEDS TO BE DONE TO ENSURE THAT IT IS USED AS INTENDED December 13, 2017 FEDERAL GOVERNMENT DEPARTMENTS UNDERSTAND THE IMPORTANCE OF MANAGING THEIR RISK OF FRAUD, BUT DID NOT ALWAYS IMPLEMENT FRAUD RISK CONTROLS December 13, 2017 TRANSPORTS CANADA HAS NOT TAKEN A LEADERSHIP ROLE IN ADDRESSING THE REMOTE NORTHERN AIRPORTS’ SAFETY- AND EFFICIENCY- RELATED INFRASTRUCTURE NEEDS December 13, 2017 NO SIGNIFICANT DEFICIENCIES IN THE CANADIAN MUSEUM OF NATURE’S CORPORATE MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS AND PRACTICES, BUT IMPROVEMENTS ARE NEEDED IN SOME AREAS December 13, 2017 DEFENCE CONSTRUCTION CANADA DID A GOOD JOB OF MANAGING ITS CORPORATE GOVERNANCE, STRATEGIC PLANNING, RISK MANAGEMENT, AND PERFORMANCE MEASUREMENT AND REPORTING, BUT DID NOT CONSIDER ALL ASPECTS RELATED TO FRAUD RISKS December 13, 2017 THE ROYAL CANADIAN MOUNTED POLICE NEEDS TO IMPROVE ITS MENTAL HEALTH STRATEGY TO ADEQUATELY MEET ITS MEMBERS’ NEEDS November 22, 2017 THE GOVERNMENT OF CANADA PROPERLY REPORTED ITS OVERALL FINANCIAL PERFORMANCE FOR THE 2016–2017 FISCAL YEAR November 22, 2017 CANADA BORDER SERVICES AGENCY AND IMMIGRATION, REFUGEES AND CITIZENSHIP CANADA NEED TO IMPROVE HOW THEY MONITOR CONTROLS TO IDENTIFY AND ADDRESS CORRUPTION September 22, 2017 DESPITE IMPROVEMENTS, NATIONAL DEFENCE DID NOT ADEQUATELY MANAGE MILITARY EQUIPMENT SUPPORT IN A COST-EFFECTIVE MANNER June 8, 2017 NATIONAL DEFENCE MUST IMPROVE ITS METHODS OF RECRUITMENT AND RETENTION OF PERSONNEL IN THE REGULAR FORCE June 8, 2017 THE GOVERNMENT OF CANADA PROPERLY REPORTED ITS OVERALL FINANCIAL PERFORMANCE FOR THE 2015–2016 FISCAL YEAR June 5, 2017 TRANSPORT CANADA DID NOT MAINTAIN AN UP-TO-DATE REGULATORY FRAMEWORK THAT RESPONDED TO EMERGING SAFETY RISKS AND TECHNOLOGICAL ISSUES May 30, 2017 CANADA REVENUE AGENCY NEEDS TO IMPROVE THE INCOME TAX OBJECTIONS PROCESS May 15, 2017 CORRECTIONAL SERVICE CANADA HELPED INDIGENOUS OFFENDERS WITH REHABILITATION AND REINTEGRATION INTO THE COMMUNITY, BUT NOT IN A TIMELY MANNER May 15, 2017 INDIGENOUS AND NORTHERN AFFAIRS CANADA NEEDS TO IMPROVE ITS MANAGEMENT OF THE FIRST NATIONS SPECIFIC CLAIMS PROCESS May 2, 2017 THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT HAS DEMONSTRATED LIMITED RESULTS TOWARDS THE OBJECTIVES OF THE BEYOND THE BORDER ACTION PLAN May 2, 2017 MEMBERS OF THE INTERNATIONAL DEVELOPMENT RESEARCH CENTRE’S BOARD SHOULD BE ALLOWED TO SERVE UNTIL A REPLACEMENT IS FOUND TO ENSURE A QUORUM IS CONTINUOULY MAINTAINED February 22, 2017 DESPITE RECENT PROGRESS, THE ATLANTIC PILOTAGE AUTHORITYSTILL NEEDS TO IMPROVE ITS FINANCIAL PLANNING AND ITS CONTRACTS WITH ENTREPRENEURIAL PILOTS February 13, 2017 PRIVY COUNCIL OFFICE NEEDS TO IMPROVE TIMELINESS OF GOVERNOR IN COUNCIL APPOINTMENTS TO ADMINISTRATIVE TRIBUNALS, PROVISION AND ACCESS TO RELATED GUIDANCE, AND SUCCESSION PLANNING February 13, 2017 BETTER PERFORMANCE INDICATORS AND PUBLIC DISCLOSURE ARE NEEDED TO ASSESS WHETHER THE VENTURE CAPITAL ACTION PLAN WILL MEET ITS STATED OBJECTIVES November 2, 2016 Transport Canada Needs to Improve VIA Rail Canada Inc.’s Corporate Governance to Ensure its Long-Term Viability October 19, 2016 VETERANS AFFAIRS CANADA DID NOT ADEQUATELY MANAGE ITS DRUG BENEFITS PROGRAM October 17, 2016 IMMIGRATION, REFUGEES AND CITIZENSHIP CANADA DID NOT ADEQUATELY DETECT AND PREVENT FRAUD IN ITS CITIZENSHIP PROGRAM October 5, 2016 THE DEPARTMENT OF NATIONAL DEFENCE AND THE CANADIAN ARMED FORCES NEED TO BETTER ORGANIZE, TRAIN, AND EQUIP ARMY RESERVE SOLDIERS AND UNITS October 3, 2016 EMPLOYMENT AND SOCIAL DEVELOPMENT CANADA TAKES TOO LONG TO GRANT THE CANADA PENSION PLAN DISABILITY BENEFIT TO ELIGIBLE APPLICANTS September 28, 2016 THE GOVERNMENT OF CANADA PROPERLY REPORTED ITS OVERALL FINANCIAL PERFORMANCE FOR THE 2014–2015 FISCAL YEAR June 16, 2016