43rd Parliament, 2nd Session (September 23, 2020 - August 15, 2021) Current Session

The House of Commons Standing Committee on Foreign Affairs and International Development is a permanent committee established by the Standing Orders, the written rules under which the House of Commons regulates its proceedings. The Committee studies and reports on matters referred to it by the House of Commons or, under Standing Order 108(2), topics chosen by the Committee itself. Legislation, departmental activities and spending, and other matters related to the Committee’s subject area may be referred to it by the House.

The subject area of the Committee includes matters pertaining to:

  • Canadian foreign policy;
  • Canada's humanitarian and development assistance;
  • Canada's relations with other countries and regions, and its response to specific international events or crises;
  • International relations, international development, international security, and international human rights;
  • Global governance, including the role and activities of international and regional organizations.

The government department under the Committee's scrutiny is:

The Committee is also empowered to study and report on the mandate, management and operation of the following autonomous agencies and Crown Corporation which report to Parliament through the Minister of Foreign Affairs:

When examining legislation or undertaking a study, the Committee may hear from a variety of witnesses including the Ministers of Foreign Affairs and International Development, relevant departmental personnel, academics, subject matter specialists, stakeholders, foreign representatives, and members of the public at large.