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43rd Parliament, 2nd Session
(September 23, 2020 - Present)



That the Standing Committee on Environment and Sustainable Development be instructed to undertake a comprehensive study of federal policies and legislation relating to freshwater, and more specifically focusing on: (a) the key legislative instruments of federal freshwater policy, including but not limited to the Canada Water Act, the Fisheries Act, the Migratory Birds Convention Act, the Canadian Navigable Waters Act, the Canadian Environmental Protection Act, 1999, and the Impact Assessment Act; (b) the key organizational components of federal freshwater policy, including but not limited to Environment Canada, Fisheries and Oceans Canada, Health Canada, Natural Resources Canada, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, Infrastructure Canada, Transport Canada, Public Safety Canada, Crown-Indigenous Relations and Northern Affairs Canada, Indigenous Services Canada, and Global Affairs Canada; (c) the relationship between the federal government and the provinces, territories, Indigenous peoples, and local governments relating to freshwater protection and management; (d) various international treaties governing Canada's freshwater interests and obligations; (e) present and future research needs relating to freshwater management and protection; (f) the pressures on Canada's freshwater resources, including with respect to climate change, flooding and drought; and (g) the creation of a Canada Water Agency; and that the committee (i) schedule no fewer than seven meetings, (ii) report its findings and recommendations to the House within one year following the adoption of this motion


No meetings have taken place for this study/activity.